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Joseph asks…

What is the difference between and underwear and a thong?

The Expert answers:

Thongs are more revealing than underwear and they are less comfortable. Thongs are more sexy while underwear is more casual. Depends on the situation and your style. Wear what you are comfortable with.

Carol asks…

What is your opinion and experiences with domestic discipline?

The Expert answers:

My husband and I practice Domestic Discipline in our home as well. I am actually the one that brought the idea to him.

Here’s my background. I came from an ultra feminist home…raised by a single, ball busting woman who hated men. I in turn was brought up to be superior to men and think that I could do anything without them. Then, I had children. I was a single mother….and created the same path for my daughters that my mother had set out for me.

I am overly opinionated, crazy angry sometimes, and I DO NOT trust anyone. Or atleast, that was the case 1.5 years ago. I got married to my best friend of like 12 years…my husband adopted my twins. (Their biological father died) and I was introduced to Christ…the right way. I have been learning about submission..Godly femininity and such….I have found that although the bible does NOT say that its okay…it doesn’t say that it ISNT okay either. It works in our marriage. We are young, 25.

Even ball busting women who have a chip on their shoulder need be brought back down to reality from time to time. I relish my spankings because I know that they are helping me. I know thats sounds crazy and brainwashed…but they dont even really HURT, physically. Don’t get me wrong, they suck…but its the feeling in my heart that does the trick for us. I feel truly guilty about my sins in the face of God and I DO learn from my mistakes better and learn how to quiet my mouth more often with DD. I for one love it..and need it, as does my husband.

We don’t practive CDD *Christian Domestic Discipline) We practice LDD (Loving Domestic Discipline) We, like many others can not see that our lifestyle is a Christian thing…just a thing that works for us.

DD IS NOT abuse. Not one friggin bit! It’s only Domestic Discipline if both parties in the marriage agree to it. If I EVER told him to stop, he would. In a heart beat. This isnt about’s about being the kind of wife and husband that your GOD and your HEART command of you. In my case, it’s being submissive and always learning and listening. Those are things I never used to do. I have to tell you though, our marriage has flourished…my heart has opened and I feel cleaner and safer than I ever have before.

Mary asks…

How to take animations from movies and anime and use them on a YouTube video?

The Expert answers:

That’s illegal unless you get the consent from the copyright owner, but it can be done.
All you need is some video editing software, such as Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio or even the crappy Windows Movie Maker.
Google for video editing tips and tutorials.

John asks…

What are the charcteristics of Athena and how would she compare to me?

The Expert answers:


Here’s a good site on all of the attributes of Athena.

She is a goddess in whom power and wisdom were harmoniously blended.

She is seen to be a divinity of a purely ethical character.

Athena is alleged to have invented the plough and the rake: she created the olive tree, taught the people to yoke oxen to the plough, took care of the breeding of horses, and instructed men how to tame them by the bridle, her own invention.

Athena invented Numbers, the trumpet, the chariot, and the art of navigation. She was believed to have invented nearly every kind of work in which women were employed (sewing, weaving, any handicrafts).

Perhaps you can compare how you and she give to others??? She gives all these inventions to mankind — you volunteer and help…

Chris asks…

How to put cheats on M3i zero and how to activate them on Ndsi?

The Expert answers:

Use DS-Scene-Rom-Tool to get a recent cheat database in .dat format:

Then copy the .dat file anywhere on your microSD, and select the file from the “Select File” option of the game setting menu.

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