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Robert asks…

any good internet sites to buy baby furniture and prams?

I live in Spain but everything is so expensive here I will just order everything from England and get it shipped over.

But I haven´t lived in the UK for years so I don´t know the best english online baby shops! Any suggestions?

Also, IKEA baby furniture! Is it as flimsy as it looks?

Thank you. I know this is a really random question!

The Expert answers:

Babiesrus is so reasonable and much better quality than ikea or argos it’s more the standard of john lewis or mamas and papas.
I got the “highgate” changing table and cot bed for £149 for the two of them as they are being discontinued and had clearance stock. I am so chuffed with our purchase. See if they will ship to you…


Carol asks…

Where can I buy baby clothes in UK?

Other than Mothercare, Babies R Us or Next! Getting a bit bored with them… anyone know any other shops in UK where you can get nice stuff (for boys) or anywhere online that ships to UK?

The Expert answers:

Here you go
Good luck.

Susan asks…

UK sites for baby things?

I want to make sure I’ve looked around for good prices and exactly what I want before parting with my money to get baby things. I want to look online as well as the places local to me. I already know about and have looked at the online shops for Argos, Ikea and Mothercare. Does anyone have suggestions for more sites?

The Expert answers:

What kind of baby things are you after?

Tesco does a lot of baby things cheap – clothes, nappies, food, dummies etc. Etc. I get 99.9% of my daughter’s things from there. And it’s normally Argos or Tesco direct for birthday/christmas presents. You could try Babies R Us, Mamas and Papas etc. Have you joined the Boots Parenting club? That’s really recommended.

You are far better off going to the shops yourself if you ask me, as you will save on delivery charges.


All I can think of off the top of my head 🙂

Jenny asks…

Where can I shop for baby slings?

I would like to VISIT a shop which sells a vast selection of baby slings. I have seen a lot of shops online but I would like to actually try them out before buying (i have a back problem and need to test how they feel on my back)

Can anyone recommend any stores I can visit in person which stock a LARGE range of baby slings? I live in London UK.

The Expert answers:

Check out your local chapter of Nine In, Nine Out. They are a babywearing group with meetings and chapters all over the world. They usually will have several different types of slings, wraps and carriers available to try out so that you know what you like before you buy. The website for the group in London is

Check around for a baby boutique, too. More and more of them are carrying different types of babywearing paraphernalia.

Betty asks…

Where can I buy Sugar Baby cosmetics in UK?

I want a specific gloss called Razzle and I can’t find it online and the 2 shops near me which used to sell it don’t have it anymore! Please help!

The Expert answers:


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