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Carol asks…

What are some online baby games for teens?

Like Baby Dow or other games. What are some good baby games for Wii or DS?

The Expert answers:

You can have a try on ! Free Realms ! The game was promoted as a free MMO for 9-14 year olds, where they could engage in any manner of activities, from adventuring and fighting (typical MMO activity), to cooking and playing with pets (reasonably common MMO activity), to driving go-karts and playing soccer (rare MMO activity). Oh, and did I mention the free part? It intrigued us all — and it was made by SOE, no less.

More games you can have a look here:

Daniel asks…

Can Someone give me some unique baby games for a baby shower?

I need new modern, unique baby shower games, please help shower in less than month best answer will be rewarded

The Expert answers:

Well this one really only works if you have a CO-ED shower, but with my CO-ED shower, my mother and I came up with this crazy game for the men to do to show them how much women go through with a newborn!

We hung a clothes line, or a string, up from wall to wall, and had a basket of baby clothes, a bucket of clothes pins, a baby doll from my baby sister that cries when its pacifier isn’t in its mouth, a cell phone, and a bottle! The men had ONE minute to hold the baby CORRECTLY, talk on the cell phone, and CORRECTLY hang as many pieces of clothes on the line as possible!
It was HILARIOUS and GREAT fun for the guys! I had quite a few SHY guys in my group, and this game was really the ice breaker! 🙂
Congrats and good luck!! 🙂

Oh… And the random food/items in the diapers is a good game too! (using melted candy bars in diapers to make it look like poop, and the guests have to smell them to figure out what kind they are! A friend of mine used jelly, peanut butter, taco dip, mayonaise, mustard, and other things! It was funny!!)

Hope that helps!

Richard asks…

looking for different baby shower games?

My mom and sisters are planning a baby shower for me but we are having a hard time thinking of new games.

We don’t want to do the dirty diaper game or the guess the food game or don’t say baby game because they are over used.

Does anyone have any suggestions for some fun new games?

The Expert answers:

I saw one on the tv show “Designing Women” that I have never forgotten. It was so funny!

One of the people in charge of the party sits with a pen & paper during the opening of gifts. She writes down everything people say with each gift.

Then after the gifts are done she makes an announcment –

“Now, (name of mom to be) may not know this but I had her room bugged the night this baby was made.” (pause for people to laugh or joke) “Here is just a example of what they said that night in the dark.”

“Oh so cute!”
“I want that”
“I didn’t know they made that in that size!”
“I love that color”

I’ve never played it but on the show it was very funny & I laugh each time I see that episode.

Helen asks…

Are there any virtual baby games that you know of?

Are there any virtual baby games online that you know of, kinda like on The Sims2 or Second Life. Except you don’t have to pay for it?

The Expert answers:

Go to baby Scroll down. Take the baby challenge. It’s pretty fun.

George asks…

what are some baby games to play with 5 month old?

I just had a baby in december and eveyone around me was having babies too but now that i look at everyone elses babies they all seem like they are learning stuff faster than my baby. Is there any games or things i can do with her to help her learn easier? even listing any games would help. Thanks in advance.

The Expert answers:

At 5 months you can play peek-a-boo. When ours was about this age she started pulling her shirt, blanket, towel… Over her face and we would say wheres the baby…very animated and she would scream and kick with laughter and then pull it down and we would say There she is!….Ohhhh big fun for baby!!! Also paddie-cake was a favorite in my house. I first did this with her feet and then moved to her hands. We lay on the couch and and with her on my stomach and facing me I sing or make sounds very slowly and she watches my mouth and then tries to do it too. We started this when she realized I had a tongue and so did she. She also loves “Jumpy Jumpy” which is where I stand her up on my stomach or chest and she jumps up and down in my arms…great for those abs let me tell ya! I also sit her on my chest and pretend like I am going to eat her toes. She will pull them away with a scream of laughter and then stick it right back for me to try again. Also you can use one voice for any and all animals or dolls and she will be sure they are actually talking to her. Ours likes for her toys to give her kisses so thats what we say and then sometimes they tickle her too.

The truth is there is no limit to the things that you can do with a 5 month old or younger. They need lots of belly time, lots of play time with mama and socialization(limited) with others.

Lastly try really hard not to compare your child to those who were born around the same time as her. Ours is now 81/2 months old, says mama, stands, pulls herself up on the furniture, plays with books and toys of all sorts….but….she can not and has never crawled a day in her little life. I walked in one morning and she was up on her feet and hands. She will skip it no big deal. Also she has not one tooth in her head…not a big deal either…it will come. There are going to be things that your child does before anyone else and there are going to be things they do last. Each child is unique and their focus is their own…they are like little people that way! LOL…hope this helps.

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