Your Questions About Baby Care

Richard asks…

where to find taking care of baby games online?

i need some taking baby games not kindergarten
any suggestions?

The Expert answers:

I do not no I am looking for baby games to thank you any way i guess??!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!??????

Sharon asks…

Are there any cool virtual baby care games? no kindergarten, nanny mania, etc.?

i have tried all those games of like, kindergarten, nanny mania, eckeys, etc. but i want one where you can do many things to your choice of baby! 🙂

The Expert answers:

The sims 2. You can have a baby (or create the exact one you want in the family creater(comes with the game)) and raise it….teach it to walk, use the potty, talk. Change diapers, buy clothes. Toys, different cribs, changing tables and 24 hour care. You even get the baby taken away if you do a bad job!

Lizzie asks…

is their any baby caring games that are realistic ?

are their any games online that are fun i really like to play games that you take care of baby‘s and please don’t say no one in their right would want to buy or play baby caring games.

The Expert answers:

They have baby caring games on yahoo games that you can have to download them and you only get them for 60mins but there free..and fun..

Maria asks…

where can i find taking care of baby games?

please i love them and the ones i played sucked don’t say babydow ultimate babysitter give baby bath care giver kindergarden and stuff like that please help thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Expert answers:

My daughter has ‘My Baby Girl’ for Nintendo DS and she just loves it. There is also “My Little Baby” for the DS.

Mary asks…

Any fun baby care games?

Any games kind of like babysitting or like this one Thanks alot to whoever answers! 🙂

The Expert answers:

Ya go to it is a game like that

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