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Donald asks…

Is anything for us new moms really free?!?

I, like many, am a new mom with VERY limited income. I have 3 other children and am, right now, unfortunately, living on child support only. Luckily the father of my newborn is here to help with living expenses. I have been trying to locate babystuff” and new mom “stuff” that is really free, that is, no charge, no shipping. Maybe shame on me for having my “hand out” but who can really blame me? Any fellow new moms know something I don’t? Please no mean answers like, “get a job…” etc. Extenuating circumstances are in place right now. Thanks for your information.

The Expert answers:

If you want free samples, I really like . They are great because they are updated daily and all of their offers are “catch free”, that means no long surveys, no pay offers. They also have a e-mailing list where they send you the free samples listed on their site. I use that so I get them in my email (but it is not required to view the free samples). Their descriptions are pretty funny too! If you are looking for a specific type of free sample, there is a categories list, and a search bar right above categories so that you can do searches.

Anyways I hope you enjoy!

Oh yeah if you aren’t from the US you might like these sample sites. They are pretty much setup the same way but are special for specific countries

Canada Samples –
UK samples –

Carol asks…

If anyone else is feeling a bit superficial/materialistic beside me today and wants to indugle then what is?

So I just finished spring/early summer shopping for my 20 month old this weekend. I did most of it online and was really just getting a few last things. So in the interset of materialism I am just curious what you and your toddlers favorite clothing store/companies are? Last year when my daughter was 1 almost her enitre closet was from old navy with a few cute things from baby gap. Last year I felt that even though they are the same company an esscentially so a lot of the same silhouettes ect. that old navy’s spring stuff was so much more cutsey and then by mid-summer everything was from baby gap as I thought all the 1980 toddler neon rocker chick stuff from old navy was GROSS! And since then I have been sucked into the comericalized tunnel that is babygap! I know it’s terrible and that I am helping to feed into all the crap that we as parents are not supposed to teach our kids. But if I have the ability to choose between a $5 t-shirt and a $10 one that is a bit better material and make then I am taking my privalgae over to the land of superficial moms (not totally superficial just a bit). I’m sorry but I can not get over HOW FREAKING CUTE the stuff baby gap has this spring/summer is. As well as Janie and Jack. I only buy her a few very nice outfits (like for easter) or just a few cute outfits once they are on sale. Being as an entire outfit can cost $100 there, but once it’s on sale it’s quite reasonable. Even baby gap. THis past weekend they had a 30% off family and friends sale. I got a lot of great stuff super reasonable. And free shipping over $100.

SO what are your favs? And also are there any stores that you absolutely will NOT go into to buy clothes, not matter what the reason.

Like for my daughter I HATE Children’s Place. If I had a boy I’d be there all the time as I think their boy clothing is adorable. But the stuff for girls is so tacky and over the top. A pair or two of neon shorts/leggings is one thing. But I don’t know how they sell an entire line of nothing but overly bright colors with screen printed glittery ccartoon cats wearing tiaras on them. Just personal taste I suppose!
My grandmother always gets on me about spending money on my daughters clothing since “shes a baby and they grow so fast” however to my defense my daughter is quite petite. Almost everything I’ve gotten her, aside from swimwear to start this season has been size 12-18 months. I don’t know if it’s that more expnsive brands run that much bigger or what. Cause if I got to Target where I get a lot of her basics (plain cottom shorts, plain t’s and tanks jammies ect.) everything I get is 18 months. She is 20 months old tomorrow and weighs about 23lbs and is about 30″ tall. She’s super petite and dosen’t really have “growth spurts” she kind of just very very slowly gets bigger. SO for the growing out of stuff part I’m not super concerned until like late August and then I can get just a handful of summer things on sale to last her until fall.

The Expert answers:

Don’t worry about it. I buy my daughter BabyGap. It is just too cute. From birth up until now she wears it. With some Old Navy too. But other stores have good clothes too. My baby also has clothes from Target and Walmart. I think that if its cute and you don’t mind getting it, then there is nothing wrong with it.

Lisa asks…

Mommies, have any of you splurged recently on anything for yourself. As a “baby” gift to yourself?

