Your Questions About Baby Care

John asks…

What’s the difference between tights/pantyhose and leggings?

The Expert answers:

Let me just say you have half of these people are from across the pond. What they called “tights” is the same as pantyhose here in the U.S. Alright, pantyhose are thin and sheer. They are for special occasions, work and just about anything else. The are for women 18 on up but girls that are younger can wear pantyhose. Pantyhose are sexy, elegant and classy. They can help give your legs a even skin tone if you are wearing colors like nude, beige or suntan. Sheer black pantyhose gives you that elegance and sleek look. Tights in the U.S. Are thicker, more opaque. Wear can wear them with any outfit. They keep your legs warm more than pantyhose. Tights comes in more colors than pantyhose. Pantyhose have the traditional colors. Tights have pink, blue, green, those types of colors besides your white and blacks. Tights can be thick like leggings or lighter looking like pantyhose. Leggings are like tights but more spandex and darker looking. . Leggings are mostly footless. You can wear leggings just as pants or with a skirt. Well, I hope that I help you out in some way. I like when women wear pantyhose. I prefer that look on a girl then tights. Well, Good Luck!

Nancy asks…

What would be good alternatives to Human subject research and animal testing?

The Expert answers:

Allow people who have done some serious crime to test on products in an exchange to remove criminal records that are not too serious.

Joseph asks…

If Obama was the Republican nominee, would the neocons champion his wars and bailouts?

The Expert answers:

You mean like the way you protested Iraq and Afghanistan when Bush was in office and haven’t protested war AT ALL even though Obama promised to end them? Haven’t protested against Gitmo still being open, either? You didn’t like when Bush bailed out the banks, but you’re all for Obama’s. Seems like the hypocrite here, dear, is you.

Ah, see? Herb is what a non hypocrite looks like.

Helen asks…

Headaches and sudden feelings of apathy?

The Expert answers:

Seems you’ve lost your mojo!
But, yes certainly. Are you stressed? Got a lot going on?
I had the same sort of symptoms and got diagnosed with narcolepsy, but it was caused by stress and depression affecting certain cells in the brain. Make sure to tell your doctor every detail- down to stress at work. They could well be related.

Lisa asks…

How come only humans have created an amazing earth and not animals?

The Expert answers:


We ARE animals. It’s because we are animals that have evolved with a brain that allows for it…

I am accepting that you are using the term ‘Created’ as in the modifications of nature. We did not actually create the Earth…


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