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James asks…

Huggies babies Lotion & shampoo/soaps?

i got these free lotion & soaps/shampoo huggies of Tea & Cucumber fragrant, when I bought the baby wipes for 300pcs. It’s really smell very nice and very mouisture and soft.

I have been looking for those in here, Australia to buy those, but I couldn’t find it. Anyone knows where I can buy this items through internet? I don’t mind international online shopping. thanks for the help!

The Expert answers:

Hi, I’m nit sure what part of australia you’re from but i live in vic and safeway sells a whole range of huggies soaps,, baby bath, shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Failing that i suggest going to your local chemist, ours will order in any baby products they dont have in stock

Paul asks…

a few questions about getting a job (AUSTRALIA)?

my first question is what age can you get a job (i live in victoria, AU if that helps). i always thought it was 14 and 9 months, but some people tell me its 15. i know not many people are looking to hire really young kids, but im saying the actual legal age.

secondly, since i need a resume to get a job, i don’t have any past job experience to put on it, we have done one in class, but what kinds of things are important to include on a resume, and do i need a cover letter?

how do i find places that want to hire?
because i’ve looked online and stuff, but no-where really advertises jobs for young teens. is my best option just to walk around a shopping centre handing out resumes at places im interested in?

and what places do you think are the best to work. i want a proper job, not just like baby sitting or dog walking. preferably no fast food places, like maccas, but i wouldn’t mind a supermarket or bakery/cafe.
also do you think it’s better to work at big places (like target) or smaller, independant shops.
and is it better to work at a food place, or a clothes place or …..

i know its a lot of questions, so thanks heaps 🙂

and please don’t give me links to online survey sites, i’ve already been looking into it.
im looking for a proper job, thanks 🙂
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The Expert answers:


I just got my first job a month ago, and I’m so happy I did!

You can apply for a job at 14 and 9 months… But you can only start working once you turn 15!

Here is an example of the things I put on my resume:

Contact Details:
Age and Date Of Birth:
Education: (Where did you go to primary & highschool?)
Work Experience: (This doesn’t really matter.. Since you are young and are hiring people of your age.. It shouldn’t matter and they will know this! Don’t worry about it! Anything that you think could help though.. Put it in!)
Academic Achievements: (They like talented and intelligent people!)
Non-Academic Achievements: (Like sporting awards etc.)
Character Attributes:(Some good adjectives are: Reliable, honest, computer literate, leadership skills, fast learner, committed, friendly, creative, concise, outgoing, responsible, respectful, polite, confident, sincere, cooperative, intelligent. Yes I used all those to describe myself on my resume!)
Interests: (They like people people too… So make out that you are sociable and interesting. Also, don’t say anything stupid here like “drinking” or “partying”.)
Referees: (2-3 people who they can call up and ask about you.. So choose nice teachers or family friends etc.!)

There you go… Since you are young this is enough of a resume. Make sure it’s typed up and professional looking!

A lot of my friends looking for jobs just went around shopping centers and handed in their resumes… It worked well for them! Some good places to apply to are Coles, Target, Hoyts, Supre, any other big chain stores. They like young kids because they cost less… And usually work longer at cheaper pay.

I got my job at Target. It’s a great place to work, seriously. Chain places are better. More positions, larger pay, easier jobs. I definently suggest Target! (Lol!) They train you properly and I get $9.9226 an hour opposed to my friend who earns $7.80 at a cafe. Plus, they are hiring NOW since the biggest sale is coming up June/July our busiest times of the year!

If you have anymore questions… Feel free to message me. I had a freak out about getting my first job too… Lots of question asking helps!

Nancy asks…

Which Web Hosting company should I use for retail?

i want to put my website up online but i am comfused who to go with.

I want a Domain as i am in Australia.

which hosting company would suit a baby fashion retail website? with a good shopping cart


The Expert answers:

For a domain, I recommend you first buy it through this will cost you $19.95 AUD for 2 years, which is who I use and the cheapest I’ve found anywhere for .au domains. You’ll need your ABN or ACN number for this, which you can also apply for free if you don’t have one already. ABN number information can be found here (I assume you have this, but for completions sake I’m listing it)

When you register your domain you will have to choose your DNS settings, these will be given to you by your hosting company. You can change this later but changes can take up to 24 hours.

For hosting I recommend HostGator, who I use for my hosting as they have excellent uptime and You can get 25% off by using the coupon code PERMANENT25 of $9.95 off once by using PERMANENT995. I use the Baby Croc plan as it allows me to attach as web sites as I want to one hosting package, saving me money if I want more than one website. They are also the only reliable shared hosting service to support PHP 5.3. Http:// ( 25% discount link)

You could also use HostMonster which I used to use until I transferred to HostGator later due to service changes, lack of support for PHP 5.3 and a slight lacking in uptime.

