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Laura asks…

How can I help my baby to start crawling she is 9 months?

My baby is 9 months and not crawling yet, she can get on to her hands and knees from sitting position, but does not move anywhere…..she either flops on her tummy then she will roll over and sit up, or she pulls herself back up to sitting from her hands and knees position.

we have tried putting toys just out of her reach but this has not worked, we give her lots of encouragement, she is getting frustrated as she can not work out her to get mobile.

The Expert answers:

I would put a 10 dollar bill on the other side of the room. The baby will see it and crawl to get it. With that kind of money you cant loose. I know I would crawl for cash like that.
But then a gain who knows.

Mark asks…

What kind of toys should an 8 month old baby boy be playing with.?

I was wondering what type of toys my baby can play with.He is almost 9 months.I want to get him some toys that will grow with him.Any ideas.How long can he use a walker?How long can he sleep in a crib or use his pack and play?How long should he use a pacifier and what kind does he need?He is almost 9 months.

The Expert answers:

I would highly recommend you to look at this site they specialize in educational and developmental toys we buy most of our toys and games from this place. They have so many choices… But most of their toys are very stimulative and made of high quality durable wood or plush.

Good luck, hope this helps.

David asks…

My baby is 9 months old and hates to be on his tummy to crawl what can i do.?

We place toys out of reach and he just cries. He loves to stand and can sit on his own. He has started to pull up, but would rather we hold his hands. Should I be patient or be worried?

The Expert answers:

My daughter never crawled. Don’t worry!

Jenny asks…

What would be the best toy for my 9 months old baby? ?

The Expert answers:

At 9 months, my son loved things he could shake that made different sounds, so a selection of bells, shakers, rattles etc kept him happy for ages. He also enjoyed stacking toys like cups and blocks, things he could sit and play with in his lap.

Steven asks…

What age did your baby start to protest when you took their toys or something away?

My baby is 9 months and really doesn’t do that. She notices when I take something away (my cell phone, keys) but just looks at me and give me a “What the Heck?” kinda look. But she doesn’t really protect or throw a fit. She just goes on to something else. There was a question on here earlier that asked about it and most answered that is it was normal for them to throw fits when you take away toys. Mine doesn’t, is that normal?

The Expert answers:

My daughter’s the same way, on certain things. If its my phone or keys, like you, she just gives me a sh!tty look, but if she bound and determined to get something under the desk, and I keep telling her no, and pull her hand away, she’ll throw a fit and keep going for it. She HATES it when I say no, and don’t let her grab something, but as far as taking something away, she’s just like.. Eeh whatever. All kids have a different temperament. I’m just glad she doesn’t throw all out tantrums yet, but I”m sure its coming!

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