Your Questions About Baby Care

Sandra asks…

What if i buy items from IKEA and try to sell them with fake description in online auctions?

The Expert answers:

I don’t think the penalty for mis selling is death.
If you describe something incorrectly in an auction you will probably get it returned, your account closed and the money taken back.

If you sell something in a shop or flea market as second hand – fine. Or if you sell something on eBay for $50 that you bought for $10 – also fine if you described it as it is.

Linda asks…

How come I look in the mirror everyday and think I am ugly but I know everyone thinks I am pretty?

The Expert answers:

Erm, very simple solution: Do boys think you’re pretty? Do they want to make out with you? If so, shut the hell up and get on with making out with boys.

It’s irrelevant what you think of yourself, the only relevant thing is what boys think of you. Unless of course you’re planning on somehow dating/marrying yourself…

Paul asks…

what are steps of manufacturing and marketing a shoe? for my upcoming clothing line?

The Expert answers:

As far as manufacturing goes United Global Sourcing is an organization that can literally handle every aspect of what you need. Once you get a prototype made you can begin to try to get distribution from Zappos and other large show retailers. You need a prototype to present – or another way of putting it – you need samples.

Robert asks…

what are some ways i can raise my testosterone and lower my estrogen levels?

The Expert answers:

Hormone imbalances happen with some people during teenage years. It goes on its own. If necessary, visit an andrologist for HRT(hormone replacement therapy). *

Mark asks…

Is there a difference between a banking and checking account?

The Expert answers:

A banking account is any account that a bank has to offer. A checking account is one type of account where you put money to spend out of which will give you a record of transaction…

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