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John asks…

Modern baby bedding, 4 piece set under $100?

Hi there. I’m looking for some very cute modern, patterned baby bedding for a good price. I love DwellStudion Robin, but that set is like $400! Every time I do a search I find a new set I like but they are always at least $250! I think that is ridiculous!

Does anyone know of a place to find crib bedding in cute patterns for good prices?

Thanks! 🙂

The Expert answers:

Walmart and Sears are cute and reasonable, remember your child is going to puke, poop and pee on the bedding so I wouldn’t go extravagant

William asks…

“i want to buy a good used baby crib and mattress – recommend good brands and what I should be looking?

i also want stay under $100. also, why all the italian cribs? what is so special about them?

The Expert answers:

I’ve always trusted Graco baby products. Not only are they affordable, but they’re also stylish and very well built.

Ken asks…

i’m looking for crib bedding $100 or under, where do i go?!?

im specifically looking for damask crib bedding and i have looked everywhere it needs to be 100 dollors or under i have alreay checkd sears, khols,,baby depot, babies r us, ebay, amazon, jc pennys help!

The Expert answers:

I have damask bedding (black and white with pink trim) that I got as a gift from Babies R Us. I believe it was $120 at the time. But if you MUST stay under the $100 limit you could always try It’s truly an AMAZING website where people sell all sorts of homemade items. It’s sort of like an eBay or Craig’s List for homemade goods!

Donna asks…

The father of my newborn baby plays favorites with his other kids. Should I be mad or am I over reacting? ?

This is a very strange question. I dont know if my emotions are screwed up or what but here goes…My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years. He has 2 children with his ex girlfriend. One is 8 and the other one is 3. We had a rocky beginning in our relationship with the mother of the 2 children. she would do things like try and keep the children from my bf and say she didnt want them around me and call me names and tell everyone that I “wouldnt let hims see his kids”. To make matters worse, his entire family hated me as well because they wanted “what was best for his kids” and that was to be with the ex GF. They wouldnt even speak to me if we saw eachother at the local grocery store.
Two years later I fould out I was pregnant. All of a sudden the ex started pushing the children on my BF and was okay with them being around me. I was 100% fine with this ( 2 years of begging for them, showing up at soccer games and the kids no where to be found, thrown away gifts, and unanswered phone calls were getting old anyway). I honestly was actually happy and was beginning to think that FINALLY things were going to be normal.
After our little girl was born she had to stay in the hospital for 3 months due her getting sick immediately after birth. Dr.s werent even sure she would make it. Every day I would leave the hospital empty handed after watching her lay there in a little crib under a lamp.
Ever since the baby was born my BF started to be VERY defenssive over his other 2 children and would constantly remind me that they were going to “always be here and I needed to treat them fairly “. I dont know if anyone reading this has ever experienced almost loosing a child and/or being withough a child (a newborn baby at that) but its devestating, period. Being constant reminded that “my other kids need attention too”, starts to get annoying. He didnt bring it up out of the blue, only when I would be doing things that would relate with my child coming home (i.e. putting up pictures on the refrigerator). I didnt ever treat the kids badly (his little girl actually LOVED me and when she was over she would be with me constantly anyway). The fights were when the kids were away and the subject of kids was brought up.
Well, thankfully, the nightmare had ended and the Dr.s told us that my baby girl was, finally, almost able to come home. Like any mother would I decided to get the spare room in our apatment ready. I was ESTATIC. My boyfriend came in, in the midst of my cleaning and I asked him if he would take the 2nd dresser to the dumpster or to a friend because the room was too small for 2 dressers (we put our old dresser in the room along with a dresser my mom had bought). Well of course, my bf starts freaking out and says that his kids will have no where to put there clothes and that I will never accept them and probably wont let them even come in the room.
I mean, I really and truely would never treat any child like that. I am the 2nd oldest of 5 kids. I feel so confused I dont even know what to do. The past 3 months have literally been hell for me. I really feel like ending life at this point and the only thing that has stopped me is my daughter. Just having the thought that she MAY make it throusgh all of this. Now she has and all my BF can do is think about his other kids and getting them a second room (they obviously have rooms at their moms house).
Should I break up with this man? He makes me feel like he could care less about how I feel and how OUR child is. I know this sounds so odd. I cant even believe it myself. Im too embaressed to tell any of my family members. I feel like he has joined sides with his ex and parents. Is it just me or is this not really unfair not only to me but for the baby I have brought into this world.

The Expert answers:

First off, you are not crazy.

Second, communication needs to become priority number one.

Sit him down and ask him where this weird behavior is coming from.

Ask him why he assumes that you would treat his kids unfairly?

Ask him why he appears to not care about the new baby?

It appears as if someone has guilted him into a state of defensiveness.

He is now “on guard” for his other kids.

Perhaps the parents were persuaded by the ex and then (with their tainted perception) told him that he was not seeing your behavior toward his children. Now he is defensive because they made him think that you were intervening in his relationship with his kids.

Nonetheless, this all needs to be discussed until a resolution is reached.

If a resolution can not be reached, you will have some decisions to make.

He needs to know that you have never treated his children with bias and that it is only natural for you to prepare for your child to come home & be sad when you are in fear of losing that child.

Best wishes

Joseph asks…

How do you deal with a baby shower registry that has nothing under $119.99?

My SIL is due Nov. 15 and we are really close. Especially since the pregnancies.. Well she is having her shower on Nov. 8th and we all got the emails of where she is registered. Babies R us, Target and Walmart. There is NOTHING under 120 bucks!! I am serious. The cheapest thing I found was a travel system. I actually already bought her a pack and play but it was only 79.99 and not on her registry. Should I take it back and get something on the list? We had my shower 2 weeks ago and I had every price imaginable. We will have a lot of the same guests and some can’t really afford that. She is asking for a crib with built in changing station, travel system, 2 different swings, a bassinet, a play yard, and a really nice high chair. My brother is an off shore rig man and makes over 100 K a yr. they can afford this. Should I talk to him? I don’t think he really knows. Is it rude to expect something so pricey? I don’t mind spending that much on my nephew, but I feel for the people who can’t. Ugh. Should I butt out or gripe?

The Expert answers:

My suggestion to you is to return the pack and play and with the $80 you’ll get back buy her a bunch of small things all to add up to the $80. Things like towels, pacifiers, blankets, socks, oneseies, burp cloths, bibs, boppy pillow, little toys for the baby( in the $3-$4 range) and just put all these things in a nice big basket. It’ll look like you spent $120 when you just spent the $80. Even though she may not have these things on her registries, she is still going to need these things and will be grateful when she comes into the need of them. $120 is a lot to expect from people. Good luck to you both with the pregnancies and the babies.

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