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Mary asks…

Baby Gap, Baby Guess, Lonsdale and Diesel in Australia?


I am looking for shops/stockists for the above brands for baby clothing within Australia.

If people happen to know where i mite be able to purchase them from…even online stores that ship to Australia…that would be greatly appreciated!


The Expert answers:

I don’t think you can find Baby Gap in Australia, when ever I go to america i bring it back here. You can check the website and see if they have any stores here, I don’t think they do.
I know that the Lonsdale stores sell baby clothes, there is one in Parramatta, NSW, I don’t know what part of Aus you are in though.
I would check the websites and see where there stores are, that would be my best guess.
David Jones and Myer both sell higher-end baby clothes as well, just not usually in the newborn section. They do have special sections with the higher-end stuff.

Laura asks…

US online toy sites that ship to Australia?

Does anyone know of a major US toy/baby website that ships to Australia? None of the major shops (Amazon, Walmart, etc.) ship here except for books & CDs 🙁

The Expert answers:

I think toys r us does.

Donna asks…

Please Help! Sugar Baby Cosmetics?

Any one know where i can buy sugar baby cosmetics online that ship to australia? I have tried their site but they still havnt got their online shop up yet.

The Expert answers:

Go to sephora they have a whole section of that makeup brand!

Lisa asks…

Where can I buy Fisher Price Love To Walk Pooh in NSW, Australia?

I am looking for a Baby Winnie the pooh love to walk toy for my daughters christmas my friends in the UK have it and my daughter loved it but since returning to Australia I cannot find it to buy anywhere – does anyone know where in this country I can get it???? I live in NSW near Sydney so anywhere near there would be perfect thanks or any aussie online shops that may have it would be appreciated

The Expert answers:

Try doing a search on ebay, someone might be selling it there

Lizzie asks…

Is it difficult for a filipino to get an australian holiday visa?

I am a 20 year old female, my mother is a filipina and my father is australian. I have dual citizen ship. I have been to many countries and I travel often. I was living in Australia until January 2010 I moved to Philippines because I was expecting a baby and wanted to be closer to my partner. My boyfriend is a full Filipino, born in the Philippines and he is 23 years old. He attended University for 5 years but did not end up graduating. We have been together since I was 15yrs old, we met during my frequent trips to Philippines. I own and run my own online baby shop and my income is good. My boyfriend’s family is very wealthy here in the Philippines, his parents own and run a construction company, a forwarding service, a poultry farm, the local cockfighting arena (a gambling place), a petrol station and also a large hardware store. He works for his father sort of like a second in charge position and gets paid a very good salary. We have now a 4month old baby girl, but we are not married yet, maybe next may we will get married. We have absolutely no intention of living in Australia because we have a good life here in The Philippines.

It is my mother’s 52nd birthday this coming August 2011. My mother has been through a really rough breakup with my father this past year. We want to really cheer her up and visit her for her birthday and spend maybe 2 week or so staying at her house in Queensland, Australia. We will pay for the trip- flights and spending money, with our own money.

These are the things I am worried about-
*My boyfriend has never travelled in his life. He has no passport (but we will apply for one and my baby‘s also this April) and obviously no stamps to prove he leaves the philippines and comes back to the country.

*My boyfriend has always been paid in cash by his parents for his job. He has no bank account. Therefore, he has no ‘proof’ of income. No tax records either.

*The trip we want to take is only 5 months away, it might not be enough time to apply and get a visa.

My question is,
Will it be difficult for my boyfriend to get a holiday visa to visit Australia? And once he has a holiday visa, everytime we take a short holiday in Australia will he need to re-apply for a holiday visa, or only that one time?

Thank you very much for your help!

The Expert answers:

I believe he should have a reasonably good chance of getting a Tourist visa. Apart from showing that he has sufficient finances to support him during his visit, he we will need to show that he has a strong incentive to return to the Philippines and if anything, that will be more important than the financial information though that is also significant.

With his application he should submit a letter from his employer (i.e. His father) in which his employment responsibilities and conditions are clearly set out together with information on his importance to the smooth running of the family business. Australian immigration want to be as sure as possible that he doesn’t present a risk of overstaying his visa or of working illegally during his stay. The fact that he is married and has a child with an Australian citizen on the face of it may make him appear to pose an immigration risk, but the fact is that he would be eligible to apply for a Partner visa if he wished to do so and the fact that he hasn’t and evidently has no interest in moving to Australia, may actually strengthen his case.
Http:// Subclass 676 Tourist visa

It sounds like you could afford to take advice from a Registered Migration Agent as to the best way to present his case and that may be worth doing to maximise his chances of getting a visa – for a Tourist visa, it probably won’t cost much anyway. Far too many agents in the Philippines are not worth contacting so a MARA registered agent in Australia is probably a better option. I only know the following RMA from the expat forums, but his email address and company name suggest that he works with Filipino applications. He comes across on the forums as a very crusty old ‘b’ but he seems to know his stuff. His name is Westly Russell – look him up on the Mara website

Your husband will have to make a separate application every time he wants to visit Australia but every time he is granted a visa and keeps to his visa conditions will make it easier the next time.

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