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Mandy asks…

What kinda music is “Americana”?

This is not the name of a recording artist (that I know of); it’s a genre or category. Don’t look at Wikipedia. It just defines it as, um, old American stuff that pertains to the U.S. culture. & I asked a Grammy question about who’ll win Best Americana Album. Two critically acclaimed country singers, Willie Nelson and Lucinda Williams, r nomin8d. So is Levon Helm (I dunno who he’s) & Bob Dylan (I know who he’s & I assume yall do, 2). & finally, you got the alt-country, indie band Wilco; their self-titled CD’s nominated, & I’m listening to “Country Disappeared.” I guess if you’re into indie rock like me or my baby sis, you could listen to WOXY in Cincinnati or KEXP in Seattle; I think I’ve heard some country songs on their streaming audio such as the a4mentioned nominees, not artists like George Strait, Brooks & Dunn, or Miranda Lambert.

I guess if I scroll down the list of Grammy categories, I can see that the bluegrass & folk Grammys are below the Americana Grammy. & I’m sure Bob Dylan has been nominated (if not won) 4 some folk Grammys. So I could pigeonhole Americana in that gray area between country and indie rock. Incidentally, I certainly hear shades of Bob Dylan in Wilco, perhaps even in “I’ll Fight” that I’m listening 2 now. My sister, Anna, may be a Wilco fan, but she leans more toward the rock genre & doesn’t listen 2 country.

I would love to hear from the Wilco, Willie, & Dylan fans who get the gist of my question. (Also, feel free to answer that Americana Grammy question I asked, 2).
I don’t c Wilco on that list but I do see Drive-By Truckers. I’ve heard ’em on KEXP & WOXY podcasts.

The Expert answers:

To me it’s great music that is simply ignored by the mainstream.There are a lot of straight up country musicians that are always listed as Americana.Artists like Jessi Alexander,Patty Loveless,Kathy Mattea,Willie Nelson,and Robert Earl Keen just to name a few.Kris Kristofferson is currently on the Americana charts,so is Keen.Rosanne Cash’s “The List” is currently number 1 on the Americana chart..While that is going on,mainstream country shoves pop artists such as Keith Urban and Taylor Swift or a Southern Rock cd by Miranda Lambert down our throats and tells us THAT is country music.

Then like you say,it goes into folk and alt .I even have seen Elvis Costello listed as Americana before.Cross Canadian Ragweed is too.So to me that’s what it is.Good music that is ignored by the mainstream industry for some reason.I have told people on here many times who are asking what happened to certain artists to look at the Americana charts..They are doing what they love and doing fine.I have a lot of respect for ALL of these artists because whether it’s a country artist,rock,alt,folk, indie,or whatever else,they are artists who stay true to their roots,play what they want, and REFUSE to sell out to the mainstream masses.

Lizzie asks…

how can this moody leo girl keep her moody cancer guy?

I am a leo/virgo cusp (aug 21st) with scorpio rising- which makes me so secretive and emotional it’s hard to understand myself! I recently broke up with my virgo bf of one year shortly after I met this cancer man. We’ve been seeing each other for 2 weeks but we’ve both agreed that it feels like its been 2 years. We spend almost all our free time together, he’s very loving and warm and I enjoy taking care of him and there is so much emotional and sexual chemistry between us- it’s so intense!

I am so confused- he says the past 2 weeks have been more drama than his last relationship of a year and a half that ended only a month ago. He makes it sound like its my fault, but how am I supposed to feel when he’s got 2 exes constantly calling him, and now things have really come to a head…. another long-ago ex is now asking for a paternity test for her 11 month old baby!

