Your Questions About Baby Care

Betty asks…

Is this everything you need for a nursery?

This is for my novel. I did a little research and this is what I got.

Sleep Time: 4 Receiving Blankets, 2 Double Receiving Blankets, 2 Lightweight Cotton Blankets, 2 Swaddling Blankets, 2 Sleeping Bags, 4 Pacifiers, The Arm’s Reach Beautiful Dreamer Cocoon, Soothing Music, Block Out Blind

Bath Time: Baby Bathtub (Non-Slip), Bath Mat, Bath Thermometer, Baby Lotion, Baby Shampoo,
Baby Body Wash, 2 Wash Cloths, 6 Hooded Towels, 2 Large Towels, Cotton Wool, Rubbing Alcohol,
1 Box Q-Tips, Sterilized Water In Container, Brush And Comb, Nasal Aspirator, Blunt Nail Scissors,
Baby Massage Oil

Changing Time: Waterproof Changing Pad And Cover, Waste Bin, 3 Packs Newborn Disposable, Diapers. 3 Packs Disposable Baby Wipes, 1 Tube Diaper Rash Ointment, Disinfecting Hand Soap, Wipes Warmer, Diaper Disposal System

Feeding Time: Lamp, Nightlight, Nursing Pillow, 1 Box Tissues, 6 4oz Bottles, 6 8oz Bottles, 6 Slow Flow Nipples, 6 Fast Flow Nipples1 Bottlebrush, 1 Tin Formula Milk, 2 Formula Containers, Sterilizing Kit, 6 Bibs, 6 Burp Cloths, Bottle Warmer, 3 Disposable Bottle Kits

Getting Dressed: 6 Prs Socks, 2 Prs Booties, 6 Vests, 6 Bodysuits, 6 Baby Sleepers, 3 Side-Snap-Tees, 3 Rompers, 2 Sweaters, 2 Cotton Hats, 2 Woolen Hats, 2 Prs Scratch Mittens,
Snowsuit For Winter, Hooded Jacket For Summer, Scented Drawer Liners, Baby Washing Powder
Baby Fabric Softener, 8 Hangers

Baby‘s Health: Digital Thermometer, Medicine Dropper, Infant Nose Drops, Infant Cold Drops,
Infant Gas Drops, Infant Pain Relief Drops, Teething Gel, 2 Baby Care Books, Humidifier, Air Purifier,

Play Time: Baby Gym, Activity Mat, Crib Mobile, Stuffed Animals, Rattles And Teethers, Board Books, Soft Material Books, Play Yard, Baby Swing, Bouncy Chair/ Bumbo Seat, Activity Center, Changing Table Mobile, Light Show, Music

Out and About: Car Seat (Rear-Facing For Newborn), Car Seat Strap Covers, Head Support, Car Sun Shades, Child View Mirror, Baby On Board Sign, Stroller (With Rain Cover), Front/Back Carrier/Sling, Diaper Bag, 2 Warm Blankets (For Winter), Portable Travel Crib, Car/Travel Toys,
Travel Toy Organizer

Other: Rocking Chair, Changing Table, Baby Armoire, Closet, Nightstand, Hamper, Bookcase, Toy Box

The Expert answers:

You dont NEED all of that but it does look like a full list of things that will make your live easier.

Thomas asks…

i had a baby. so why does everyone judge me?

i just posted a ? needing real help with a situation and all i got was “give your baby up” and “this is why ppl under 18 shoulnt have kids” i got preg at 16 and got married a week after i found out. i loved the guy and we had planned to marry anyway. like seriously. we LOVE eachother. idk if people dont wanna believe a 17 or 16 yr old can love or what but it really gets me. i dont smoke or drink or do drugs or party or see friends. i stay home with my baby every day and play with her, feed her, change her, bathe her, teach & show her things. and hell! i even EXCLUSIVELY BREASTFEED. and i do it all cuz i want to. i dont work cuz my hubby makes enough $ so i dont need to. and i only dropped out of highschool because i had morning sickness so bad i couldnt get out of bed without dry heaving and making a mess everywhere but i did get my GED.

i had my baby 6 months ago and she was and is the absolute love of my life. she has everything a baby could possibly need or want (a caring loving mommy and daddy and family, a bouncer, jumper, swing, play yard, bassinet, crib, car seat, play mat, bathing tub, a walker, a dresserful of clothes, and dozens of toys to play with)

i understand that a LOT of teens are terrible parents and i hate it. but im not one of them. there ARE good teen parents out there. do people just not want to believe it or just automatically assume that just cuz your 18 makes you old enough and mature enough to have a baby and if your one day less than 18 your not good enough??? i know tons of 26 and 27 and 30+ year olds who are much worse parents than some teens even. so what do you think? am i REALLY a bad teen parent???….my answer is NO!!!
And I got married because I LOVED him and wanted to. We were going to anyway. This just gave us a reason to do it early. And everything has worked out beautifully, thank you very much

The Expert answers:

I 100% agree with you, age has NOTHING to do with how good a parent you can be, and if your in love the age thing doesnt matter. From your writing you seem like a wonderful devoted mother who is doing her best to make a wonderful like for herself, husband and child. I hate that saying “babies having babies”. You are very right about people older than you being terrible parents, like i said age has nothing to do with it. You are doing your best for your family, and for yourself. Dont let anybody discourage you keep doing what your doing. Every 17 18 year old is different and yes there are some that are not ready but you clearly are, you stepped up and took full responsibility,and are doing a great job, but the 17 18 year olds that arent ready, give a bad name for the ones that actually are ready and responsible enough to raise a child. People automatically judge you just because your age and i wish i knew why. I think you are a great mother, dont let anyone bring you down honey, best of luck for your family and your future. If you have any questions email me and i will be happy to answer them.

