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Lisa asks…

how to build muscle when peanuts and milk are not an option?

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David asks…

My neighbors dog bit my hand and made me bleed, should i press charges if i am close to my neighbor?

The Expert answers:

Dogs chasing/attacking small animals like squirrels has NOTHING to do with aggression towards humans. You wouldn’t think a cat that killed mice was any more dangerous or likely to hurt you.

Leave the dog alone and have a serious talk with your neighbor. Tell him what’s going on and inform him that animal control will be involved if he doesn’t keep his dog on his property. Pressing charges for a bite that isn’t serious is overkill, and you can say goodbye to any relationship with your neighbor. Anyway, what are you pressing charges for? Unless the bite is so serious that it required stitches or surgery, you don’t really anything to sue for.

James asks…

How many promises are made and broken in Washington DC, and all we do is say..?

The Expert answers:

That’s like asking – “How many are dead in that graveyard over there?” The answer is, “All of them!”

Washington is full of liars and thieves. Someone once said, “Anyone who has what it takes to become President probably shouldn’t get elected”. I agree with that – but unfortunately I think it’s true of pretty much everyone in our government.

I think it’s shameful that our Congresspeople are elected with paltry voter turnout, and most are lifers because there aren’t enough people who care enough to go out and vote if it’s raining.

I think it’s tragic that ordinary people who make average livings can really only run for office in theory – it takes a wealthy individual to mount a campaign, one who has influence and knows how to use it, which then leads to payback once elected.

Unfortunately, we are a nation of sheep, easily fooled by the charismatic dreamer, the handsome presence on TV, the eloquent orator. We don’t look past headlines, don’t understand the issues, and believe those who just call their opponents names.

Linda asks…

Can someone find me a pic of someone with brown hair with hot pink highlights and the ends died black?

The Expert answers:


This is the closest I found.

Chris asks…

What is all of this about Penelope and Odysseus’ marriage bed?

The Expert answers:

Well, the symbolism of the marriage bed is indeed one of the greatest of the narrative.

Initially, Odysseus spends 20 long and hard years trying to get home to his wife and island. However, when he first arrives at Ithaca he is disguised by Athena and he subsequently destroys the suitors and purges the household.

However, after this epic event wherein Penelope lay in her bed, Penelope did not recognize her beloved husband and his tales were not sufficient proof to convince her. Penelope wanted a sign of which only Odysseus, the authentic Odysseus, could do. So she, cunningly, asked Odysseus to bring the marriage bed knowing that the real Odysseus carved the marriage bed out of the massive olive tree that grows around the palace and is therefore impossible to move.

So, when Odysseus tells her this she realises that it is the real Odysseus and the epic comes to an end. Here, this can be discussed, because the narrative does not really end here but some scholars suggest that the subsequent books are additional book that were added at a later date.

Nevertheless, this symbol brings the narrative to an end and is the climax of the epic adventure of Odysseus.

I hope I helped.

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