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Richard asks…

im a first timer, what class do you recommend i take before my baby arrives?

should i take the class that shows you how to breathe during labor. or infant care or…???

The Expert answers:

I took a Baby Care Basics (diaper changing, bathing, feeding, etc.), LaMaze, and First Aid for Infants/Toddlers.

The only one worth taking is the first-aid. The others didn’t help in the slightest. You’ll see soon enough that a class can never prepare you for what you’re in for during labor!!! Not to scare you or be a Debbie Downer, but just know that all you’ll need during labor is a strong support system and an epidural! Also, you’ll pick up caring for a baby in a day or less. If you have a strong maternal instinct, it will all just sort work itself out and you’ll develop your own routine and way of doing things.

Best wishes.

Laura asks…

How to hand feed baby cockatiel?

My friend is away and I am caring for his baby 4 week old cockatiel. Here is what I am doing. I bought the latter handfeeding mix, I mix it as directed, then I heat it up to around 100 degrees, after that I set him down and squirt slowly toward the left side of his beak. Is there anything I’m doing wrong? I am a first timer much research has roughy me this

The Expert answers:

When you feed the baby bird, make sure not to feed it too much because it can choke if you feed it too much.
Lift his head up a little bit when you’re feeding him! And make sure you see if the food is too hot, squirt it on your arm.
Hope this helps 🙂

Ken asks…

What to do with baby bearded dragon while on vacation?

It’s a 5 day vacation and I can’t bring him. How should I set him up so that he will be ok while I am gone? I don’t have any friends who could come and care for him…

Should I just leave him with a load of crickets and bearded dragin “food” and put a timer on his lights?
Will he be ok while I am gone without veggies since they would spoil?

The Expert answers:


Sandra asks…

Getting a Pet Ferret? Care, Names, Information? (just verifying and need advice, first timer)?

Okay so it is almost my 16th birthday and I have asked my dad for a ferret. Now he has said he will think about it but I have informed him of some things that I’m hoping you can clarify for me. If you don’t know anything really then feel free to leave name reccomendations (I’m thinking it will be a male (i want it to be) so yeah).
Okay so I’ve said that Ferrets can be litter boxed trained. I’m sure this is true as I have read up on how to train them. It seems fairly simple.
I told him that I will keep it clean (he’s afraid of it stinking REALLY BAD and I’m sure there’s a way to keep it from smelling horrible ALL the time. I was thinking to bathe it weekly? or every other week, I don’t want to dry out his skin, ya know).
I know that they must be in a ferret/baby/puppy proofed type of area so they don’t get into trouble, I’m thinking it’s playtime will be in my room so I will place rolled towels under my doors and make sure the area behind my bed is closed off (My bed has no underside to it.) and I will make sure to have small objects picked up and a litter box placed in a corner or convenient area of the room.
I will walk it every day after I walk my dog (I don’t want to let my dog around it unless when I introduce him they get along okay, but my dog is iffy so I will be VERY cautious).
Now here’s one of my concerns:
I will be visiting my mom, who lives a state away, quite often on breaks and during summer so I’m thinking a small dog travel crate (or cat carrier) will work fine while travelling? and if I am only staying a maximum of a month (minimum of a few days to a week) I was THINKING that *maybe* I could just get a small cage to bring with because it will be hard to lug around a large cage. And keep it in a small cage while I’m there, frequent walks and supervised play-time to get his energy out. I will even take him when we go for short car rides or what-not if I have to, until I earn enough money to buy a whole other cage to keep down there. Good idea?
Now I have read they can eat kitten food, would adult cat food work good, too? What do you reccomend? Wet dog food, wet cat food, wet kitten food, or ferret food? Or a specialized diet of real meat and veggies from the kitchen? How much would he eat when he’s an adult (like 2 years old)?
Also how do you clip their nails? Do they have special nail clippers for ferrets or do I use small dog/cat clippers or human nail clippers? O.o
And I read that you should clean their ears out with a q-tip, but I was thinking since it’s not even a good thing to clean your own ears out with a q-tip (you should use a wet cloth and wipe the edges of where the wax build up is) should I just use a small cloth instead? I know q-tips can lead to infections and get cotten stuck inside and I wouldn’t want that happening. I want a happy healthy little ferret (:
Okay so just let me know everything you have to offer advice on and I would *Greatly Appreciate* it!
You guys are fantastic!
I know they aren’t rodents. But they’re often placed in that same category because they are small and it’s the closest thing they had in the Yahoo Answers categories, so sorry about that.
Also I know they are sociable, but my father will not allow me to have two. I’m sure I can find some people who also have ferrets and get them together for like a play date or something. One of my old friends had a single ferret and he was really nice and seemed perfectly fine. Although my friend was dumb and brought him to an unproofed house and the ferret crawled into a heating vent (they were not paying attention) and died.
Don’t worry, my ferret will be perfectly supervised at all times and be socialized.
Thank you for the food information, I was really confused on that because so many websites had varying answers to that; some said that kitten food was the best and some said that dog food worked good while other sites said that using ferret food was the best option.
Also I have like two months t

The Expert answers:

Ferrets are hard to litter train but it can be done. It may take a while though and they may poo all over their cage and your room until they are litter trained.