Yes, I understand that I am moody and I just think he can’t handle the fact that- unlike all the other girls he’s dated- I won’t let him walk all over me and I won’t call him all hours of the night begging for him back. I’ve told him I’m becoming very insecure with all this ex-gf attention he’s still getting, and it’s not fair for him to tell me I can’t talk to my ex-bf if he’s going to still make himself somewhat available to multiple exes of his! While feeling like I want him to be mine like he says he is, at the same time I feel too proud and if he wants to be with me, he will prove it. He’s also the type to want a girl to prove she wants him. We want the same thing from each other but we’re both too stubborn and proud to fight the fight for each other… yet, we’re both emotional people who have a lot of emotion to pour out to one another.

I want to tell him I need to be number one in his life, but I don’t feel like I can. He’s always telling me, “tell me a secret of yours,” but I have told him over and over that I’ve told him enough for now until he opens up to me!

He says I’m moody, but he is too. I need help figuring him out. We have so much fun together and I feel like when we talk, I’m talking to the male version of myself. We understand each other so much. But now after I’ve gotten incredibly upset over this ex-gf thing and paternity test issue, he’s not talking to me and saying I’m drama.

How can I reach out to him and make him understand that I will be there for him? I’ve told him this already, and I want him to come around and want to be with me and talk to me! I feel like the zodiac is he only way I’ll be able to get some insight into who he is! I’ve also told him that I still have some more of his stuff so he has to come back and talk to me if he wants it.

How can I win my cancer man back?!

The Expert answers:

You are not born on the cusp 21 August you are a Leo…
You both should put the stubbornness on a side.. If you both do that your relationship will work..

Michael asks…

How to get a Scorpio man back? Please help!!!?

I am really hurt, Sunday nite my boyfriend decided to end the relation that we had for the past 8 months…we got really close for the last 5 months, after i got pregnant by accident, was on the pills and I dont understand what happen… we haven’t decided if to keep or not the baby, but the 3rd day after we find out about it, we went to the doctor and the pregnancy wasnt a viable one…so had to do an abortion…that hurt us both, but brought us close together, I was at his place more then at mine, we were spending all our free time w each other…the sexual part was something unbelievable…we both had the best experiences of our lives, thats just something u cant find that many times in a life time…when mind, body and soul get together and u just lose urself in them, plus i got to meet his family and spent a lot of time w his mom, which he cares for a lot…and it came all of the sudden, I mean, we had a few discussions before like every couple….but the day was going on the right path, we were together all weekend…we were just doing great, when he started a discussion, from nothing, I dot remember what it was but it got really bad…and its always ending up w the fact, that once at the beginning of our relation, I lied to him, actually I havent lied, just chose to not say it all, because i didnt know him that well to open so easy….i tried to explain it 10 million times, but he calls me a liar all the time…plus he blames it on communication, english being my second language….but communication will have been great, if he would just listen to me more….i hate to argue that much, so most of the time I havent stood up to him, just let it go, he has a strong personality so i decided, i have to leave some of my pried aside and listen to him and just let him control a lot of the situations, not all of them, but the ones that are not affecting me and my way of being that much….by the way, he is 13 years older then me…im 28 and he is 41…anyways Sunday after we had the fight I decided to go home, i tried a lot to make it stop it, to explain myself and to make up w him, but it just didnt work so I decided to just go home…it was 3 a clock in the morning and he was yeah, just leave….so i took my stuff and headed to the car…by the time i started the engine, he was by the door and didnt want to let me leave….he took me back to the house and start hugging me and cried and ask me if i can please sleep there…then we made love crying all nite….till like 7 a clock in the morning, he told me this : I love the **** out of u, but I have to let u go, ur so young, beautiful, wonderful person but immature and this is not healthy is to much drama…” and i just didnt say anything anymore…by 8 or something, when he felt asleep, i decided to leave his house…we havent spoke since, i couldnt eat, sleep or do much yesterday, just stayed in bed, still there today, didnt want to go to work, i just dont feel capable to do anything…i feel so hurt and numbed…will put myself together the next few days, but i want him back, i love him to death and i dont want this to end…i know i need to give it time…but i just dont know how to approach the situation, when i will, I dont know how to win him back, cause even tho, he was sweet about it, he seemed really set on letting me go, and Scorpio men are just diffrent….
please give me some good ideas…

The Expert answers:

Hi Oanna,

I understand how painful it is to leave someone you love the most. But since he loves you dearly there is 99% chance that you can win him back but you have to be little bit patient. I agreed to everything he said except that you are immature. I don’t know why he said so. Usually a person becomes mature both physically and mentally at the age of 25 but there are people who becomes mature even before that.

