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Joseph asks…

Hi is their a way to convince my baby brother to stop playing MW2 Online freaking everyday?

Hi I have a little brother who is 10 yrs old & he is so into DS & Legos toys. Now since he has been playing MW2 online, he stop playing Legos toys & DS games. This kid plays everyday for 1 hour & I think he plays 3 hrs straight when I go to work. Every time when I get back home from work, he plays MW2 & even late night. I guess that is my fault because he see’s be play my Xbox 360 & sometimes little brothers copy’s big brothers. I do not mind he games online but I don’t know. What should I do? Now he doesn’t want 3DS for next year & not into Legos anymore because MW2.

-Gamer Vet for 15 yrs.

The Expert answers:

And he’s 10 yrs. Old? Let’s just hope he doesn’t kill no one when the game is taken, like those other kids that murdered their own parents for taking away their games. I don’t want to question your parenting, but you should know that those games are for adults/mature only– it says the rating system on the box.

Here’s how to setup the parental control on the system:

And get him a Kinect or a Wii instead since they’re kids friendly.

James asks…

Would you let your child play this online game?

This is a link to an article about it, not the game itself:

To summarize, it’s a game aimed towards children and teens

“The website urges users to: “Get married! Have a paper baby! Get paper pregnant!”

The creator of the website game is also known for creating similar games. One in which girls buy diet pills and get boob jobs.

The Expert answers:

Ugh, no. I’d rather deal with World of Warcraft frenzy than something like that.

Betty asks…

Is there a virtual game online that is just like Sims?

I’m talking a game where you can have kids, online, for free without download.
I’m really depressed because the sad truth is, no matter how many times you WooHoo on the Sims, you can’t have babies.

The Expert answers:

On sims.
The reason why you’re not having babies.
Is because there is like a 1.3% chance of getting pregnant when you “woohoo”

you get pregnant when you “try for baby”

i hope i helped.

Donna asks…

There was a vertual baby?

When I was younger there was an free online vertual baby game. The game was simple for little kids. All you had was the baby witch was in the crib and toys,a passafire, stuffed bear and more but I don’t remeber the name do you have any idea that would help me find that game.

The Expert answers:

I think it might be babydow.


Ken asks…

30 weeks pregnant with an a@#hole’s baby?

I was wondering if anyone has gone through the same thing. I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my third child. After I was pregnant with my first child, I gained weight from quitting smoking and the only food that seemed to stay down was something fatty (I don’t know why that was the case). My “fiance” (I quote it because I don’t feel like he really is that to me) got embarrassed of me and treated me like I was shameful. For example: We went fishing together ( he was fishing and I just watched him, oh what fun!) and his favorite lore got caught on a rock in the middle of a lake. He was bummed so I swam out and got it. I came back up drentched and I apparently wasn’t attractive enough to stand next to him anymore, because he walked away from me and said “I don’t know you, don’t come near me”. I think the only other people that saw me were two old men. We stopped going places together and I knew I gained some weight while I was pregnant, but it justified the fact that I didn’t have my same figure anymore. After I had my first child, I was the primary caretaker and he went to work to support our new family and only played video games when he got home and didn’t want to spend time with any of us. 3 months after, I got pregnant with my second child. He told his mom that I pressured him into doing it and this made me feel like he wasn’t proud to say he was having another baby. I didn’t get much support of anything from him for either pregnancy and I started getting really upset from here on out because I felt trapped. 6 months after I had my second child, I was pregnant with my third baby and now I’m 30 weeks along. The sex is only twice a month, he plays online games and doesn’t pay attention to the kids he has and I still don’t receive any support. He only wants to go to prenatal visits if they are ultrasounds or if I’m going to give birth. To add to everything, he is a big baby. He got mad because I only made the kids something to eat and not him and kept saying to the kids “I bet you have a full belly”. I keep trying to leave him, but I have no where else to go. My credit got messed up from identity theft and now I can’t qualify for any places around here without clearing up my records which is impossible to do apparently.

Can someone give me advice on what to do? I don’t want to be with him anymore and I have no where else to go. He’s a dickhead and I want a real man in my life that will acknowledge me and give me credit for what I do. I got to college while having small children in diapers which isn’t easy to do, but he told me I was on “vacation” because I didn’t work. When I finally got part time jobs, he made me quit them because it was cutting into his social life and hunting time (which he has no social life and hasn’t hunted in two years). Even a full time job working 16 overtime each week wasn’t good enough for him and made me feel guilty for “leaving my kids“. I can never win with this man. I also want to have a natural birth because both of my kids were c-sections and he thinks I’m going to be stretched out for sex. I’m torn, fed up, and I don’t know what to do…I need advice!! Please Help!!
The only family I have would be my mother who isn’t stable and I don’t want my kids to live with that kind of person. But I do feel better when I go over there and get away from him, so it’s almost like a lose, lose situation. And when I do go over to my mom’s he calls me and treats me like he loves me and wants to have the kids with him, but when I finally come back here, he goes back to not wanting either of us. I don’t if it’s a game or if he only misses us being away.

The Expert answers:

Leave. He is emotionally abusive. Contact your department of social services and ask what programs are available to help victims of abuse. If they aren’t going to help you, find SOMEWHERE to stay for a few nights. Then go to social services and tell them you are homeless. There are plenty of programs out there to help you get on your feet and set you up with housing and food. Don’t make excuses to stay, I know it seems like their are no options, but there are. Best of luck.

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