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Ruth asks…

baby clothes issues!! can you help? please!?

how long do babies stay in newborn clothes
like average weight newborns about 7-8 poundsi need to know to see how much clothes i should get in newborn clothes
because most things are 0-3 months and how many weeks old do i switch to 0-3 months clothing

The Expert answers:

Omg girl don’t even wast ur money on new born cloths…just buy 0-3months and 3-6 months because they don’t even last long in newborn cloths when i had my daughter i bought her all types of new born cloths and she only fit in them for 2-3weeks but she fit 0-3 months for a while ..i say just buy a couple of outfits that are newborn

Sandra asks…

I am annoyed! I was told by my mom/grandmother NOT to buy baby clothes because it’s a waste but then they did!?

My grandmother and mother and mother in law…All told me when I found out that I was having a girl “Don’t go by baby clothes, you won’t need many and it’s just a waste of money”…Well I did buy a few cute outfits.
Anyways…after that speech, they turned around and did exactly what they told me NOT to do.
I have tons and tons of Newborn baby clothes…from people who told me that it was wasteful.
What gives?

The Expert answers:

Maybe they told you not to because they wanted to and didn’t want you to have too many.

Robert asks…

Went shopping and bought more baby clothes what do you think i need more of now?

have 12 white onesis **the ones that have short sleeves and button at the bottom and shows legs** **he will only wear these at home** **there 0-3 months**

I thought i bought some 6-9 months but i will get those

And i have i know at least over 12 or more pairs of socks there all white i was shopping unisex but i found out it is a boy so im gonna get color ones

new born- 1

0-3 months-4

3-6 months- 3

6 months- 1

bibs- 9


handthings- 4 pairs

baby blankets-2

Newborn sleepers- 6

0-3 month sleepers-6

receiving blankets- 10

2 premie outfits just incase he doesnt fit newborn

Okay the onesis will be worn at home only the white ones and the regular outfits will be for going out so knowing all the baby clothes that i have what else should i get?

i live in the usa

The Expert answers:

Some one told me that you can never have to many onsies and that has been totally true for me I have 51 onsies for newborn-3 months I have washed all of them twice and my baby is only 3 weeks old
so I guess it depends on how much you do laundry
and as for the out fits you really don’t need to many since you will probably be at home most of the time… That’s what I have my little girl wear all the time its the easiest thing to do because babies tend to go through lots of clothes
Good Luck! And
Congratulations on the baby!!!

Lizzie asks…

Please help me!! organize all these baby clothes. just What would you do with them? how would u label them?

I have every size from newborn to 12 mos baby is 3 months so i need to keep most of them. they are all clean and they are piled high in the crib.. what would you do to organize them? fold or hang? i dont have that many hangers or closet space maybe just hang the easter dresses, etc. but how would you label them? and store them? please help! I hate just piles and piles of clothes.

The Expert answers:

I had lots of baby clothes with my daughter. I hung up the dresses and I folded the other clothes in chest of drawers. I sorted into seasons as alot of stuff was given to me and also into size. I kept checking and rechecking as clothes from different shops seem to be bigger or smaller than others so will not necessary fit when they say they do. This is why also sorted into seasons slightly. It is hard work and something you need to do again every 6 to 8 weeks but the first time is the hardest.

P.S. I would double check the sizes by comparing a outfit that fitted now with outfits with the same size label and the size up and down to see if they were in reality the same.

Good luck.

Nancy asks…

How many baby clothes do you really need?

I finally went thru everything to see exactly what I have and what I need. Right now I have 15 newborn 0-3 mth sleepers, which is okay. I also have a lot of shirts/pants, like 25 shirts, short/long sleeved and 15 pairs of pants. All my kids mostly wore onesies and sleepers at first, how many out fits do you really have to have.
I also have 3- 6 mths clothes, a little less of 6 – 9 mths and a few 9 – 12 mths. Thank you for your replies, it just seems like I have way too much of one size and babies grow really fast!

The Expert answers:

It depends on how often you’re willing to do laundry, but it looks to me like you have enough clothes there to outfit triplets.

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