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Sandra asks…

Alphabetical this or that baby name game boys and girls 2?

Mini M suggested for me to do a new on, so I’m going to!

Addison OR Audrey
Bailey OR Brooke
Christina OR Carly
Diana OR Daniela
Ella OR Emily
Fiona OR Felicity
Gabriela OR Giselle
Haley OR Hayden
Isabelle OR Imani
Jacqueline OR Jordan
Kayla OR Kaitlyn
Leah OR Lillian
Mia OR Makayla
Naomi OR Nicole
Oakley OR Orabella
Payton OR Peyton
Quineta OR Qinyang
Ruby OR Raegan
Sarah OR Sydney
Talia OR Tessa
Ulalume OR Urraca
Valentina OR Vivian
Whitney OR Wafa
Xabelle OR Xoe(zoe)
Yesenia OR Yaretzi
Zaria OR Zoie(zoe)

Aiden OR Anthony
Blake OR Bryan
Christian OR Caden
David OR Damian
Ethan OR Edgar
Fabian OR Frank
Gage OR Grant
Hector OR Hudson
Ian OR Ivan
Jackson OR Joseph
Kenneth OR Kaiden
Logan OR Lucas
Matthew OR Malachi
Nicholas OR Nathaniel
Omar OR Oscar
Patrick OR Preston
Quincy OR Quinton
Ricardo OR Riley
Spencer OR Sean
Trevor OR Thomas
Uriah OR Urijah
Valentin OR Vicente
Wyatt OR Walter
Xzavier OR Xabier
Yusuf OR Yair
Zion OR Zander

The Expert answers:

Um am i supossed to pick between each name? If so,
whitney (no offense but wafa reminds me of waffles:))

zander (btw loove this name)

Linda asks…

Baby Boy Shower Games?

I’m looking for unique ideas for a Boy Baby Shower Games. It is going to be a police theme and would like to incorporate that. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

The Expert answers:

Play bingo baby boy. Thats always fun. Make cards that have baby boy items on it and call them out by drawing them out of a hat and whoever gets bingo first wins the prize

Paul asks…

Birthday Games For 11 Year olds!?

please i need help! i don’t know any fun party games for my b-day at the terrace bar! i i becoming 11 years old and we don’t like baby games (boy and girls) and we can’t run, can’t climb, and can’t leave the terrace until there parents come to pick us up! <:(

The Expert answers:

Do u like twilight??????? Hav a twilight themed party!!!!!!!!! Get the game, bring the books, make a cake, bring apples, get an edward cutout, take a pic with him, get “blood” (fruit punch, red gatorade, anything red really), nd get twilight pins nd stuff…………………….. Hope i was helpful!!!!!! TWILIGHT ROX MY SOX!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa asks…

Time for a baby name game? Boys Only!!?

1. You are 27 working as a lawyer and living with your fiance (Megan Fox, Kate Beckinsale, or Marisa Miller) in LA

2. It has been a year after you married your wife, you are 29, and your wife is pregnant with a daughter. You and your wife agree to name her (Female Name)

3. Your daughter is ten months old and your wife is pregnant again! This time it is a boy and a girl. While you were away for a case in new york, your wife decided on the names (Boy name) (Girl name)

4. You come back and just agree with the names but your wife thought you would have some insight. So you change the girl’s middle name to (YOUR MOTHER’S NAME).

5. A week later you catch your wife kissing (Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp) and then find out that the twins arent even yours they are Brad or Johnny’s kids.

6. Less than a (MONTH, YEAR) later you found another apartment and moved in. Your wife pawns your daughter on you and when the twins are born she does the same saying “I am too busy”

6. You are 35 and you already have two orphaned twins, a daughter and an ex wife. You decide you are lonely and soon enough you meet Michelle (LAST NAME)

7. Your new girlfriend Michelle has two girls. The oldest is 1, Lacey and the other is 3 months, Jacqueline but they live with their father in (CITY IN THE US)

8. Your 39, married to your second wife, you have a 4 year old and a 3 year old stepkid, a 5 year old daughter and 3 year old orphaned twins. You and Michelle decide to have (#) more kid but get 3.

9. The triplets are a pair of girls and one boy. You decide the boy’s name is going to be Drake Jack and the girls initials are also DJ one of them is Daniella Jacey and the other is (Female name)

10. Congratulations! You have four kids, two stepkids, and two orphaned twins that are now rightfully returned to their father and mother, who have gotten married! Name your whole family!

The Expert answers:

1. Kate Beckinsale
2. Scarlett Wynter
3. Nathaniel “Nate” Liam and Madelyn Reese
4. Her new name is Madelyn Alana
5. Johnny Depp!!
6. Month
6. Michelle Mavin
7. Boston.
8. 1 but we get 3
9. Drake Jack, Daniella Jacey, and Dakota Janine
10. Scarlett
Nate and Mady
Lacey and Jackie
Drake, Dakota, and Dani

btw, the twins were NOT orphaned, orphaned means both ur parents are dead.

David asks…

baby games for computer :D?

hey guys! any1 knows a game like “my baby boy” or “imagine: babys” for computer?!? like an online game?!?
theres this game called baby luv but u can play it just for 1 hour 🙁
thnx! 🙂
@mina: i have no kids 😀 i want to play a game where u take care of a baby just for fun 🙂 and i wont let my babys play computer in there early years later 😀 but thx anyway

The Expert answers:

Can i be really HONEST with you…

I am a computer teacher, and my kids play educational games. I child should not play computer games up to the age 6. Let me tell you why

When a child is sitting in front of the computer he/she doesn’t really move at all. A child up to the age of 6 needs to move around as much as possible so that he/ she can train and develop all muscles and joints in his/her body. When a child is less mobile he/she will have a good change having learning difficulties. Even thought he child is learning online, or through games. IF a child has not moved enough and develop his muscles and joints properly …reading and maths will be very difficult. I teach children with learning difficulty and have to let them crawl, roll and climb often as they haven’t done it enough when they where under 6. Now they are low muscle tone…and that is one of the biggest problems. Even tv. Sitting on the couch…not moving lowers the development of their muscles. PARENTS….PLEASE let your children play in the garden, play in sandpits, craw, run draw, don’t complain if your child is so active!! He needs to be so when he learns he can cope better. Alot of children these days need to go for OT. Why, not enough movement…not enough coordination skills…..

Play ball with your children
Let them play in the sand
Let them build blocks
let them play in the bath
Let them run around like crazy

ITS all good for them…

Wait till they after 6 or completely. A running around child, an active child is a healthy child…..You ever wonder why our children are getting more and more fat, lazy, inactive, DEPRESSED, socially awkward, struggles at school….

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