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Helen asks…

my baby is 9 and a half months old. What kind of activities should I do with him to keep him occupied?

I am doing online school and I want to know what kind of toys would keep him occupied and also things I can do with him to help him learn at this point in time.

The Expert answers:

Do you have an exersaucer?

George asks…

Can you teach a 9-month old not to steal toys away from other babies?

I have twin 9-month olds. One is always taking toys away from the other. She is more mobile than the other baby so she has an advantage. When she takes toys away, she crawls away happily while the more passive baby cries and is helpless to do anything. I intervene and tell her No, take the toy away and try to redirect her, but the world is her oyster right now, everything is for the taking, and she doesn’t understand those boundaries. Is there anything I can do to teach her, or should I things work themselves out?

The Expert answers:

They are alittle young to work it out themselves. Everytime she takes a toy away, take it away from her and give it back to her sister

Sharon asks…

What present can i give a 9 month old baby?

Christmas is coming and i want to give my baby a christmas present but im clue less of what to give him. Please help anyone knows what toys or books babies enjoy???

The Expert answers:

I absolutely love the Cloub B Twilight Turtle and Twilight Ladybug!! They are plush animals that their backs light up and project the constellations onto the celing. I have bought them for all of the infants and toddlers I know for CHristmas this year. I have researched the perfect gift fo rthem forever and this is what I came up with. Very good gift.

Mandy asks…

My breastfed baby is 9 months old, and can’t sleep on his own, please help.?

My baby is 9 months old. I breastfed him ever since he is born. I don’t want to stop now tho, I want to go over the 1 year mark. But my problem is that my baby needs to fed to sleep. I know I started the bad habit and on and on…..I already know that. How can I change this now that he is 9 months old. He wakes up at night, say about 2 or 3 times, to nurse not even 4-5 minutes, and goes to sleep.
There are a few things to mention… we are co-sleeping (was making the breastfeeding easier on me), i don’t like the cry it out method at all, he doesn’t use a pacifier (even if i tried for hours, he thinks its a toy), and he is allergic (or intolerance at this point im not sure) to cow’s milk.
Should I keep going until Im ready to wean him off the breastmilk? Then introducing formula in a bottle would be easier to get him use to sleep alone? Any other parents in my situation, or were in my situation? What did you do? Thanks all. Have a great day!

The Expert answers:

Read “The no-cry” sleep solution” by Elizabeth Pantley, it’s really good especially for breastfeeding and co-sleeping mums

ETA: Ok, I can see that most of the people answering have never been in this situation. My daughter is 8 months old, wakes up AT LEAST 3 times a night, lately even more often. The most promising technique seems to be “the gentle pull-off”. When you are nursing your baby to sleep in the evening, don’t let him fall asleep completely. As he stops sucking vigorously, gently unlatch him. He’ll probably root and fuss, you might have to repeat it multiple times, but eventually he’ll just accept it and fall asleep by himself, therefore learning he doesn’t need the breast to fall asleep. It will take time, but hey, you got so far on this routine, a few more days/weeks won’t hurt!:) Good luck and do read that book

Donna asks…

Baby not rolling over 9 months old, skipping milestones?

I have boy / girl twins and they are 9 months old and were born at 38 weeks my girl skipped the rolling over milestone and has still never rolled over you can put her on her back and she doesn’t attempt to roll onto her side however I have seen her on her side. She has been able to sit unsupported since six months leaning and grabbing toys ect and can crawl and pull herself up. My boy can rollover and sit up but not mastered crawling yet and has also pulled himself up.
My Question is has your baby skipped any milestones and if so what were they.??

The Expert answers:

My eldest son didn’t crawl, went straight from moving around on his bum to walking. He walked at 11 and a half months, after cruising around the furniture for ages. If you moved something out of his reach before then he wouldn’t even try to get it. My other son, who is 1 just now, crawled really early and cruises around the furniture. He doesn’t have an interest in walking himself, although he does stand himself. I guess crawling is a much faster way for him to get around. I wouldn’t worry about it, all babies are different, develop at different times. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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