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Sharon asks…

What Are Some Good Babysitting Games And Advice?

I am babysitting a 3 year old boy and I’m curious for some games besides: Duck Duck Goose, Tag, Hide and Go Seek, and Forts. Have any games?

The Expert answers:

My 3 year old loves to do crafts and color (just make sure he doesn’t color on the wall or furniture). You could make binoculars out of toilet paper rolls and then color them afterwards, and if you have some stickers even better. Or you could do some other simple craft. My little girl also love to go outside and ride her tricyle, you can do that if he has one. Play ring-a-round-the-rosie. Or just play with his toys with him, blocks, lego, cars. Little kids are pretty simple to entertain.

William asks…

What are some good babysitting games?

I am babysitting two little girls, five and eight, and their two dogs for the first time tomorrow. I haven’t known the family very long (not anymore than a month or so), and I’m not sure if I am allowed to take them to play outside. Does anybody have an idea of any fun games these girls might enjoy?

The Expert answers:

My little sister whos 5 said she loves playing princess,leapster,doll house,tea party,tag,playing on a fake phone, LOVES jumping on our trampoline,twister,candyland,decorating,cops and robbers, dress up,coloring, petting the doggy, baking, computer, jumpstart =) hope that helps

Lisa asks…

What are some cool babysitting games for four kids to play all together?

I babysit four kids, two boys and two girls:
The girls like Barbies, and the boys like Lego!! I don’t just want to play with the girls, and ignore the boys, or vice versa, but I can’t seem to think of anything they can do all together! What are some fun & exciting games that the kids will Want to play? Please no games with lots of supplies or anything that’s too complicated.

The Expert answers:

Hide and seek, board games, write up a scavenger hunt for them to figure out to get to a prize (maybe their snack or a treat?), try making cookies or some kind of recipe (pizza crackers- spoon some sauce onto a cracker, add some shredded chs and a slice of pepperoni- all kids can make their own but it gets them around the table), “vet” (they bring you their stuffed animals and you check them out and make up problems and procedures), puzzles, try having one person hide an object in a room and the others have to race to be the first one to find it and whoever does gets to hide it next, um.., you can play ‘superheroes’ where they each pick superhero names and powers and you assign them a task, like to find the giant peanut butter man whos walking the streets sticking people together and they need to find him and think of ways to trap him and get the people unstuck and put him away somewhere he wont ever get out. When they are done you call them back and one at a time ask them diff questions, (so they arent all screa,ing out things) like “Alyssa, how did you find the pb man?”, “Skyler, what did he look like?”, “Jackson, where did you put him away?”, “Brenden, how did you get the people un-stuck?” Then they go back to “work” in their offices until you call them (make loud beeping noises) with another mission. This works good when your trying to make dinner or something b/c they can run upstairs to get the villian or outside or wherever you say he is. Good luck!

Nancy asks…

Are there any good babysitting games online that u dont have to download?

i might start babysitting this summer and want to learn on games.

The Expert answers:……!
I Hope all of this helps!!!

Maria asks…

What are some really good babysitting games to play?

I always have to babysit my 9-yr-old sis, plus some neighbors who are all her age. I am 13 in 7th grade, if that helps…

I have to babysit my sis today, so please be quick about answering. She’s kinda touchy about everything.

I really can’t think of anything to do, cause we’ve played a bunch of games last week. HELP!!!

The Expert answers:

What about arts and crafts kids love that..or paly pretend or camping lol..i play those with all the kids i babysitt and they LOVE it!!! Or ask what they want to play hope this helps

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