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Ruth asks…

How to live a fun and eventful life?

The Expert answers:

Go out and just do stuff.

Things you’ve never done before, even if it’s a little scary.

Sandy asks…

How difficult is it for a woman of Afro-Caribbean decent to find a job and live in Cyprus?

The Expert answers:

It will be very difficult…not because you are Afro-Caribbean,
but because jobs are scarce unless you have some sort of
special skill to offer…..Good Luck!

Edit: Have just come across the following which may be of interest:-
Working in Cyprus
The employment of non-European citizens is subject to the approval of the
Department of Labour which examines applications submitted by employers
seeking to hire foreigners in order to meet pressing, short term needs in the
labour market in certain economic fields and occupations.

Further detailed information can be obtained
from the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance .

This may also be a useful site…

George asks…

My 16 year old son is going to go and live with his Dad in Kentucky. I am located in Florida.?

The Expert answers:

Get on a magic carpet and fly up to see him.

Michael asks…

What is an animal that leaves their parents when they are born and has to live on their own?

The Expert answers:

Reptiles mostly and invertibrates.

Steven asks…

How can a vegan like myself live healthfully with celiacs disease and soy allergy?

The Expert answers:

There are STILL veggies, fruits and grains that do not have either in them.
You should be able to do just fine.
I always felt that a celiac diet took more thinking than other ones do since gluten is in so many things that have nothing to do with bread which is what most people associate gluten with.
You really have to plan ahead and think it through.

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