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Lisa asks…

I need help finding disney baby crib sets?

I’m young and its my first child. I’m still living with my parents since im only 19 and still in school. Anyway the theme she really wants me to use is disney baby. I don’t want winnie the pooh at all. What I’m looking for is mickey and minnie characters as babies crib sets. I can’t seem to find them anywhere. I found two from wal mart .com but it says they aren’t sold online or in stores anymore. I’ll post the links. If anyone knows where I can find these or anything like these can you please let me know. I’m in desperate need of help. Thank you.

I’m looking for something like those.
Thanks for all the feedback I’ll check them all out. They say they believe its a girl. And I just feel disney is universal. And I didn’t make a typo thats the theme my mom picked because well shes supporting me since I’m still in school and the theme didn’t really matter to me as long as the baby is healthy. But I do appreciate all the feedback.

The Expert answers:

Check out Baby Depot and Burlington Coat Factory and also check out Disney’s website.

JC Penney has a Disney Crib and other furniture right now-they may have a crib set like you are looking for also.

The BEST place to find things like that (no longer sold) are eBay and Craigslit, or a consignment store. Items like that are usually very gently use,d so they are likely to be in great shape still.

Sharon asks…

Hi I was wondering if anyone knew where to get good luck care bear crib sets or baby attire?

I am having a baby and want to decorate his/hers room with good luck care bear and i am trying to find anything i can.

The Expert answers:

How about right here:

Laura asks…

Which store sells a wide range of baby crib bedding sets IN-STORE?

I want to be able to see what I will buy before I buy it. I have a problem with liking numerous things online, but absolutely hating them when I see them in reality because the colors are different from the picture.

The Expert answers:

Babies R US has a very large selection in store. ALL on display with there cribs. Almost too much to choose from.

Good luck

Charles asks…

Crib Baby Sets. Which one?

I’m trying to register for baby stuff for my baby shower.
I’m looking at Crib Bed sets and I’m not sure as to which one I want for my son.

I’m thinking I should just go with the basic one for $20. It has the bumper, sheet, and blanket.
The other one is $60. It has a dust ruffle, bumper, sheet, and comforter.

I just don’t see the point in getting all that fancy stuf because babies can’t even use comforters. lol.

Which one should I get?

The Expert answers:

Get the cheaper one. Trust me.

David asks…

How many baby bedding sets do you own?

I’m just curious, because we have one that was a gift. It’s really nice (includes a bumper, comforter, crib sheet and ruffle cover) but I feel guilty about getting one that I originally wanted. Now it’s on clearance for $60.
Is it good to have one as a spare or should I not bother? How many matching crib-bed sets do you have for your baby?

The Expert answers:

I have a few sets of sheets, but only one set of the rest of the stuff. If your baby throws up or pees through a lot, it may be wise to have 2. My son wasn’t a puker at all… I’m sure if he was, i would have wanted to have two of everything. : )

& if it’s on sale, why not?

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