So what I suggest you to do is to give him some space and after which you try to contact him and explain him what you want to say. But never plead or beg him to come back to your life.

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Betty asks…

Abortion and Christian Men?

All right, now I understand that abortion is a touchy subject and I am not asking for anyone’s opinion regarding whether they’re for or against abortions.

My question is for Christians. If you’re not a Christian, don’t expect to win the ten points.

Recently, a person on my list of Yahoo! friends has been waging his own campaigns against women whom have abortions because he is obviously pro-life supporter (as is his perogative, I am not criticising his position).

What I do not understand is that whilst, yes, some men do feel hurt when a woman chooses to have an abortion because they want their child, why is it that a Christian man cannot seem to accept that God gave women free will, too, and, whilst God is against abortions, why can’t some Christian men accept that God is the “owner” of these babies and not the man, God will judge the woman to whom he has given free will, and it’s not for the man to do so. Why do some Christian men not understand that when God told Adam he will be the leader He did not say “owner of woman and any children and their judge”? And why do some Christian men not understand that when they consent to having sex with a woman (whom may then become pregnant and then abort) they are also abiding by the laws God created such as everyone having free will? By that, I am asking why agree to take the risk that’s associated with sex if one is not willing to face the risky part when it arrives? To me, it’s for God to judge the end decision made by the female and not for a man to judge her nor to be aggressive (as we all know both sexes have stuffed up majorly), I would think that one should obey God by supporting free will and by not commiting the sin within their own life.

For any Christian men reading this question, I do understand that it may upset you and I ask that you accept (even if you disagree or don’t understand) that I am not picking at all Christian men nor am I seeking to attack anyone. This is a genuine puzzle for me. Some Christian men appear to have genuine trouble differentiating between “leader”, “judge” and “owner”.

Yes, some of you may want to ask me to answer for hypocricies commited by female but this is my question and if any of you do have questions relating to women and Christian women, I ask that you begin your own thread.

Now, as for my position, I am pro-choice (as I believe God gave all humans free will to chose their actions and He will judge us accordingly), however, I am against abortion, therefore, I will never abort a baby myself. Are there any Christian men out there whom understand me and do any of you agree or is the sensitive nature of the issue too much to bear? To me it seems to be quite clear cut.

Anyway, I thank you all in advance for your patience, understanding and, in some cases (maybe), your tolerance. It is not my intention to pick or to finger point, I’m just wanting to discuss it a little.

Thank you and God bless you,

As for the lady whom asserted that men were created before women and, therefore, the man is over the woman, to my knowledge the state of inequality – in terms of leadership only – were created for a human society after the Garden of Eden. To my knowledge God didn’t create a ub-human, but two equally matched humans that formed a perfect whole through a unison such as marriage. I don’t know where you read that a woman was created imperfectly.
Ah, I guess I should extrapolate a little more on my perspective of free will in regard to abortion. As someone has rightly asserted people don’t get away with murdering others in general. But that individual still has the free will to behave according to God’s laws or to sin against God by murdering another when he/she is then judged by society – as long as that society deems murder to be a judgable offense. If the society didn’t then it’s for God to judge the individual and not the person’s spouse nor for one gender. I see this logic as also applying to women whom choose to sin against God through abortions; they will either face the laws of the society (judge) as a whole (including all men and women of all beliefs, not one demographic or sex governing them) or they will face God (the ultimate judge).

Also, I haven’t given anyone a thumb up or down (just incase anyone was wondering).

You need some perspective and a valium. You have willfully misinterpreted my question and my intent.

