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William asks…

How do you get “free” baby magazines while pregnant?

I am 3 months pregnant and have filled out forms to get free pregnancy magazines. I haven’t received any yet and I remember with my 2 previous pregnancies, I didn’t have to fill out anything and I received alot of stuff through the mail. Weird! I don’t want to buy it when it can be free..and plus they’re costly. Any advice on free mags and pregnant/baby stuff?

The Expert answers:

Baby Talk magazine (free)

American Baby magazine (free)

Parent’s magazine has like 2 or 3 years for $10. Not a bad price. You can do this online or get one of the postcards from inside the magazine and send it in.

They sometimes have free magazines in the dr.’s office and at Babies R Us. Keep an eye out!

Laura asks…

Do you get tearful when constantly exposed to baby stuff?

It seemed like everyone in target was pushing a stroller and then I got free baby formula samples in the mail with a notice that said congratulations new mom! Stupid advertisers. It really upset me because I’ve been trying to conceive for a while now. Everyone I know has a baby and it’s ALL they talk about. I feel like a stupid maniac when I cry over this stuff, but I can’t seem to help it. Why do we want children so badly?

The Expert answers:

I can totally relate. Suddenly evryone around is pregnant. Everything is screaming…baby!! Take a deep breath. Relax. Feel happy for them. Think positive. You’ll be going through it soon. Have faith n it’ll happen when the time is right. It will.

**baby dust***

Michael asks…

Does anyone know of any websites that are not scams to get free coupons and free stuff in the mail?

Im on a fixed budget saving for a baby. I was wondering if there are any websites to send me coupons in the mail..Also without signing up for shit..? any ideas

The Expert answers:

I really like .

It provides a sample a day from companies and doesn’t make you get fill out a bunch of surveys. Just click the link to get redirected to the company that has the free samples. You can sign up to get the sample of the day delivered to your e-mail box, but it is not required.

Maria asks…

Why do i keep getting free gifts in the mail for new mothers? Now i have another can of baby formula!?

So far i have received two cans of infant baby formula, a glossy magazine for new mothers, countless pamphlets, and various other pink and blue silly fuzzy things.
This is costing someone money, and I don’t know who i shouuld send a “thanks but no thanks” letter to, because all of the return addresses are anonymous.
Is someone trying to tell me that i’m a father?
What should i do with this infant formula? I don’t know anyone with babies. Can i make a Chocolate shake with this stuff?

The Expert answers:

Donate the materials to a local food bank or health dept/WIC office. Does the stuff actually have your name on it, or just your address?? On the can of formula is a customer service #, call them & tell them you don’t want the stuff anymore. When you get the other stuff, just write return to sender, please cancel & put it back in the mailbox. Then its the mailmans problem.

Susan asks…

What should I do with the free 8 oz. can sample of powdered baby formula that I got in the mail?

First of all, I live by myself and don’t have any babies , so why did I get this thing?
It is an 8 ounce can and it makes 9 bottles worth of fake breast milk. I guess the name brand is Similac.
Should I throw this stuff away, or give it to the first mom/baby combination that i see?

The Expert answers:

Give it to someone in need. Some moms have no way of nursing their babies and the formula is so expensive.
I used to give the samples to my neighbor and she told me how much money she saved.

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