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Mary asks…

Any and all advice for someone who recently and unexpectedly came to care for a nine month old?

I am somewhat familiar with him and some of his habits, and know the basics of baby care, but this isnt like starting with a new baby and learning as you go…he has his own ideals already of how things should go and doesnt like for me to change them! I have so many questions to ask…but thought it might be best to simply ask for general advice and go from there.

The Expert answers:

You really need to be more specific. There are so many things to say. He should be eating solid foods, three times a day. Baby food sweet potatoes, peas, apple sauce, etc. He should still be drinking formula as well. Naps can vary from once to twice a day from 30 min. To 1 hour long. He is starting to get more independent now so get have some safe baby toys for him to play with and let him explore. Make sure he spends time on his tummy so he learns to crawl. Read to him for 30 min. A day. Talk to him constantly (even if you feel silly) he needs to learn to talk. Get some kiddy CDs and sing and dance with him. THESE ARE JUST BASICS, there is so much more.

You should pick up the book, What to Expect the First Year.
This book has helped me out tremendously. It take you month by month and tells you what your baby should be doing.

Good Luck, if you have any more questions feel free to email me.

Sharon asks…

Two baby birds, help!!!! how to care for them the basics?

ok i found two baby birds i know what alot of you are thinking dont take it let nature do its “thing” well im sorry but i cant come across 2 baby birds look at them and walk away. well this is my problom i dont know how to really take care of them nor know alot i know some things i made a food mixture of just mushed dog food its like a past consintency so idk if that right can you please tell me some food recipies of stuff that i can find in my house i use a syringe but dont know if im useing it right. the birds dont have feathers yet but have alittle fluff but very little im not sure how old or what kind they are either. can anyone tell me a web site or something and i dont have an animals rehabilitater around me soo i need to know exactly how 2 care for them please help. when i do feed them it seems like they have trouble swallowing i need alot of help on that, is it normal? or is there something rong?
Thank You,
i cant go to any store i really dont have much for food and its a good brand its healthy for the dogs and something idk but ppl said its ok but if not tht then what any HOUSE products PLZ im desperate

The Expert answers:

First, where abouts did you find the birds, if you can identify them that will help alot.

They make some baby bird food called ornabac, it is a good mixture of essential nutrients and tells you the exact dosages to give them. If they’re having trouble swallowing, make the food more moist and runny. Don’t feed them dog food, not even if it’s premium grade dog food, low grade grocery store d.f. Is filled with all kinds of by products, which are bad…for everything. They’ll also need to be kept warm, a heating pad or heat lamp (watts not over 30 ). If you can’t get to a store with ornabac; get to a store with pedialyte and mix that with a protein source.

Mark asks…

How to take care of baby crawdads?

I have three baby crawdads; don’t even get started on saying stuff like, “Keep them separated,” because they aren’t even bothering eachother. If they do, then I will separate them. I know the basics like about fresh filtered water, and you should keep some of their old water in it with that water, and I have fish food that I am giving them and a filter. I just need to know more. Thanks! 🙂

The Expert answers:

Get some thin flat rocks. Slate is a good choice but any aquarium safe rock that’s thin and flat will do. Set one on the bottom of the tank. Place two pebbles/small rocks on the rock near one edge. Set another flat rock on top of the first and put two pebbles/rocks on the side opposite the first pair. Repeat until you have a short stack of flat rocks. Each opening will create a home for the baby crays and keep them safe from fish and, if there becomes a size difference, from each other.

Carys are easy to feed. They eat just about anything that has good nutritional value. Be sure there is a sponge/foam prefilter on your filter intake to protect the crays from being sucked in. They are braver than fish and will explore dangerous places that a fish would have too much sense to.

Chris asks…

How to care for Baby ducks?

I am getting a pair this weekend and i wanted to know what i needed for them. I know the basics, heat lamp, food, place for them. But i wanted to know if the heat lamp had to be kept on at all times, or can i turn it off for an hour or so to save energy? I am at school for a while on normal days, and i was wondering if it was okay to let the babies stay by themselves. Also, when can i take the heat lamp away? I’ve heard that when they get their feathers, but i wasn’t sure. Any help would be appreciated! Also, what can i expect from them?

The Expert answers:

Here’s a great link for you:


James asks…

How do I take care of a baby horse?

I have a mare that is in foal right now, and I was wondering if I could get some information on some of the basics?

The Expert answers:

Yes.. Have a vet to your farm now to do a pre-natal exam on the mare. She’ll need certain vaccinations to help ensure the baby’s born healthy. The vet is the one who can answer your questions about caring for foals, too.

Most importantly, they have a 40/40/40 timing thing that’s VERY important to know. Others will correct me if I’m wrong, but…
*foal’s nose should be visible 40 minutes after mare starts labor
*foal should be passed 40 minutes after nose is visible
*foal should be nursing/ standing 40 minutes after birth

If any of these things take longer, call a vet immediately.

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