Your Questions About Baby Care

William asks…

Where else can I get newborn baby girl clothes besides eBay!?

I tried like 4 times now but got outbid on all the newborn clothes…I only win 3-6 month old clothes!

I live in Alaska and there’s not very many stores here, when there’s a store it’s so expensive. Is there any place where they’re free or cheap?

The Expert answers:

Not sure where you are in Alaska, but I did a search for my favorite gently used clothing store for kids (Once Upon a Child) and there’s one in Anchorage. It’s sort of like a goodwill for kids. Very cheap and good quality in my opinion.

Joseph asks…

How long did your baby where newborn size clothes?

How long did your baby where newborn size clothes before moving into 3 month clothes. And how long did it where 3 month outfits before moving to 6 month? Thank you!

The Expert answers:

Of course this all depends on the size of your baby when they are born and how fast they put on weight plus how tall they are. Liam was 7lbs 1oz 19 1/2″ and was not in newborn clothes long at all!!! I only had a few sets. He was in 0-3 for a tiny bit also. He started wearing 6 month clothing around 4 months. Congrats to you! 😀

Mandy asks…

Is any Mommas sellings Newborn Baby Boy Clothes?

Hi, My name is Victoria and Im 23 yrs old. I’m was looking if any Mommas selling any newborn baby boy clothes since Im going to be due in Jan 30 2010. If you have anything to offer let me know with information. Thank you.

The Expert answers:

I want to sell my baby’s stuff.
Like the travel stroller system,swing,walker.
I take good care of my baby’s stuff.If you want I could email you pictures of the stuff.
But,were do you live?

Linda asks…

How long does the average baby stay in newborn size clothes?

I am wondering this because i am due July 6, and i don’t know if i should buy newborn summer clothes, which say 5-8 lbs or 0-3 month summer clothes that say 8-12 lbs. I can’t predict how big my baby is going to be.
How quick does a newborn outgrow the newborn clothes?

The Expert answers:

For the first little while, you will probably keep your baby in comfy pj’s. I’d suggest buying a couple of 0-3 months and a couple of 3-6 months). Assuming you don’t want to spend alot of money try Target, Mervyns or Khols.

Since he/she won’t be born until July, wait until then to buy clothes as they start going on sale around that time.


Mark asks…

When do shops in the UK start stocking winter newborn baby clothes?

I’m itching to start shopping!!

The Expert answers:

About September and onwards… I’m due a winter baby, can’t wait to start buying things.

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