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Richard asks…

How can i get more babysitting jobs without calling the people who hire me?

I am not looking for a site or anything to find babysitting jobs because i like to know the people that i am babysitting.

The Expert answers:

If you know of other families for whom you haven’t worked, you can let them know that you are available. If your present families are willing, they could give a recommendation – you could even print up a little flyer with that along with your rates, ages you sit for, experience, etc.

You may also ask your present families for referrals. Although you might not know the people, it’s a little bit better I think if the contact comes from someone you do know.

Daniel asks…

How do I get babysitting jobs close by?

Okay so im 13, and I think im ready to start babysitting. I had 2 babysitting jobs so far but they dont need a babysitter anymore. In my neighborhood i have no young kids what so ever an I dont just want to post flyer’s in my grocery store so some wierd person can get my number. So I was wondering how I can still get jobs or if anyone know any good sitter sites like
or something like that!

The Expert answers:

Start by handing out flyers to neighbors/people you know with children. If you don’t know any, you could ask people if they know anyone that needs a babysitter. On the flyer put:

Number or Email

**Please do not advertise over the internet, as it is very dangerous!

Good Luck!


David asks…

How would you the parents suggest the best way to get babysitting jobs?

I am 19 and Live in sarnia and have 6 years experience with children ages infant-8 years old and in need of babysitting jobs asap ?

The Expert answers:

This might sound odd, but I got alot of babysitting jobs by asking businesses if I can post flyers in local stores and restuarants. Alot of time if you do this though there will be small consequences. Like, once I was 13 I think and this guy called wanting me to babysit for 4 of his kids from 6pm-5am on New Years and my mom told him I would do it. It was horrible, but I got alot of money for it and extra becuase it was a Holiday. So yea, try flyers. Also if your work, ask around at your work if anyone needs a babysitting. Or ask around your neighborhood or apartment building. Alot of people these days need babysitters and don’t know how to find them, so go to them!

Good Luck!
XOx Babydoll

oh and a great babysitting tip, I don’t know if you’ve figured this out yet or not but parents tend to pay a bit more if you clean up a bit while your there.

Donald asks…

How can i get more babysitting jobs?

I am a teen and I need some babysitting jobs. The people that I do babysit for are far in between and some never call back. Ive given out fliers at the park and never got any calls. I also have an ad on craigslist. Im running out of ideas! i have taken classes and am certified. Any ideas on how to get more jobs?

The Expert answers:

Try going to a local elementry school and passing out flyers to the parents there.
That is a sure way to get more people.

Steven asks…

How can I get more babysitting jobs?

I am 12 and I am american red cross certified in CPR, babysitting, and more. However I can’t find anyone to babysit. How can I get babysitting jobs?

The Expert answers:

Put an ad up at your church/temple bulletin board, ask friends, approach parents you know who have little children. Offer to play with the children for one hour for free to show the parents you can interact well with children.

I am a parent and I am not sure I would hire a 12-year-old for anything other than a mother’s helper (watches children while mother cleans, cooks, works in the home, etc). You might try listing yourself as a mother’s helper for starters.

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