Your Questions About Baby Care

Sandra asks…

How long was your baby in newborn size clothes?

I’m not sure how many I will need.
What was their birth weight?

The Expert answers:

My daughter was 7lb 1 and wore her 11lbs clothes until she was about 4 weeks old. Then she wore her 0-3 months clothes until she was about 5months. The jumped straigh into 6-9month in about the space of a week lol. She just had a massive growth spurt so we had lots of 3-6months clothes that went unworn.

Betty asks…

when did your baby outgrow newborn size clothes.?

my son is two months old. he is 9pounds 12oz, and 22.5in long.

he still fits newborn clothes, and 0-3 is too big for him.
a few newborn outfits are now to small for him, but most of them fit perfectly.. why is that? when did you baby start wearing 0-3 months and how big were they?

The Expert answers:

My baby had her check up an shots yesterday, she is a day older then your son,.. She is now 12lbs and 24 inches lol.. She was only 6.12lbs and 18 inches when she was born, i swear all she does is eat an eat.. Ugh.. She now fits well in the 0-3 months an some are too small, unless i jus shrunk them which happens often :/ My son was a chubbster as well though.

My friends son was born on the 12th of November, he is 8lbs and 20 inches… He is still in newborn clothes, and ooh so cute!

I figured since she was a girl she would grow slower lol, so i bought tons an tons of newborn clothes, some i never got to even wear on her.. Your son falls in the average weight an height scale, which is perfectly on track 🙂

Oh yea, i sooo wanted your sons birthday for my daughter lol!! I was even hoping labor would go long haha 11/11 is a great birthday 🙂

Helen asks…

newborn baby clothes size?

buying clothes for an unborn baby. i’m not sure of his weight or size. should i buy the 0-3 months baby clothes? what if its a big baby, will 0-3 months clothes still fit him? or should i buy the 3-6 months sizes? how many should I get?

since babies outgrow their clothes in weeks, what is the average amount to spent on baby clothes.

what other clothing do babies need the most besides ‘onesies’?

The Expert answers:

I am pregnant also and have thought of having the same dilemma. I don’t want to buy things that are too small for the baby, but yet I want to have a good start on buying things so I don’t have to worry about having the money for it after the baby gets here. One suggestion I like is to look on Ebay. I’ve heard that you can get really good deals on virtually new baby clothes at just a fraction of the regular cost. Plus, it comes to your house! What could beat that? And, if you’re not paying as much for it, it won’t hurt the purse as much if the baby doesn’t fit in it or if he outgrows it too quickly.

As for a diaper suggestion….I would get a gift card or something at walmart and fill it up as much as possible before the baby gets here. That way, you don’t risk having stocked up on too many diapers that the baby won’t fit in.

Good luck!

Linda asks…

What size baby clothes…preemie or newborn…read discription?

I’m getting a Ready-or-Not Tot baby doll and it says she is 5 lbs. 8 oz., 20 long. What size clothes should I buy her?

The Expert answers:

That’s though. Probably Newborn, although my 4 pound preemie was drowning in newborn clothes til she was 8 pounds. If you don’t really care if it’s slightly baggy, go for newborn, otherwise preemie.

James asks…

What size baby clothes/ diapers should I buy?

My friend is having a baby in January. I want to buy her lots of diapers and baby clothes, and I would love your advice on what sizes to get. It’s hard to know what size the baby is going to be. I’ve heard that you only need newborn-sized diapers for like 2 weeks, and that babies grow out of the newborn-sized clothes very soon, like a month.

Since it will be a winter baby, I’d love to buy it a cozy, warm once-piece (to wear outdoors) that will be useful for a few months.

Thanks in advance for your own experiences and advice!

The Expert answers:

Well, she will probably get more than enough nb and 0-3 mos….but u could try 3-6 mos, just keep in mind that they may need to have tags on them in case baby is extra big or small, and they don’t fit at the right time of year…..if u are set on a one piece, i would maybe go for 0-3 if you want it to be able to wear it within the first couple of months….possibly from birth depending on size of brand and size of baby…all brands run differently….my dd is 2 mos and is wearing nb in things still that don’t involve pants (she’s a string bean, long and lean, LOL); size 1 diapers, but she wore the nbs diaps for at least a month cause she was so slim (7lb 6oz) but long….and could probably still wear the huggies nb diaps as they ran big….but her nb or 0-3 pants look like capris..LOL…take the parents shapes and sizes into consideration…although my hub and i are thin, we aren’t that tall! LOL
btw, she’s too long to wear the 0-3 sleepers with feet, but the 3-6 sleepers are huge around her….probably confused you more than helped, but i guess what i am trying to say is keep your receipt handy just in case…:)

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