There’s also other options you’ll see around such as JustHost, GoDaddy, etc but these will just bring you headaches. Australian hosts are unrealistically expensive or prone to vanishing, so I keep my hosting with these companies.

For your email addresses I recommend you set them up through free Google Apps, which means if you later change your hosting your email will be unaffected and is generally much more stable.

I can answer any questions if you email me at or add my skype “CashGrounds”.

Daniel asks…

Why do some parents here seem to believe that it would be fine to treat your kid like an indentured servant?

I asked a question here yesterday about fair compensation for the tremendous, out of the ordinary amount of work that I do at our house, and so many said that my parents owed me nothing and that if they did pay me I’d then have to turn around and pay them food and rent. I’m still a minor, so my parents are legally responsible for providing me with food and shelter. Do people not know that? Sure, they’re not required to give me any sort of allowance or pay, but most fair-minded people would, and thankfully after talking it all over my dad he agreed. As I explained in the question, my mom has serious physical and mental health issues. She distrusts people coming into our home now, so we had to let go of the nanny and cleaning crew. I’m now sleeping in my baby sister’s room to help during the night. I feed her and take care of her so much she acts more like I’m her mom than our mom. My mom didn’t think that the after school program my 10 year old sister went to had the “right values” so I now watch her in the afternoon and take her to practices and dance. I clean the house, take care of the kids and pets, do the grocery shopping, and pretty much gave up my whole life and people seemed to think that was just totally normal and it was audacious that I’d want minimum wage.

We moved to Australia 2 yrs ago from America and my mom has become worse ever since. Before the move I had a very full social life, I was a gymnast, president of my class, and happy. Now I’m pretty much stuck inside of the house all day with a colicky baby and trying to do online school. I was surprised that people seemed to think that was perfectly normal and just the sort of thing every 17 year old does. It’s not. Fortunately my dad did understand where I was coming from, and he agreed to pay me even more than the amount I was going to suggest. He said he was sorry for not having paid earlier or done more about my mom’s situation.

I just still don’t understand why all these people here who answered seemed to genuinely believe that it was fine to basically treat your kid like an indentured servant. Is that what you really believe? Is that how you’d treat your own kids?
@ Jennifer
thank you, you seem very nice and level headed.
I wish that instead of just giving thumbs downs people would actually write an answer themselves. I don’t think Jennifer’s answer deserves any thumbs down because it’s actually a sensible and caring answer.

The Expert answers:

I saw your earlier question and while I didn’t answer I was surprised at some of the answers as well. In my opinion a teenager should be responsible for themselves, meaning they clean their own dishes and put them in the dishwasher, clean up after themselves in the bathroom, take care of their own laundry and putting clothes away, etc. I don’t disagree with other parents when they make their children do chores around the house for nothing but I would never do such a thing. At the very least a child should get a weekly allowance to help teach them the value of money and budgeting for something big if they want it. It should never be automatically assumed that a sibling will babysit for their little brother or sister – they didn’t create the kid after all and it’s the parents responsibility. Part of being a family is working together as a team but the amount of responsibility placed on your shoulders is extreme for any teenager and you definitely warrant being paid for your responsibilities – how else are you going to save some money so that you can get a good start as an adult? I also am one of those parents who believe that you are responsible for your children’s education through at least a bachelor’s degree. My kid isn’t going to be forced out of my house at 18 to wing it on her own – she’ll live with me as long as she wants as long as she is going to school or working to better herself and she won’t pay a dime of tuition. I just don’t understand some parents who suddenly think they don’t have responsibilities after their child turns 18 and for anyone to suggest a minor pay rent or buy their own food – well that’s just ridiculous and I hope they don’t have children.

Lizzie asks…

Would you be willing to pay your 17 year old this much money for the house work and child care?

I asked a question earlier today about how to come up with a reasonable amount of money to request from my parents every week for the work I do, and someone gave a really good answer about writing down the number of hours I spend and getting paid the minimum wage for it. I’m fairly sure that the minimum wage for 17 year olds in Australia is like $11 / hr. It’s $15 for adults. I do about a total of 5 hours of work per day, and more on the weekends. I’d just ask for the 5 hours a day to make it simpler. That would be like $355 a week which seems like a lot but please keep reading before making a judgment.