To keep smell down. Never bathe it. The oils on their skin is what smells. When you bathe them you are removing those oils and their bodies go crazy and produce even more oils.
Feed them a high quality diet. Raw and whole prey is best. Raw and whole prey fed ferrets do not smell. This website has tons of info on raw and whole prey
And clean up their poo every day.

Towels under your doors will not keep them in. Here is what I did
I taped coroplast to the bottom of the door. You can get coroplast at most sign stores. You can also use cardboard or anything sturdy.

Ferrets do fine traveling and a small cage is fine as long as you let them out for at least 3 hours a day. You can get a collapsible cage too. Like this one
Or you could get a playpen

They cannot have cat or kitten food. They ideally should not have any kibble. Kibble is not biologically appropriate and causes a lot of health problems like dehydration, insulinoma, dental problems, etc. You should really look into raw or whole prey. Even if you supplement kibble with raw or whole prey that would be ok. Do not feed veggies, fruits, grains or anything other tham meat, eggs and fish. Ferrets are obligate carnivores. If you feed kibble ferrets need to have unlimited access to food. They will eat more kibble than raw meat. Female raw fed ferrets will eat around 2 oz a day. Male raw fed ferrets will eat around 3 oz a day.
You can use any nail clipper. I use a people nail clipper. Its easiest to have 2 people. One person to hold and scruff the ferret and another to clip the nails. You can also put some fish oil or ferretone on their belly. They will sit there and lick their belly while you clip their nails.
They dont usually need their ears cleaned. If they are really dirty they probably have ear mites.

Since your only getting one ferret you need to be able to spend at least 3 hours a day playing with it to keep it busy.

The holistic ferret forum is a great website. You shoudl do some research.
Please adopt. Its cheaper and you will be saving a ferret. You can look on, craigslist or at shelters and rescues.

Donald asks…

He expects ME to do all the baby work and all…?

So, I’ve given birth almost 9 weeks ago. And let me say, it’s been long, and painful. I love my daughter so much! But as a first-timer, it’s sooo stressing. My husband can be helpful…but not lately. He’s acting way too lazy and expects me to do all the baby work. I’m the one who changes her, feeds her, rocks her to bed, bathes her, take care of her colic, etc. I have to get some sort of break, right? My husband has a half-time job. He comes home, relaxes on the couch with his feet on the coffee table, gets a shot of Vodka, and turns on the T.V. I’m stuck washing the dishes, vacuuming every room in the apartment, doing everyone’s laundry, and scrubbing the floors. My husband has been treating me (lately) like Cinderella. I’m like his slave or something. I ask him, “Hon, please help me out! Could you at least change her diaper?” and all he replies is, “Her diaper was changed every hour. Could YOU at least fetch me a meal and give me a foot rub?” I’m too tired to start a fight with him so I obey every demand he gives me. He demands a foot rub all the time, and yells at me if I leave when his “foot-rub-time” is not over yet. I have to put the baby in her swing which she loves and run over to my husband to give him a foot rub. Which never seems to be enough. I’m afraid to stand up for myself! I have to obey his every demand. I do his laundry, clean his “footie-booties”, make him food. He never helps! I’m always finding myself asking him to wash the dishes. Nope, he never does it. Instead, I take care of the baby, rub his feet whenever he feels like it, and do all the housework. I’m NOT divorcing him. Never. I just need help so he won’t treat me as his slave and do something around the house as well…

The Expert answers:

You enable him to get away with it and he knows it. You ask him by “please help me”,” could you at least” your giving him a choice if he wants to do what you asked for. Instead be firm to the point say in a normal voice “go change the baby she’s wet I have to have a break” make sure he understands he has to help you. At some point your going to have to stand up for yourself so he knows your needs & thoughts are. Your his wife & shouldn’t be treated or even feel like a slave and specially not afraid of your husband. Running yourself down isn’t going to help you or anyone else take care of you and get help from someone. Think about your marriage with years to come ask yourself is this what I really want?
Being married takes allot of work & communicating to each other in the relationship keeping it to together. When you believe in not divorcing.

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