Your Questions About Baby Care

Laura asks…

I am thinking about learning to knit or crochet. Which do you prefer and why?

The Expert answers:

I personally prefer crochet. It is simpler.

However, if you are looking for a wider variety of things you can make, then it is KNITTING, hands down.

I made that last part up myself. – Thumper

Chris asks…

how do you add,subtract, multiply and divide negative and positive decimal numbers? would you like to ask?

The Expert answers:

Adding and Subtracting:
Lets have an example: 12.63+(-32.46)
first you have to line it up so that the decimal is in the same place
then you realize that adding a negative number is the same as subtracting a positive one
Then you realize that this will end up a negative number, so you switch the numbers, with the intention of just making the number you come out with negative
then you start at the end
you need to carry
remember you carried
you need to carry again
remember you carried
don’t forget to bring down the decimal
remember you switched the numbers, so make it negative

When multiplying, you are just going to forget about the decimals
x 21

don’t forget that you need to add the place holders
now you can put in the decimal
count the decimal numbers (all digits coming after the decimal point in both numbers)
there are 2, so count 2 places
its 3.36
remember, if one number is negative, make the answer negative
if both are either negative OR positive, make the answer positive

if the divisor has decimal numbers, multiply both the divisor and the dividend by 10 to the power of how many decimal numbers it has (10^2=100, and so on)
example: 15/2.5
multiply both by 10
its now a regular problem

if the dividend is a decimal, just bring it up
example 12.5/5
just do it ignoring the decimal
now bring up the decimal
2.5(I could show you better on paper)

I hope this helps

Ruth asks…

My puppy is sick with diarrhea, weak, and will not eat. What is wrong?

The Expert answers:

Puppy not eating or drinking, weak,very slow and only wants to sleep. Now he has diarrhea. Yes this is urgent.
It sounds like he may have Parvo.

The sooner you get this puppy to a vet the better his chance of survival. Get off the computer and GO NOW.

David asks…

Why don’t men protect women from harm and exploitation? Why do they allow us to be murdered, raped, etc?

The Expert answers:

Because according to feminism you’re our equals and should thus be trusted to handle these things on your own.

Helen asks…

What factors determine the strength and spread of Islam and Christianity in northern and eastern Africa?

The Expert answers:

Islam came from the middle east and christianity from the north. The Moors and arabs were in a constant power struggle with spain and italy. After hundreds of years, they just kin of became woven into their culture

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