Your Questions About Baby Care

Betty asks…

Does anyone know good baby care centers near jubilee/banjara hills in hyderabad India for my 2 months old son?

The Expert answers:

I don’t know if this doctor is near you; but chances are he can refer you someplace. His website is also very comprehensive and may be helpful to a new parent.

Mandy asks…

Day care center in the way of Sholinganllur to Navalur?

I have six months baby. Please suggest a day care center in Sholinganllur.

The Expert answers:

Hello, this daycare concept is not as well developed in Chennai as in other cities like Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Bombay, etc…
You will have to find a daycare centre run by a school within the city, or you will have to hire a nanny.

Paul asks…

If you work in a child care center and have a baby, do they charge you or discount or what? I wonder…?

The Expert answers:

I’ve worked at 2 different centres. One gave a discount and the other didn’t. It would be best to find out from your centre whether they do or maybe negotiating for it. I personally think if the centre needs you they should try to accomodate you.

Mark asks…

Real Care Baby 2 Plus help!?

My mom said I can’t call my teacher until 11 because it’s a Sunday and she needs some time off.

Anyway, I have the Real Care Baby 2 Plus for the weekend and it had been working fine the whole entire time I”ve had it. (since Friday). I haven’t rough handled it at all and it responds to my care. The last time it made noise was at 3:39 this morning (it’s now 10:38). It’s not making breathing noises or anything and it doesn’t coo when I pick it up or rock it. The ID started acting weird yesterday and it made me swipe it a few more times than normal but otherwise the baby has been working fine. The red light on the back is solid so that means it’s charged… and the yellow light blinks every 15 seconds saying it is connected to the Real Care Baby Center. The baby just won’t make any noise and I’m worried! Is there anything that could be wrong?? did I kill it?? 🙁

The Expert answers:

That’s weird. If you’ve taken good care of it it shouldn’t have died, but I guess it’s possible. I’d def call your teacher at 11 though.

Michael asks…

What about child care center in singapore?

i am thinking to put my baby in child care .wat is ur suggestion?

The Expert answers:

Good idea for working mom but childcare center monthly charge quite costly.

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