Your Questions About Baby Care

Carol asks…

what are good websites for free baby stuff?

Im having my son soon, and im seventeen, and i could really use some free stuff. Perferrably sent by mail.

The Expert answers:

You can get free baby stuff like diapers, food, clothes and vouchers to get your baby whatever your baby needs

David asks…

Are there any sites where I can get free household items or more importantly FREE BABY STUFF!?

I am expecting my first child (a baby girl) next month, and I don’t have money to buy her things. Does anyone know of any websites where I can get actual baby stuff or household items (freebies) for free? No participation required? I’m tired of googling freebie sites.

The Expert answers:

Points2shop is by far the best site for earning free cash/prizes. I’ve been a member of all the get free stuff websites: Prizerebel, Swagbucks, Lockerz, Rewards1, and cashcrate. They were all really hard to earn points on. It was very time consuming. And I never got anything from those sites.

If I were you I’d go to points2shop. You can earn points so easily on points2shop by completing offers, surveys, playing games, or simply by clicking on links! It’s that easy! I just received an ipod nano from points2shop in the mail last month. Points2shop is best, fastest, and easiest site for getting free stuff. Best of all Points2shop is 100% free.

If you need to know more information you can check their forums where members post the things that they have received for earning points on the points2shop website below.

The only way to get $2.50 free bonus is by going to the link below and signing up.

Daniel asks…

is there any safe website that offer free baby stuff without purchasing any thing?

my daughter is expecting in march for her first child and was wondering if anyone knew of any websites that offer free baby stuff. we are financially strapped and every little will help.

The Expert answers:

Sign up as a member of the websites for the major baby brands – Enfamil, Gerber, Huggies, Luvs, Pampers etc . . . They will send you coupons and free samples of their products.

You should also check out Craigs List ( and Freecycle ( – there are always people giving away things their children have outgrown or selling items at huge discounts.

Best wishes!

Joseph asks…

Links for $ saving coupons or free baby stuff?

Know of any NON-spam links that will send coupons and free stuff to me in the mail.
I am going to have a baby in January and was wondering if anyone knew of any sites i could check out that would help save money.

The Expert answers:

Congrats on your baby!

Below are some of my favorites from when I was pregnant 12 years ago. Back then, I made phone calls or mailed in postage paid reply cards. Almost all of them will send coupons by mail. Some will send samples too.

Be sure to buy your local newspaper’s Sunday edition for the coupons. There are always great coupons there too. If you don’t want to buy it each week, invest in a Sunday only subscription.


Edit on 12-09-08: Kaas is wrong about the coupons by mail from Pampers & Huggies. They will send at least 2 coupons every time they send them to their registered customers’ addresses. If she didn’t get them, then someone was tampering with her mail. My neighbor across the street told me this morning that she gets at least 3-4 coupons from both Pampers AND Huggies every time they mail them out. She also said more are in the Sunday coupons in the paper, but they expire sooner & the mailed ones have a longer expiration date. I verified this with my son’s friend’s mom who had a baby boy 3 weeks ago. She said her daughter’s way beyond Pull Ups but still gets those coupons in the mail too. They have large family & share the coupons.

Linda asks…

how can i get free baby stuff?

I’m due in 3 months and i really need help finding things for my baby.I don’t have much money so i would like to know if somebody can help me telling where to find free stuff. i also try looking in places that said free but i never received nothing .

The Expert answers:

If you want free stuff, I really really like for it. They sort through and find the legit samples so you don’t have to. They are great because they are updated daily and all of their offers are “catch free”, that means no long surveys, no pay offers. They also have a e-mailing list where they send you the free samples listed on their site. I use that so I get them in my email which comes daily. It isn’t required though to get the freebies. Sometimes their descriptions are pretty funny too! If you are looking for a specific type of free sample, there is a categories list and a search bar right above categories so that you can do searches.

Oh yes if you are from Canada you might like:

If you are from the UK you might want:

Today I just got a Kashi Bar…. But I get all sorts of random stuff every day, my mailman thinks im nutz! Lol

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