Sandy asks…

I feel my boyfriend cares more about the cat than our BABY?

okay here’s the thing:
the cat his cat has a huge flea problem AGAIN. it’s bc he insists on giving her generic treatments which clearly don’t work. so, i’ve offered to pick up the advantage for her, but he needs to pay for it, bc its his cat and i’m broke (I’m a stay at home mom right now with our 5-month-old baby girl) anyways, yesterday i found three fleas in my daughter’s scalp after putting her on her play mat. naturally I was horrified and gave her a bath and washed her hair,now she has a few flea bites on her scalp.
i too have flea bites, and really bad now actually. i told him about it, and he says it was probably my imagination (of course it wasn’t) and is in denial. he has this sentimental love for the cat bc he had her since childhood.
anyhow, he bought her a bunch of cat food yesterday when I asked him to, no hesitation. But when I ask him to get the baby formula, sometimes he complains and wants me to get it instead—yet for his cat he’ll buy her food with no complaint, but not his own daughter??
I have narrowed my choices down:
I could either move back home with my parents over this, until he finally wakes up if he ever does–and be willing to risk him making it worse than it has to be (don’t want to get into it). Or, I could go and get the advantage myself, use my credit card to pay for it, (even though i already owe enough and don’t have a job right now), and treat the cat myself even though he doesn’t want me to bc he’s worried I’ll do it wrong.
there are more issues than this though, such as him in general not helping me that much the baby when hes around his attitude is “well you’re here, so i don’t need to help”. and the same old “im tired from work” excuse.
i want my daughter to have a father that cares but i don’t want to stay here if hes going to put our health at risk for his cat. i have told him time and time again if he’s not willing to take care of the cat he should just give her back to his mom, but he refuses to. what should i do?

The Expert answers:

You could go to your parents’ house but you’d only be bringing the problem WITH you. You need to get the cat treated(it’s not her fault your boyfriend’s acting like a total jerk). You can even take her to the vet and they will do it for you(for a fee) if your boyfriend won’t do it and won’t let you do it. Then, go out for the day with your baby and treat your entire house. You’ll need to wash ALL bedding and clothing again, also spray down any furniture.

Have you communicated CLEARLY with him how you’re feeling? He may just need a rude awakening. Leave your daughter with him and run out for a couple of hours. That will force him to take care of her, and hopefully help him bond more. Relationships are hard work, even more so with a baby in the mix. You can run away, sure, or you can stick through it and try to make it work.

Lizzie asks…

I’m taking care of a two month old for a week – what should our day look like?

I have been a nanny for about five years, but I have never cared for an infant under five months old (and that one was towards the beginning of my career). One of my former families has invited me to take care of a two month old (along with their older kids, whom I know well) for a week, and I accepted the offer.

I am going to ask the Mom to write a typical feeding and napping schedule, but I am not exactly sure as to what to expect in terms of details. I’m sure I can feed him, but it’s been a long time since I’ve put a baby to bed without reading a book. I’m used to that being a part of the routine. Can I just feed him, sing him a song, and put him down? Would that be typical?

Also, what will he do while he is awake, aside from sit in a carrier? How much waking time should he spend in a carrier, and how much should he spend on a play mat or…where? What should I do with him while he is on the play mat, if he should be there at all?

Also, is changing his diaper going to be any different from changing an older baby‘s?
Thanks. Yes, they know. If the baby should not be put in a carrier at home, and they don’t have a swing, where should he be, instead?

The Expert answers:

I am sure the mom will let you know exactly what the day looks like with the 2 month old, but if he’s anything like mine was he’ll be eating and sleeping most of the day. When he is awake he will probably just enjoy looking around his environment, laying on his mat or just being spoken to. I think it’s a bit too early to be on a schedule but mom will probably tell you how often he tends to eat and what time she prefers his bedtime etc. If you have chores to do during the day and baby is awake I use a body wrap to keep baby close (especially if the baby is colicky). I would most definitely ask mom what she prefers at nap / bedtime. I, for instance, never rocked my baby as i didn’t want him to rely on rocking to get him to sleep. I just shushed him with a hand on his chest till he fell asleep.

Diapers are going to be way easier!

Good luck and enjoy your week!

Maria asks…

How do you keep baby occupied?

My son is a few weeks shy of 5 months and he is the most active baby I know. He constantly needs mental stimulation and I’m running out of ideas.

Walker, swing, play mat with suspended toys, tummy time, book reading, practicing sitting up, playing with toys, rattles, singing songs, rocking, peek a boo; you name it, I’ve done it. The second I stop looking at him or being active in what he’s doing, he cries for me again.

I am trying to go to school and work on the side and doing this alone is killing me. (I do not have anyone close to me to help me care for him during the day.)

I know this leaves not many options, but does anyone know of anything I haven’t tried that could buy me a little bit of baby free time so I can get some studying done and possibly get 5 minutes of rest? Any help would be great! Thank you so much.

The Expert answers:

I think you should try Baby Einstein videos. I am 35 weeks preg. With my first but when i used to babysit thats what their mom did. Im not saying plant him in front of the t.v. All day but they make the videos for babies and that can occupy him for a little while. Sometimes letting him cry a little is ok. He needs to get used to the fact that you cannot be right there with im constantly 24/7. Good luck!

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