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William asks…

Is there a website where you can get free samples here in australia?

things like baby stuff ,kids ,beauty and his there companies out there in australia that pay you to sample there products?

The Expert answers: has links to free things. If you go to the eulactol website, you can order a free sample pack of foot balm, hand cream etc. Olay sends out free samples on their site as well. has links to lots of free stuff. The nescafe sample pack is free samples of a few varieties and is good, if that one is still going. Type “free stuff” or “free samples” into google and away you go!
I haven’t seen any that pay you to sample their things, but Tallygate research will pay you to do surveys and tasting evenings – no website but you register and they call you when they are doing market research in your area here (Tallygate Research Services (02) 9439 3177). Depends where you live for that one, though.

Ken asks…

what sort of free stuff do you get at the pregnacy, child and baby expo in melb?

i am going to the expo in a few weeks in melb australia and was wondering wat is up fpr grabs and wat sort of things there are there??

The Expert answers:

Free 2GB Flash Drive From Sampox

Yes you heard right, a free flash drive from sampox is yours, now whats the catch?

Well i aint gonna lie to you and say there isn’t a catch because that would be lieing the catch is you have to subscribe to a magazine which is also free may i just add but simply this offer is worth taking advantage of.

How to get it? Follow the link below

Sandra asks…


i am a true weexy fan i have t-shirts and wristband and stuff posters! autographs but ive been to australia for 4 months so i dont know if hes free and this is probably the quickest way to find out so… IS MY BABY FREE? <3

The Expert answers:

Yepp. And he’s back on it… 🙂

Charles asks…

anyone have any free??

baby stuff they would like to give away??? im in perth western australia. north of the river

The Expert answers:

To smarty pants having a boy…..BEGGING!!!! This person generally needs help and to be RUDE by the sounds of things is just bitchey!!!!! Baby furniture, clothes etc is expensive. I’d hope if i needed help purchasing baby things i wouldnt come across pple like you!!!
Rach if i had any thing to give you i would….Try looking on sites like ebay for cheap things..or go to salvos, garage sales etc. Hope you find some nice cheap things for your baby.

Ruth asks…

Should my poem be the new National Anthem for Australia?

May 30th 2010

We are the land down under all of you
Yes, we are the ones with the Kangaroos
Hopefully I can complete this stereotype
Without it looking like a big pile of tripe

We are still living in the outback you see
Don’t own a radio and never seen a TV
Haven’t been in a shower or taken a bath
I clean myself in a river, so don’t you laugh

I have never ridden a bike or been in a car
But you know, I don’t really need to get far
We don’t need any of that materialistic stuff
You know us Aussies are rugged and tough

No cities here, it’s in the outback we roam
Don’t carry around no iPod or even a phone
Equipped with my trusty boomerang and spear
When the animals see me, well they better fear

In the backyard lives my old pet wombat
He lazes around all day, and his name is Pat
Yeah we Aussies are indeed a simple breed
All we need is a beer, root and a good feed

For dinner I’ll usually have a steak pie with gravy
I hope tonight the Dingo won’t again steal my baby
It’s a good life down under, I recommend it to you
Did I mention that I wear thongs instead of shoes?

Yeah, I think I got us Aussies right down to a tee
After all, we are the land of the lucky and the free
Convicts thought they came here to meet their fate
Instead they created the greatest country on earth mate.

Don’t act like all of these stereotypes aren’t true 🙂
Keep in mind guys, it’s only for entertainment. I’m an Aussie, so of course I wrote this entire piece tongue in cheek.

The Expert answers:

Makes me want to visit – Oh and have a beer. But does the steak pie have kidney in it? See I just don’t know about that.

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