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Susan asks…

How long do I bake sculpey with bake and bond if they have different baking times?

The Expert answers:

First, Bake and Bond is just one brand of “liquid polymer clay.”**

I’ve never heard that it needs to be cured longer than the clay itself unless it’s in the middle of a clay item that’s thicker than say 1” so would take awhile for the heat to reach it. If it’s just on the surface and is thin, it needs only 10-15 min to cure (at 275).
BUT in order to make it as *clear* as it can get if you want that (especially the Sculpey liquid clays which tend to be less clear) it needs to reach 300 F at least for a few minutes.
The main problem with that is that they assume you’re using Sculpey III clay–or Sculpey or SuperSculpey–and those lines will darken if baked too long at even the recommended temp (more so than other lines of polymer clay)…so they’re probably trying to get around that by suggesting a longer baking time and also since they don’t know how you’ll be using it.

You can get lots of info on using liquid polymer clays (as well as the differences between the brands), and info about baking polymer clays, on these pages at my polymer clay encyclopedia site:

If you have other concerns about the project, ask another question here and include more info about exactly what you’re wanting to do (there are a lot of ways to use liquid clays!), and what else you’re using. I check this board at least once a day and will see it if you use a clay-related word in the subect line.


** Polyform is the manufacturer of the “Sculpey” products, and it makes both “Translucent Liquid Sculpey” under the Sculpey brand and “Bake and Bond” under the Studio by Sculpey brand. They may be slightly different but probably are exactly the same.

Sandy asks…

I have primary Dysmenorrhea and nothing is seems to work?

The Expert answers:

I would not suggest taking Birth Control pills because it can screw up your system even more. People says it helps…ya it helps while your on them but as soon a you get off depending how long you stay on BC for it can make your periods worse. I think it messes up your female reproductive system even more…as for the herbs that you took? What exactly were they that you took some herbs have blood thinners in them and you have to watch out for them, have you tried talking to a herbalist. Remember some herbs take a while to kick in and start working wonders but they do work. I have been dealing with herbs for a long time that all i take. I have the exact opposite of you, I have ammenoreah and i havent had a period in over a year and when i do it is extemely light and brown, i take herbs for that and i can tell in differences

Steven asks…

What are fiber optic internet and cables and how do they work?

The Expert answers:

Fiber optic cable can transmit a few hundred Gigabits per second…

Computers change so often, it’s makes your head spin how fast things change.


George asks…

What is something semi interesting and easy to play on bass guitar?

The Expert answers:


Robert asks…

How and where do I browse profiles of others on yahoo messenger before making any new contacts.?

The Expert answers:

You could go type this on your address bar: “” and after the forward slash, type the Yahoo! ID of person you want to get to know first before adding as a contact. That will bring you to their Yahoo! Profile page which should hopefully display some of the details you want to know.

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