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Maria asks…

Do u know place to buy cheaper and strong baby cribs in Toronto.(without kijji)?

The Expert answers:

I suggest this place…
I hope this was helpful for you. Good Luck!

Mark asks…

Where can I find a fold down side baby crib?

I know that all drop-side cribs have been banned, which is frustrating because I don’t want to strain my back lifting the baby out. The problem is cheap materials and bad installation, not design. But anyways, I’m looking for a fold down side option, or anything really that doesn’t require me to strain my back. Does anyone know where I can find one?
I’m also looking for a mini crib, not a full size

The Expert answers:

In most cribs the mattress can be raised to a higher level when they are little. So you don’t have to lean over really. Look for one that allows you to have the mattress at different levels. This way you wont hurt your back and the baby is 100% safe.

Charles asks…

Where can i find cheap baby items?

Going to have a baby in June. I have been looking here: for baby items and found a few good things. Anyone know more places to look for good cheap baby stuff, like stroller and a crib?

BR, Johanna

The Expert answers:

Yard sales

Donna asks…

any good websites where i can buy cheap baby clothes?

im having a boy, we have all the staples such as stroller, carseat, crib, bouncer jumper , etc (this is our second) but does anyone know of some places online that have good deals on baby clothes? i used to buy from old navy’s clearance but their shipping is getting really pricey!

The Expert answers:

If you are looking for gently used, try craigslist. It’s the best! Or a local second hand shop.

If you want new, look and see if there are any carters or other outlet stores nearby you. It can be worth the trip to an outlet store, there is a gap outlet near me (I live in ky) and it’s wonderful.

Otherwise, just shop the clearance racks and sales at regular stores.

Hope that helps. 🙂

Susan asks…

What is a good inexpensive store to buy baby stuff?

Hi, I’m having a baby and I would like some help in what stores are cheap to buy baby stuff from cribs, strollers etc. everything for a baby it can be online or something in NY.

Thank you.

The Expert answers:

Have you tried ebay? They have a lot of baby gear and if you are willing to buy second hand, you can save a lot of money!


If you don’t already have an ebay account, you should get one – I find the best deals on just about everything there.. Just make sure you buy from a seller with a 99% or better rating and over 100 sales. I have never had any problem as long as I have followed those guidelines.
Good luck!

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