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Paul asks…

Best place to buy online inexpensive but good quality girls newborn baby clothing?

Besides Target (I think I already bought all their cute girls items lol)

I live in a rural area and all we close that is close by to shop for baby is Target, Walmart, and Babies R Us so I tend to prefer to shop online and would love to hear some Websites you have shopped at before and trust.
I am looking to buy lots of girls newborn to 6 months warm footsie outfits since baby is coming in January it will be cold!

Thanks so much in advance!!

The Expert answers:

You can buy Baby Girls (0-24 Months) clothes from

Nancy asks…

Why do I want to have a baby every time I look at baby Clothes?

I am 20 years old and every time I see a newborn or look at newborn clothes (especially girl clothes) I want a baby. It is worse though when I am about to start my period. Is this normal?

The Expert answers:

It’s just baby fever honey!

I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I still have it. My boyfriend finally sat me down and told me I’m buying too many baby clothes, then finally I went back and looked and oh goodness he was right! All us women get it at some point! 🙂

Mandy asks…

Do newborn or premie baby clothes fit the bitty baby or bitty twins by American girl?

Or are there any inexpensive places to get clothes for the dolls ??

The Expert answers:

Target sells fake american girl dolls. I’m sure there clothes are much cheaper. I know when I was little I had kirsten and I put baby clothes on her, so premie clothes should fit, shop a couple yard sales get a couple 50 cent outfits, if they fit then you’ll know if not then your only out a dollar. Also try like a craft market type place they might sell cheep doll clothes

Ruth asks…

How much money should i spend on my newborn baby girl?

I am not having a baby shower and i was wondering how much should i spend on her. My nursery expenses are already taking care of i need just alot more of the basics.

car seat
and more

The Expert answers:

She is going to outgrow clothes and toys pretty quickly, so don’t go overboard. Buy very little if any NB stuff, go more for 0-3 and mostly for 3-6 month sizes. Plus, even if you don’t have a shower, I think you will find that people will give you the following things:

burp cloth
stuffed animals
recieving blankets.

So I would get just a few (or none of things like bibs that you won’t need for a while) and see what you get given to you. Stock up more on the boring but practical – diapers, wipes, etc.

We bought most stuff second hand if we could because most baby stuff is lightly used. Most areas have special baby-oriented second hand stores, or garage sales.

Lizzie asks…

ear piercing for newborn girl babies?

I would like to know why a Mother would get a newborn baby girl‘s
ears pierced? Please tell me what is the purpose? Why not take
the money spent on the ear piercing and get something for the baby,
like clothes or a toy? I am just curious. To me it seems unwarranted.
I just thought a new baby is way too young to have
her ears pierced. But it seems it is fairly common
judging by the answers I have received. I can see
maybe after a year but if it is not harmful to the baby
then okay. This is a new on me.

The Expert answers:

Perhaps they are sick of people saying ‘what a handsome baby boy’, or ‘look at the baby boy’ . . . Like i got when i had my daughter, despite the fact she was dressed in frilly dress and head bands. She had her ears peirced, because not many people see a baby with both ears peirced and say – ‘what a beautiful boy’.

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