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Helen asks…

How many of you are sick and tired of both parties?

The Expert answers:

I feel like everyone’s too busy being immature and going against each other to get anything done correctly. All America does is point fingers, cause problems, and resolve those problems by spending money we don’t have and going to war.
Not sure if that’s the level of intelligence you’re looking for, but that’s my general thoughts.

Joseph asks…

Does being respectful and a gentlemen towards a really hot woman work?

The Expert answers:

Yes, everyone, even hot women, wants to be treated with respect. She will see that you have excellent manners and think highly of you.

Laura asks…

Would it have been better if Communist China had collapsed and became democratic, but the USSR had remained?

The Expert answers:

I;d have liked to have seen the ussr remain, plus communist germany, communist eastern europe remain. Having a balanced world provides for a safer world. As you can see, since the ussr collapsed, the u.s and nato have been on a killing spree with no end in sight. Once CHina goes, you can imagine the kind of chaos we;ll see in this world with the usa, and nato basically going around the world attacking whoever they want

Steven asks…

whats the best saxophone mouthpiece and ligature for a dark classical sound?

The Expert answers:

Many classical saxophonists prefer the Selmer S80 C* mouthpiece for classical, it is a widely accepted one. Though personally, for classical I use a Vandoren Optimum mouthpiece with the gold Bay ligature. Not sure if you are talking about alto or tenor, but on alto I use the Vandoren reeds, but I use 3s, though I use 3 1/2s on tenor.

William asks…

Why do the Hetalia fanbase and the Homestuck fanbase constantly fight?

The Expert answers:

I wasn’t even aware there was a rivalry. I am a fan of Hetalia and I’ve heard of Homestuck, but I don’t see what either has to do with the other.

Fangirls are fangirls are stupid fangirls.

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