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William asks…

At toys r us i signed up to get coupons but i picked the toys r us one but when it came it was babies r us?

It had my name and everything but I got the wrong one. Even though I can use it for both stores there are extra savings you can get instead of formula or baby bath. So I would want you to help me find a way to get toys r us extra savings.

The Expert answers:

You will receive both, not just Toys R Us and not just Babies R Us. It’s called cross marketing. They are owned by the same company, and that is how they build their mailing list.

Thomas asks…

What Toys R Us store in the GTA has the biggest and best baby selection?

I’m headed up to Toronto and must get a high harnessed weight car seat. I am looking for the Toys R Us that has the biggest baby section, or any other baby boutique. Thanks!

The Expert answers:

Try victoria park and lawrence why dont u just go to babie’s r us.

Donna asks…

Can I buy other store gift cards with a Babies R US/ Toys R Us gift crard/?

I recieved a large wuanity of Babies R US gift cards for my baby shower, but I prefer to BRU. I just find that I can get more for my money.

I noticed that at Toys R Us/Babies R Us they are gifts card to other store, could I purchase them with my BRU gift card?
I meant quantity…lol.

The Expert answers:

Yes you can buy gift cards with gift cards I did it with my toys r us gift card.

Charles asks…

New mom WARNING: (Toys R’ Us) BABY BIBS contain LEAD…did you know?

If you havent’s heard, you need to know…

Certain vinyl baby bibs sold at ToysRUs stores appear to be contaminated with lead, laboratory tests have shown, making the inexpensive bibs another example of a made-in-China product that may be a health hazard to children.


is there anything from China safe that’s not a health hazard?
First they kill our pets.
Now they’re targeting our babies.

Anyone seeing a pattern here?

The Expert answers:

*sigh* That’s it. We’re going strictly unpainted, wooden toys and organic cotton clothes from now on. Lol

It’s absolutely infuriating that a parent can’t safety shop for a baby bib or children’s toy in the US. For crying out loud. Sheesh! I will pay the higher prices if they will manufacture their products HERE where we can appropriately regulate!!

Laura asks…

What is the dating policy at Toys R Us for managers?

I know that 2 managers in the same store can not date or have a relationship, but what about 2 managers working in different stores or working in a Toys R Us and a Babies R Us, for example. I have asked my HR to find out or direct me to a policy manual, and have not gotten an answer back yet believe it or not.

The Expert answers:

They may have policies posted online.

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