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Ruth asks…

What should I do to fix my fuel gauge and temperature gauge?er?

The Expert answers:

On that vehicle, I would pull the instrument clusters and look for a loose ground wire.

Nancy asks…

How tall and how much do your adult goldendoodles weigh?

The Expert answers:

There are NO breed standards for mutts. I hope that you adopted this mixed breed dog from a shelter/rescue, and didn’t line the pockets of some irresponsible backyard greeder, puppy mill or pet store?

Mark asks…

what is the difference between a canadian mountie and an immigration officer?

The Expert answers:

Ok so……..
An immigration officer checks the ppl coming in from the borders and stuff
a mountie is a police officer on a horse (proness xP) and deals with justice and other stuff like that

Helen asks…

Is Jeep a reliable and durable car to buy?

The Expert answers:

HELL YEAH. I own one my mom owns one my brother has owned a bunch of them. I love my cherokee. I have taken it places that I didnt think it would go and was suprised that we got there. It runs like crazy. Any Cherokee that is running is worth buying. The engines have a great reputation as long lasting and able to beat the crap out of them without fail. The body can rot off the vehicle and it will still be able to drive you anywhere. However the gas mileage isnt very great so if you are using it for ONLY city driving, it may not be the best choice for ya. I live in upstate NY and I have to tell you there are ALOT of jeeps up here. Its Jeep country. Everybodys seems to own one lol.

Carol asks…

What is the difference between a ringtone and a ringback tone?

The Expert answers:

Ringback is where people who call you hear the music, ringtone is where it comes from your phone when someone is calling

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