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Laura asks…

Cute Newborn Baby Boy Clothes?

I need links for cute newborn baby boy clothes, or maybe pics of an outfit and where to buy it. That’s all! I need Answers!
Ya’ll are helping me! Help me out here I need and 1 week outfit. An outfit for each day seven day a week!

The Expert answers:

Look under *layette* and *boys*
Look under *baby* and *boys*

Mark asks…

Where can I find cute newborn baby boy clothes?

online or in store. The cutest, affordable baby boy clothes please 🙂

The Expert answers:

Don’t waste money at department or baby stores! Goodwill, Savers, and other thrift stores have tons of baby clothes, some with tags still on, if that matters to you. Garage sales are great, too. If you get those $10 Kohls gift cards in the mail, hit the 80% off clearance rack and you can get three or four outfits free.

Mary asks…

Baby clothes for newborn Boys!?

does any one know where a good place to find the hip clothes for little boys. Like polo shirts, jeans shorts and pants, khaki pants, plaid button up shirts and things of that sort. i cant find a good store to find baby boy clothes
All of these answers are great! Thanks every one!!

The Expert answers:

Carters has a lot of great polo onesies for baby boys right now, and button up plaid shirts… Khaki pants, cargo shorts, plaid overalls… All sorts! And theya re having a nice sale on everything too! Check out a carters or oshkosk or gymboree! They have a ton of cute stuff!

Jenny asks…

im tryna find some cheap baby boy clothes for my newborn,?

I live in CT and my baby boy is due nxt month im looking for cheap onsies for now because its hot and hes gonna grow quick the first mnth. im not looking for dirt cheap or used things either… help plz!!

The Expert answers:

Babys do grow fast the 1st couple months of life and you can find like new clothes at some thrift stores, you just need to shop around.

Being that you said you do not want used clothes, check the clearance racks at your local clothing stores, you would be suprised how cheap you can find stuff at JC Pennys,macys,ross, ect…

John asks…

I need newborn baby clothes for a boy i live in New London county Conn.?

The Expert answers:

Have you looked at a consignment store or thrift store? Newborn clothes generally are in good condition since they arent worn very much before they are outgrown. Also try E-Bay. Good Luck

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