Your Questions About Baby Care

Ruth asks…

Where can i buy the cheapest baby products – Cribs, Strollers, High Chairs, Toys.. on the internet?

Looking for brands such as Maclaren, Peg Perego, Gracco, Baby Jogger, Chicco…

The Expert answers:

Check out your local

lightly used items that are negotiable.

Mark asks…

Where can I a get a cheap crib but yet still comfortable for my coming baby?

I am 18w6d and I just found out that I am pregnant, but my family is low on money right now.
Where can I get a cheap crib that’s comfortable for my coming baby?? Some where close to Wausua, Wisconsin??

The Expert answers:

You can get used cribs on craigslist for almost no money. You could also try contacting a church and seeing if that have anything they can donate.

Your baby can also just sleep in a pack and play for the first 18+ months no problem. They start at $40 new…


That is a nice simple place for your baby to safely sleep.

Nancy asks…

anyone know of websites or good places to shop for cheap baby gear such as strollers, cribs, diaper bags etc.?

im looking for name brand stuff at cheaper costs than places like babies r us. I used to have one site but lost it….help!

The Expert answers:

Check out as they have huge sale right now.
Good luck!

Laura asks…

Does anyone have a free baby crib for me?

My husband and I are adopting a baby in two months. We are on a very tight budget and are looking for a nice, gently used baby crib. Does anyone have one? We will pay shipping charges. Or does anyone know of where I could find a cheap baby crib?

The Expert answers:

I understand about being on a tight budget but I’d also be hesitant with something like a used crib unless it was from family members or close friends.

I say this because there are so many recalls on them and some used ones are very old and not sturdy enough. You can get a new one at places like Walmart and Target for around $100.

Charles asks…

How much is the cheapest baby crib in the Philippines.??

We are in the Middle East, and we will be travelling around the world and dont want to carry too much stuff when we go to the Philippines.. We will be there for 1 week only, so I need to know how much will be the cheapest crib there?

The Expert answers:

My first grandchild just had a folding crib for only 650 pesos. It is portable, safe, and comfortable.

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