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Sandy asks…

what can i do to at least learn the basic things about taking care of a baby?

ok before i i tell you my problem ima tell you right now, if youre gonna tell me that i should give my baby up for adoption then don’t even say anything because im not gunna listen to you’re bs. ok the thing is that im 3 months pregnant and obviously i didn’t wanna have a kid at 13yo but whats done is done so im gunna try to do my best, but i know that i don’t know how to take care of a baby because i cant even change a diaper and even though shes going to help me i want to learn at least the basic things that i should know to take care of a baby properly, so what can i do to at least learn the basics?

The Expert answers:

You can find parenting classes in your area to take. A lot of hospitals offer them! Ask your doctor when you go to your next appointment. I’m sure he/she can tell you. Also, there are a ton of books at places like Barnes and Noble and other bookstores with really good information. If your mother is going to help you, that is your best teacher right there. Hope everything works out for you!

Sandra asks…

What are the basic things I need to know about taking care of twins?

My brother is 18 and is still in High School and is having twins.I am his little sister and I am also and aunt.I’m going to baby sit them for $3 an hour.I need to change it to $10 but i need to know the basics of baby sitting.

The Expert answers:

Where’s the mom? She’s obviously not in high school if you’re the little sister and you wouldn’t be watching them if you were both in school.

Daniel asks…

What to ask my prospective babysitter for my infant baby girl due in May?

My husband and I are meeting with the woman whom we think will be watching our baby girl when i go back to work. I have a list of things to ask her, but im wondering if im missing anything infant care related? Anyone have suggestions???

(The basics: She is a mother of two, and she actually used to babysit my husband when he was a baby as well, clean home, trust worthy person, etc.)

The Expert answers:

There are a few things that have changed since your husband was a baby – just make sure she knows about laying the baby on the back to sleep instead of the tummy like they used to. And also make sure she knows child cpr. I have a close friend whose 4 month old had RSV misdiagnosed as a cold and if the baby sitter did not know how to do cpr then the baby would have died.

Lisa asks…

What is a good formula for baby squirrels?

I found two orphaned baby squirrels, they appear to be about 3-4 weeks old. I have read about hoe to take care of them and I know the basics, but I could not find a good formula to feed them. Every website had different opinions about different formulas. What is truly the best formula?

The Expert answers:

I think kitten formula would be best. I was bottle-feeding an orphaned kitten when I got 8 newborn rats dumped on me, and we fed them the kitten formula and they all survived to adulthood.

I can’t remember the brand of formula we used, but one came in green cans.

Good luck! I hope this got to you in time.

EDIT: I talked to my wife (a veterinary technician) and she said that human formula is probably the best for squirrels, but the kitten formula will work fine if that’s what you have on hand.

Lizzie asks…

Instead of teaching “cookery” or “how to take care of babies”, should we not get back to basics ?

Surely decent standards of literacy and a basic knowledge of history and geiography are more important for children than learning to boil an egg and change a nappy………………….?
Edit – Thanks Puffy – Im fully expecting to be hounded out of YA for this one, but it needed to be said !
Yes – hard to spell when your ranting, LOL
Edit – Sorry “Jessica” but I don’t follow your “logic”…………………..

How are your dropouts and teen mothers going to read their welfare forms, the menu at McDonalds or add up the cost at Pizzahut if we don’t teach the core subjects – Just because some don’t want to learn does not mean we abandon the curriculum for all !!

The Expert answers:

Chuckles yeah I teach History Maths and Biology!

Lucky me!

It is irritating at my school where I teach I’m losing a History lesson a week with each class for a domestics lesson!

That irritated me ALOT.

Good question it’s a joke should learn it off the mother!

I personally think Food Tech is the biggest joke of a GCSE ever.

The other annoying thing with this Domestics they don’t get anything out of it not even half a GCSE it’s a waste of time!

So I’m now having to rush all my History lessons for that bollocks.

GAH Annoyed with you!

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