I have a genuine question and I asked it as politely as I could and with no maliciousness intended nor any disrespect.

Grow up.

The Expert answers:

The issue is that men and women take the same “risk” when having sex. When people talk about pro-choice, they don’t usually acknowledge that the choice they mean is only the woman’s. Both men and women have a choice to abstain. But in our society, only women get another shot at this choice, because they and they alone can decide to abort their children, without the father’s consent.

It’s true that the woman also commits more to bearing the child, so maybe it’s fair that she has more control, but the fact remains that for a man who feels passionately about not killing an unborn child, his option is only to sit at the sidelines while the mother does whatever she wants. That must be painful, and it is another good reason why Christian men — who should be having sex with women they aren’t married to anyhow — should especially not be sleeping with women who don’t profess as Christians. If they do, they’re at risk of having potential babies aborted.

Steven asks…

Who Is The Deadlier Daddy … Y&R’s VICTOR Or GH’s SONNY …?

I can only suspect what Sonny will have done to Kiefer whenever he finds out about him beating up on his baby. But, let’s face it … Sonny usually responds to stuff by calling on his hitmen to do a job for him. But, since Kiefer is a kid himself, I just don’t see him putting a hit out on him. Sonny prides himself on not picking on women or kids who are not connected to the mob.

The only response I see from Sonny is getting Kiefer kidnapped, having him locked in a dark room for a few months hearing only a dripping faucet sound and being served three square meals by goons who constantly drop hints that the food “might” be poisoned … then letting him out into society about six months later, a psychologically-traumatized but reformed person.

Victor, on the other hand? Victor gets others to do his dirty work when it comes to corporate mergers and public enemy take-downs, and he’s got no problems with messing with his own family … but when it comes down to it, Victor won’t let anybody else mess with his family. He’ll get his own hands dirty beating somebody to a bloody pulp.

Can you imagine Kiefer pulling that mess on Abby? Sonny lets Alexis tell him to stay away from Kristina to “protect” her from the mob; he huffs and puffs a little, even taking her to court and winning custody rights, but in the end he adheres to her wishes and stays away from her. Victor is all action; he fought to be in Abby’s life no matter what Ashley said, and he’s ready to battle her without the courts’ involvement if she tries to keep him away from Faith. When Nick was in jail over Matt’s frame-up, Victor fought tooth and nail for Nick, and jacked Matt up all over the place. When Victoria was in trouble, he was ready to take action; when evil-tail Adam claimed that some guys in jail had injected his eye with some stuff that made him start to go blind, you should’ve seen the look on Victor’s face when he swore to find who did it and make them pay.

If he’ll kill for a son who did his best to screw him over, and who he still doesn’t trust … how much more will he do for a 14 year-old daughter who gets abused by a gutless boyfriend?

Hey, I got an idea! How about Kiefer visits Genoa City and messes with Abby at the same time he’s messing with Kristina. Then, after Victor gets through knocking his scrawny little tail from here to Kingdom Come, and putting him in a body cast, Sonny’s men kidnap him from the hospital and makes him “disappear” in a dark dungeon for six months?

And then Alexis can combine Victor’s and Sonny’s cases and represent them both against the charges (because we KNOW that Alexis will look the other way when it comes to her daughter; justice is blind, yeah, right!). Sonny she’ll have no problem getting off scott-free, because there’ll be nothing to connect him to the crime. (Sonny always covers his butt). Victor she’ll have a little problem getting off, but Jason’ll probably come in and cow witnesses with that “Stone-Cold” stare, and also make DNA evidence disappear … and all of a sudden, the Genoa City DA will have no more case.

Sorry for getting off subject …

The Expert answers:

I can’t stand either character right now. However, I’ve always disliked Victor because of the way he’s treated all his kids, and various wives. Whereas i’ve, in the past, liked Sonny and have loved his character. So to answer your question I think Victor is the deadlier father because his motives are always about himself first his kids second. Sonny at least tries to do right by his kids no matter how misguided and stupid the things he does are.

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