Before I started online school we were interviewing nannies, and they all charged a high hourly rate. My 10 year old sister used to go to day care, and now I watch her so my parents are no longer paying for that. We used to have a housecleaner come 2 times a week, and now I clean the house myself. So I am doing the job of at least three other people and not even getting an allowance. I have a 6 month old sister that I pretty much take care of round the clock. I even sleep in the day bed in her room now when she’s colicky. My mom has health and mental problems from being in a car accident 5 years and having brain cancer, and she got post pregnancy depression too. She doesn’t do anything for us. Sometimes she volunteers at the church, and that’s it. She doesn’t clean the house, she doesn’t grocery shop, and she stopped nursing the baby. I feel like I’m more like the mom to my baby sister than our mom is. Every morning I take the dogs with me and walk my 10 year old sister to school and then the dogs and I go and pick her up in the afternoon. I clean the entire house, I do around 4 loads of laundry per day, I do all the shopping for the house, and I sometimes mow the lawn in between the gardner’s appointments. I go to online school now and the only time I leave the house during the day now is to run errands. I do not have the right to work in Australia because I don’t have the right permit for it, and my mom said she didn’t want me to work anyway because she needs me at home. I want to start earning money so that I can start saving up, and so that I can have just a little to do things with my friends. I don’t have the money to do anything with them because I don’t even get an allowance. I also give up every Saturday night to babysit the kids. I have to volunteer at our church (cleaning the nursery!!!!!) on Sunday afternoons. I just want some money to enjoy the tiny bit of free time I have with my friends.

My dad makes really good money. I want to make up an Excel sheet of what I do every day and come up with a fair amount to be paid. Do you think $355 is fair for 35 hours of work per week?
@ Elizabeth
So when you were 17 were you making every dinner for your family, taking care of a baby, two kids, and pets, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, and having just a few hours per week of your own time? Were you forced to go to online school? I’m making a 4.0 on top of all the above.

I think you have family duty and indentured servitude mistaken.
Oh and Elizabeth –

I don’t even want to live with them. I had the opportunity to move in with my grandparents, and would have LOVED to, but my dad asked me to stay here and help. I have no life of my own here.

Why don’t I just start acting like the normal, average teenager and stop changing the diapers, stop staying up for hours in the middle of the night with a baby who has colic all the time, stop going grocery shopping, stop making all the meals, stop doing all the laundry, stop changing the kitty litter, stop cleaning up after the dogs, stop mowing the lawns, stop running the household and let them fend for themselves? Most kids do NOT do all that I do. I highly doubt you did.
They don’t provide everything I need. Not by a long shot.

1. I don’t have the right to work in this country, so I cannot get a job.
2. I don’t have TIME for another job. I’m chained to the house with a baby beside me all the time.
@ Ista

YES!!!!!! I would be more than willing to pay for the tiny room I have in their house. I would be happy to pay for the food! I am the one who buys it all so I can tell you down to the penny how much I eat of it!

Kristin – that would be fine. I’d pay them the $200 for rent if they wanted to pay $355. At least I’d have some profit.

By the way, how many hours per week did you work taking care of 3 kids, pets and a household when you were 17 and a straight A student? Did you get to have a teenage life? Did you have friends? Go to a real school? Have a life?
@ Robinson Jeeter and Alexiss – thank you.
Also, I wanted to add that the money in Australia isn’t the same as in America.

$355 here isn’t the same as in $355 in the US.
@ SheLoves

So how many kids do you have? It’s not like I don’t have the heart to help, I do. I just to have my own life.

By the way, the cleaning lady had cost them $300 per week for coming twice a week.
The nanny was going to make a minimum of $700 a week.
The day school program for my other sister was something like $200 a week.

So my dad had been paying $1200 a week for all of that. I don’t think $355 for me doing the exact same work is unreasonable.

Also he doesn’t pay for my school tuition like he does for my brother or sister. He’s saving $20,000 on school tuition per year now because I go to an online school that is free.

@ Enrique

You’re very ignorant. 1) no, a parent cannot just turn their children over to foster care. 2) parents have the legal right to provide food, shelter and the basic needs for their kids. 3) a parent cannot legally require a minor to pay rent or for food. Feel free to actually bother reading about the law if you don’t believe this.

My dad makes around half a million Australian a year, and the only reason we don’t have outside help is because my mom is paranoid about “strangers” being in the house. They can afford the $355 a week.

The Expert answers:

The first part of my answer is directed at the Elizabeth.

Dear, do you know that legally speaking it IS her right to be housed, sheltered, fed, and provided with life’s basics. Hold on to your seat here… IT’S THE LAW FOR PARENTS. Clearly you do not understand, you moron, that parents must provide for their children until they are 18. Elizabeth, I pray you do not have children, the world we live in is bad enough and people like you are why. You think children should fend for themselves? My, how tough you are behind a keyboard. Most parents would smack you so hard your mother would feel it for the way your idiotic mind thinks.

Now, as for the asker’s question, why not ask to be paid 11 dollars an hour, seeing as it’s minimum wage where you live, and mention that it will help you understand financial responsibility and prepare you for a real job.

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