Your Questions About Baby Care

Mandy asks…

Where can I order cheap but good quality newborn baby clothes? And help cheers guys.?

I’m 15 and need to buy newborn baby clothes. I got the bottles and that from baby luv but need to get cheap but good quality clothes?(: xx

The Expert answers:

Kid to kid store…its sort of like a childrens platos closet…u can go in a trade old clothes in for money to buy new things..they have lots of accesories as well

Mark asks…

Does anyone know any websites to by newborn baby clothes at?

trying to get a head start. just dont know any websites to go to to buy baby clothes!?

anyone know a few site i can go on?

The Expert answers: and are best.

Linda asks…

Is it safe to use dryer sheets for newborn baby clothes?

I know there is special baby detergent to use, but I was wondering if it was safe to use dryer sheets. Does anyone know if you should or shouldn’t use the sheets in the dryer? I am expecting my first baby in about 4 weeks!

The Expert answers:

Do not use dryer sheets with your babies clothes. It is entirely unnecessary to use them at all! There is no need for extra chemicals or perfumes on the baby’s clothes. If you think that the clothes will not be soft enough add vinegar to the rinse (it is a natural fabric softener and will not leave your clothes smelly!) or buy dryer balls (I use some from Nellies). Also, don’t bother using Dreft or Ivory Snow “special baby detergent” all of them contain perfumes which can be irritating to babies nose and skin. Use a scent, dye and enzyme free detergent on all of your household’s laundry. Your baby will be in very close contact with all of your clothing too!

Charles asks…

What sized baby clothes should I pack in my hospital bag for my newborn baby?

Hi… I’m a bit confused about what size clothes my baby will need when he is first born to come home from the hospital in. Currently I am planning to pack a mixture of 00000 and 0000. Would this be appropriate? What size did your newborn wear?

Thanks in advance for your replies. 🙂

The Expert answers:

My son was 7lb 7oz (3380g) which is pretty average size. I packed 0000 and it still swam on him. So if you put a 00000 in as well as 0000 one of them should fit. Some babies are bigger and go straight into 000 but unless your doc has told you to expect a really big baby yours probably wont be fitting into 000’s for a few weeks. My sons now 6 weeks old and only now is he fitting into some 000’s.

Ken asks…

What is (or was) in your Newborn Baby’s Clothes pockets?

Most of my son’s Newborn Clothes had pockets, I know he never used them for anything .. did your baby use them for anything?

What did your Newborn put in their clothes pockets?

The Expert answers:

A comb, a pack of tic tacs, a map of the living room, and some tags to chew

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