We just got our taxes back and now that we have #2 we did quite well considering what we usually end up with. I LOVE Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags and was planning on getting a new one anyway. I had a pink Boxy backpack style one from when our 2.5Yo was a baby; but now I have her and our little man; so I wanted something more neutral. And something that I LOVED to carry. My one weakness in life has always been bags. Purses, totes, lugage ect. I even scope out cute resuable shopping bags LOL. Their boxy bags generally run about $170 and you can often find great sales at little online boutiqes. I found one (called Polka Dot Panda) that had a really AMAZING sale the other week (15% off and free shipping)!!! So I decided since we got some extra money and being like most mamas, hardly EVER buying ANYTHING for myself. I decided to splurge. Rather then getting the Tea on the Thames Boxy Backpack that I planned on, I got a Pistachip Layer Cake Society Satchel. The original price would have been $325+ shipping. But I got it at a “steal” for $200 and free shipping!!! It certainly is a LOT for a “diaper bag” but it really is sooo much more. We travel (day/weekend trips) very often. And this bag has a backpack option, clips that go onto the stoller so it’s arms/handfree ect. I know some people think even though it’s extra money ect that it’s a waste and that;’s fine to each his own. But I love to hear when mama’s treat themselves to something nice, even if it’s just getting a large coffee instead of a medium!!! Anyone else do anything for yourself recently? I will add that it was my hubby who nudged me to spend the extra money because I’ve wanted this same bag since my daughter was born, and had gotten the cheaper Boxy bag then. And our son had a medical problem, not a huge deal; but does require a LOT of trips to Children’s Hosp. about 2 hours away from us every 2 weeks. Aside from me having stayed there with him for a few days alone about a month ago ect. So my husband was “thanking me” for all the extra stress I’ve had to endure by basically handling all his medical stuff alone (hubbby works with dads construction/architectual company and gets a daily salary so no work=no pay!!!).
The bag I got!!-

The bag I almost got!!!-

Petunia Pickle Bottom site!!!-

The Expert answers:

I recently treated myself to a massage membership….does that count? It’s my once-a-month treat!

Susan asks…

Nursery for baby boy? Furniture? PICS?

We found out we are pregnant – agian! We plan on getting this furniture and stuff could you let me know if you like it?






High chair:


NOTE: These things will not be bought off ebay I just need someone to tell me if they like the looks we will buy them new.

Also how about these sippy cups for my 2 1/2 yr old?





The Expert answers:

Well you could reuse some of the stuff from your oldest child, like crib, high chair and carseat- if you bought your carseat new for your child they’re goo for 5 yrs…

But to answer your question: The crib is fine-I personally like wooden colour cribs- or dark browns..

As for the carseat-you shouldnt get an infant carseat that’s not the same brand as your stroller-they wont fit.
As for the Safety First Stroller I dont like them. I think they’re OK, but they’re cheap and cheaply made. I would suggest getting a regular Graco stroller…


The high chair is OK… They’re all OK… It’s a matter of taste…

As for the paci-well the one you’re showing is the very common Nuk.. Which is a very good brand so it’s up to you….

I particularly like the Nuby brand

because the shield is soft…
As for the sippy cups… I would go for the Nuby brand! They’re amazing! No valve, no leaks, just perfect!

I think I’ve covered everything!

Good Luck!

Steven asks…

How can I get $191.98 real quick if im only a kid?

Ok so me and my 2 lil sisters r saving for a chameleon… there is a complete setup that comes wit a baby chameleon and all the stuff u need and its $169.99 (free shipping) but there is other stuff i need like the vitemins to cover the food in and that that is $15.00 for both (free shipping)..oh and i might wanna buy a bend a branch but im not sure if i need it and thats $6.99 and thats at a pet store so no shipping….oh and my parents will pay for the food …me n my sisters really want the chameleon quick and i dont want my parents to get it for us for christmas cuz i know they wont…and im 11 and one of my sis is 7 and the other is 4 but we dont know how to get the money…and it will take to long to get the money by doin chores….i heard of the idea of buying gum and selling it for more at skool but i could get in trouble i think(i think that is illegal)….so wat else can we do to get the money QUICK like within a month or less???PLZZ help ppl!!
well i did all my reserch and i am VERY responsible lol i have animals and there all taken care of.. oh n we had a huge iquana before and i think there more to take care of cuz there bigger
plz ppl dot put stupid and innapropriet stuff on this im looking 4 serious not stupid answers!!
oh and btw im VERY VERY good with animals i have animals myself and i dont LUV mowing lawns but i no how to cuz sometimes i mow mine
btw my mom said NO to the online surveys to get money cuz she said u dont know if they have viruses or stuff

The Expert answers:

When i was younger we would ask everyone in the neighbor hood if they needed help or wanted their house cleaned up or their yard for money, also Christmas is coming up see if you can help anyone decorate, also remind mom and dad income tax season is just around the corner and if they have 3 kids then there getting a good chunk back for just having you guys so good luck. Chameleon are a big responsibility maybe start off with an iguana, they are low maintenance and usually easy to find and cheap, and they are super fun my brother and i had one growing up. Check

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