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Laura asks…

How can my fiance and I come to a compromise about the wedding?

The Expert answers:

You talk with him. Ask him what he sees his wedding day as. Make a list. Then make YOUR list of what you see. Then you have a visual as to what you both want. You both want 3 people to stand beside you. Great. He wants a casual reception but you want all the glitz and glamour. Make it glitz and glamour but add some “comfort” foods to the menu. These are only suggestions. Just talk with him about it.

Charles asks…

How would we start an energy co-operative, And would others be interested?

The Expert answers:

It does not seem logical that as a relatively small consumer, you would be able to buy the raw energy product at the same price as large utility companies. Your idea however well intentioned is probably not a sound business model.

Susan asks…

What is the difference in spanish form spain and spanish from mexico?

The Expert answers:


The differences are minimal. You would adjust.

I imagine, it’s fairly difficult to find a Peninsular Spanish course in your area at all, since most of the teachers would have learned Mexican.

Actually, it’s not classified as Spanish from Mexico, but as Spanish from Latin America.

Think of it this way…English from England? Or from the US? Mutually understandable. Minor differences, mostly in slang and accent. Couple of grammatical things. LOTS of regional differences within those two major classifications.

Same thing.

Ruth asks…

Why do Republicans want us to ignore the last 8 years and only listen to their promises for the future?

The Expert answers:

8 years? The mortgage lending “crisis” that the gave $750B of our tax dollars out in corporate welfare started with the deregulation initiatives that were perpetrated during the Reagan administration, the out and out lying to the public and campaigning by smearing your opponent were po9pularized by Nixon. Nixon was one of the prime hatchet men during the witch hunt that was the house committee on un-American activities during the Ike administration.

These folks want us to ignore their track record going back a lot longer than 8 years.

James asks…

How will regressive taxes help the economy when everyone is already shopping in dollar stores and walmart?

The Expert answers:

Foghorn, remember they think the Middle class makes a quarter of a million a year. That’s the new scam pretending you have to have a successful small business going to be middle class. Insane isn’t it. Sociopathic maybe. That’s one household in 50, lol. You people making over 430 thousand a year paid 90 percent during Eisenhower’s time. You got rich and don’t want to give back. I understand that. So your taxes were frozen so you would create more jobs and you send them overseas and don’t start new businesses and complain about regulations because you don’t care if you destroy and maim things in your way. Unbelievable. I don’t care who calls me a liberal for speaking the truth. I’m not. I love Business, but you people are turning this into a Feudal Regime with your love of the Rip off Banks and the Derivatives and Securities they juggle. Isn’t a Bear Market and Hedge funding fun if you have lots of money? Just wait until you get stuck holding the bag. Where do you think that 6 trillion came from on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

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