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Sandy asks…

when did your baby out grow size newborn clothes?

my daughter is 2 weeks old and is in size 0-3 months just wondering what age other babys out grew newborn size clothing.

The Expert answers:

I would say when he was about 1 1/2 month’s..he was 8lbs & 1oz. When he was born..

Mark asks…

What size baby clothes do I need to buy?

I am really confused. I was shopping for a few baby clothes.
I got 1 newborn outfit to take our daughter home in. I got a couple 0-3 months and a few 3-6 months. What size do newborns wear?
But then I was told if I had an 8lb baby, I would put her in 3-6 month old outfits. Advice?

The Expert answers:

Both of my sons were in the same weight range (7,11 and 7,13) and they wore newborn outfits for about the first month. By 2 weeks or so, the 0-3 clothes didn’t look ridiculously large anymore, so there was a brief time when they could wear both sizes. They did outgrow the newborn size tee shirts (not onesies) pretty quickly. Those were kind of a waste of money.

Right now my 4-month-old is in the 75th percentile for weight, but he can wear Carter’s brand onesies in size 0-3 or size 3-6 because they are generously cut. For more fitted garments he’s been in size 3-6 months since he was about 3 months old.

I think that size 0-3 fits babies at least as large as 12 lbs. Unless you have a reeeally long baby, the 3-6 outfits will look oversized on an 8lb little girl.

Hope this helps!

Sandra asks…

What size baby clothes do you typically buy?

My son is now a month old and weighs about 9 pounds( he was born at 5.4) and at first we had a hard time finding clothes that would fit we had to go get preemie for him..and still some were too big! Now he is wearing newborn clothes and still some fit nicely and others are way too big. What size do you buy and what is your babies age and weight? Do you make sure the clothes fit snug or let them be big on them?

The Expert answers:

She was always a size bigger than they said up until she hit about 9 months when she almost compeltely stopped getting taller. She’s 14 months now and still wears some 9 month things. Clothes have been a pain for us. She was 6 lbs 11 oz but too small for NB so wore Premie for a couple of weeks, then she sprouted so fast she flew through NB right into 0-3 within a couple more weeks. By 3 months she wore 6 month size, by 6 mon she wore 9 month size, and then by 9 month she was in 12 month size. She’s really short so pants are just a pain to find!

Carol asks…

If you had a bigger baby how long did your infant fit into newborn size clothes?

And also how big was your baby? I bought a few newborn size clothes and also quite a few 0-3 month clothes, my MIL the other day was telling me that was dumb because if I have a big baby (which my doctor already confirmed I more then likely will) he wont even fit into the newborn size and probably wont fit into the 0-3, then she went onto say how her friends daughters had a big baby (9 pounds 9 ounces) didnt fit into anything except 6-9 month outfits since she was born, so now I am freaking out cause I am not sure if I still have the receipts and I’ve already started washing them. I only have like 3-4 newborn size, quite a few 0-3 month, quite a few 3-6 month sizes and hardly any 6-9 months yet. Is she right?
I was a 9 pound 8 ounce baby I havent asked my mother yet if I fit into newborn size or 0-3 month…oh and then I was telling my MIL how the I think 0-3 month says it fits up to 18 pounds and she started laughing and saying how the tags are never right and they would never fit an 18 pound baby and how nieve I was being 🙁

The Expert answers:

My newborn was 9 lbs 0-3mo fit him “like a glove also”. Within about 4-5 wks they were too small he is still in 3-6 mo at 3 months and 16 lbs but again at the “like a glove” point so I don’t expect them to last much longer.

Susan asks…

What size clothes did your baby wear at 3 months?

Family members keep buying special occassion out fits for my daughter. I currently have 2 christmas dresses and a couple other christmas outfits. They bought 6-9 month size. I am worried she will not fit them at christmas when she will be 3 months. She is 5 weeks now and just starting to fill out newborn clothes.

So what size clothing did your baby wear at 3 months?

I am secretly hoping these will be too big for her to wear so i can actually pick something out myself for her (a whole different issue!)

The Expert answers:

My son is 4 months, 15lbs 8oz & wears some 0-3month, but mostly 3-6 (which he started at 3 months bc I want to make sure he wears them!). A couple onesies are 6-9mo but run small or are long sleeves & it accomodates the weather!

Definitely go get your own! I personally would never buy something like that for someone else! My mom was going to get something for my son, but I was with her to help!

Happy shopping! 🙂

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