Your Questions About Baby Care

William asks…

My sister is pregnant for the 2nd time and I know she can’t take care of it Im getting her everything?

my sister is expecting her 2nd baby. the first she gave up for adoption because she didn’t want to stop partying.and she wants to keep this new baby she said because it will be biracial.She is always complaining to me how she has no money and such and I am providing her with absoloutley EVERYTHING for this baby except diapers and breast milk. She knows she can’t handle another child and won’t give the baby to us to adopt as I cant have kids.She thinks everything is about her.I am also worried about the baby once born because she drinks,I plan on making sure the baby is taken care of and if not I will have to report her to child services.If the find a reason to have the child taken from her would I be able to take the baby in in the meantime or anything?she doesn’t listen to anyone , I honestly don’t even know her I had just met her in 2003 because I was adopted.anyone have ideas or information on what I can do
I don’t want the baby unless she cannot raise the child but i would rather her adopt it out probably in the end cause she would cause a lot of problems.I am only providing her with things to get started. i will not buy formula i will not buy her diapers or pay for her medical expenses so she needs to learn to save money over the next year. thing is though she just parties. she knows what happens when you drink while pregnant as the son we adopted has Fetal alcohol and we know what goes on. she could care less she thinks that drinking in the first trimester won’t affect the baby boy is she wrong and mental

The Expert answers:

She is not letting you have the baby because then she has something over you and she needs your help so she is playing mind games with you try and take a step back from her so she realizes that you arent always going to be there for her so she will get scared and realize she will be on her own hopefully that will freak her out and let you be a mom to her baby girl i hope it all works out for you take care

Joseph asks…

Why is it illegal for males to change diapers in Iowa State Day Cares ?

my girlfriend works in a daycare center, and she said Iowa Department Of Human Services told their center its illegal for any male to change a baby diaper. But WHY?????? she can’t figure it out

The Expert answers:

The real question is this: why is your girlfriend lying to you?

Is it because she knows you are a pedophile?

Laura asks…

My friend is struggling with her 7 month old daughter?

my friend has a 7 month old baby! but she is struggling to take care of her! she is a college student. she doesnt have anything for the baby, no diapers formula or anything! thank god she breast feeds the baby….does anyone know of any services that could help her!

The Expert answers:

Wic and welfare

John asks…

I need your input on my ideas?

I am thinking of starting a non profit organization in my city Edmonton Alberta.
I was a teenage mom not that long ago . And I believe that more help should be given , to young moms and abused mom with young children.
The program I want to start , would include a starting layette for the new mom , as well as a first pack of diaper and formula , blankets , a few pj’s of the 2-3 first sizes as well a nice outfit, and a bottle, pacifier.

A diaper service is in place in this town, they are doing a fabulous job and I don’t want to focus on a need that already being taking care of.

So I would like that to develop my idea into more of a full baby free stuff service, so that we can provide crib, bassinet , winter coat for young children, clothes of all sizes maternity clothes as well as many more essentials.

My dream is to do that and eventually have enough volunteer to start a free daycare for those people that are trying to get their life back on track with young children , that it be going back to school or finding a job to be independent after getting out of an abusive relationship.

I would like people input on my ideas. And would you be interested in donating to this type of non profit organization if it was in your area.


The Expert answers:

Great idea. But an idea is just an idea if there isnt any real plan in action. Its nice that u want to help ppl but what can u do besides ask for donations? Ppl arent going to help if they dont see it benefiting someone in the past or even now and thats going to be ur main problem. Try to collaborate with a church or another nonprofit organization to help u get ur idea up and running. Nows the best time to do it, its the holidays. Try a toy drive and get donations. Use that money to buy diapers and etc. Make little care packages and take them to local hospitals to give to ppl in maternity wards. Make sure each package has ur name or business name attached to it as well as a address, website or number. Also have a note that says “imagine the joy u felt being past on to others- donations are greatly appreciated to help keep this going.” Thats a great way to get urself out there.

Paul asks…

I have a Sims 2 family with a baby that no one is touching!

He needs his diaper changed and I tried getting a nanny and she couldn’t touch him either… I don’t want the social service to come and take him… I looked and he isn’t moving… I don’t think he’s dead… I have a PC if that’s important… It’s also freezing the mom that is trying to take care of him… help!
I’ve tried turning the game on and off several times and they still won’t touch him!
I don’t want to age him and he’s on the panel.

The Expert answers:

Ctrl shift c
moveobjects on/off

Use the above cheat and select the baby. Delete the baby (don’t worry it will come back) Exit the house be sure to save. Immediately reenter the house (don’t quit the game or you’ll lose your baby) You’ll find the baby by the mailbox. Turn the cheat off.

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