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Charles asks…

Can anyone help me understand these (babies r us) coupons…?

This is my first pregnancy and I’ve been getting a lot of catalogs in the mail for baby things. I know what they mean when they say buy one and get another half off or get a certain percentage off of something. But what does it mean when it says for example, SAVE $10 or SAVE 25% for example? Those particular ones don’t say I’m getting a certain percentage off, so am I actually paying less anyway with these coupons too? I really don’t get it. Can someone please explain? I know it sounds silly but thank you so much!

18 wks & 2 days pregnant with baby #1
I have commen sense so keep your mean comments to yourself. I just asked a question. If you can’t say anything nice just don’t say anything at all!!!
I have common sense so keep your mean comments to yourself. I just asked a question. If you can’t say anything nice just don’t say anything at all!!!

The Expert answers:

If it says save $10, my guess is you get $10 off or that the item is sale priced at $10 off the normal price. Same with the 25%, you either would get 25% off or the item is sale priced 25% below normal price, depending on what the catalog says. Read the catalog or ask when you get to the store. It’s shouldn’t be that hard to figure out.

I’m not being mean…I answered your question

Linda asks…

Where can I get Babies R’ Us Coupons?

I need coupons for Babies RUs…make too many purchases there and it is getting too expensive.

The Expert answers:

You want to buy babies?!

Sandra asks…

Are there any coupons for Babies R Us going on now?

I’m looking to buy a Maclaren Volo stroller hopefully this week and was hoping to find a coupon to help the cost. I got an ad for BRU for 10% off strollers but it’s only travel systems or jogging strollers. I’ve looked on Craigslist and Ebay.

Does anyone know of any place online(or otherwise) that have coupons available for use at this time?

The Expert answers:

I wonder if different BRU send out different coupons because I just got a coupon book on Friday which had 15% off anything in the store.

Try looking in your local PennySaver people sometimes have coupons in there for free

Steven asks…

Anyone know a site that has 15% off Babies R Us Coupons?

The Expert answers:

I just got some from the actual store today. Go into your local store and get them from the checkout.

George asks…

Does Babies R Us have any coupons floating around right now?

I know periodically I will get those 20% or 25% off in store coupons off any baby item, but I haven’t lately so I’m just wondering if anyone knows if they have any going around right now?

The Expert answers:

I’m a member of the Rewards R Us program, I just received some in my inbox this morning. Sign up to receive them through e-mail rather than the mail, so you always get them.

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