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Betty asks…

I want to buy my babies some clothes from BabiesRUs, are Miniwear, Carter’s, Gerber & Koala Baby good brands?

I want to buy my babies some clothes from BabiesRUs, are Miniwear, Carter’s, Gerber & Koala Baby good brands? My twins are small in weight, but long babies. I heard that Gerber tends to run abit short, & that Carter’s has good length. What about Miniwear & Koala Baby clothes that are the BabiesRUs Brand? I have newborn clothes from Carter’s that I bought at the NEX, but not much more than that. I wanted to get some things for the girls to wear when thier daddy gets back from Iraq in June.They will both be 3 months at that time, & I was going to get a few cute summer outfits to choose from in order to greet thier daddy at the pier. I want things that hold up well though, not too much shrinking, are long enough & true to size.All the Carter’s newborn stuff has been great, but I saw that BabiesRUs Miniwear is cute too, they have little sundress outfits that run about $15 each set. Has shoes, little pants, ect.Really cute.Anybody’s opinions & expierance on this brands is appreciated

The Expert answers:

I shop at babiesrus (not exclusively). We liked carters a lot at first, and still do, but found other brands we like more like Zutano and Gymboree. We aren’t stuck on namebrand but when it comes to baby clothes, you can tell the difference between cute and good quality and cheap and ugly. I personally like Koala, they have some really cute stuff. We’ve bought a few of their outfits and we have this white knit sweater we bought for 0-3 and thank goodness at still fits at nearly 6mos because we love it so much! As for miniwear… We don’t like it very much. Their cute items are few and far between and they have a lot of ugly items. We don’t like gerber because they do run small. Shopping at the NEX/BX is fine and all but we’ve stopped shopping their because there is better selection elsewhere and better prices a lot of the time. Seriously, try EBAY! I LOVE IT! A lot… We’ve found tons of awesome stuff on there. We got a Zutano outfit for $8 a Harajuku outfit for $30 and a Gymboree outfit for $17 and Carters PJ’s for $3. Lots of it is new with tags, gently used or new with out tags or washed and worn hardly at all or not at all.

BTW babies r us is having a sale- buy one carter’s get one half off.

David asks…

Your thoughts on Ivory Snow for newborn’s clothes?

Has anyone used Ivory Snow? Is it worth it to use on newborn clothes? I have already washed all my baby‘s clothes waiting for her arrival, and my mother-in-law is so set on re-washing them in Ivory Snow, “just to get the ‘baby‘ smell”. My washer is a front loader, and you can’t get Ivory Snow in HE detergent, so she’s going to do it at her house in her washer. Thing is, is it really necessary? Seems like a waste of time and money to me…

The Expert answers:

Ivory Snow, Dreft and All (the clear one) are all safe to use for newborns’ clothing. Using regular detergent can result in rashes for many newborns which is why doctor’s still recommend them. If you use regular detergent, you have to do an extra rinse. Just thank your MIL and tell her that rewashing just ages the clothing more and it doesn’t need to be done. Since you use HE detergent, there is little if any residue and that should be perfectly fine for your baby.

Donald asks…

Sewing baby clothes need pants and long sleeve top?

Im looking for an inexpensive plain black jersey long sleeve shirt and pants set. I can’t find them anywhere in newborn sizes. Granimals at walmart is the closest I can find and they start at 12 months. I would love to buy wholesale so that I could get about a dozen sets and sew ruffles on them. Anyone know where to look? thanks

The Expert answers:

It is recommended that clothing be purchased or made in size 12 months as infants grow so quickly they outgrown smaller sizes too soon to invest time and money.

I personally would not dress a newborn in black – their life is too fragile at this age and the color is too morbid.

Steven asks…

Is it better to buy Newborn or 0-3 months for my baby?

My due date is in the middle of April. Since it can be two weeks after or two weeks before, delivery can be at the beginning or end of April. It’s during the Spring. However, some days are still chilly. What kind of clothes do you recommend me to buy: long sleeve sets and bodysuits or short sleeve?

In addition, I don’t know if baby will be small, average or big. So I’m thinking about getting some newborn clothes and 0-3 months. What do you recommend?

The Expert answers:

Don’t buy very many newborn clothes, in fact keep the receipt and tags just in case. My daughter was born 7 lbs. 13 oz. And only fit in newborn size for a couple weeks. However, they were nice to have for those couple weeks since most 0-3 month clothes were a little too roomy. I would buy two sleep n plays in size newborn then anything else you buy size 0-3 month and up. If you live in an area that starts warming up around June then the 0-3 month clothes may still fit in June. Meaning you’ll want the clothes you do buy to work for warmer days as well. So I would buy short sleeve onsies and a couple sweaters. Your baby won’t need a whole lot of warm clothes for the chillier days since you can use blankets and most places have heaters.

John asks…

what size are the newborn clothing for?

im 34 weeks pregnant and i bought a set of onesies, and 2 outfits that are for newborns. not including other little shirts that i was given for the baby. so anywho people tell me not to buy newborn clothes because the baby hardly wears them. and grows out of it fast. my question is how much does a baby have to weigh to fit into newborn clothes???

The Expert answers:

5-10 lbs my son was 7lbs14oz snd wore them for a month so it just depends on the baby

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