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Chris asks…

sites for premature baby stuff?

does anyone know of any good sites for premature baby stuff ?(eg)clothing, the baby weighes 4lb 9oz an is very tiny would be very gratefull for any links to websites for accessorys etc please post any freebie sites for samples etc as all helps an we all love things that are free!!!! thankyou

The Expert answers:

Walmart sells preemie clothing.

Also, Gerber newborn sleepers fit a 5 lb preemie. Circo newborn sleepers are closer to preemie size too.

Don’t buy too much because they grow very fast. My oldest daughter had to stay in the hospital until she reached 5 lbs so she could be in the infant carseat. She was wearing preemie clothes…but by the time we went to her one-month checkup she was in the 95th percentile for length and weight. My younger daughter wore the preemie clothes for about 3 weeks before she outgrew them.

Mary asks…

Do you have any good sites for fetal devoplement?

I am 7 weeks pregoo with #2
also any ones on freebies or baby stuff

The Expert answers:

Yes! I use these religiously:

The first are ultrasound pics week by week, the next are 3D animations, and the third are actual pics in utero. Fascinating!


Mandy asks…

I NeeD BaBy Stuff I’ll Pay?

hi, all i am a 18yr old mother of two me and my husband have been together for 3 1/2 years now and love our life we work hard and are great parents but surprisingly we recently found out that i was pregnant again (not planed) and not only pregnant but pregnant with twins!! so big shocker with both my other children i bought all my baby items new and gave everything to expecting mothers twice!! “silly move” i know lol but… now im in pickle, it was financially stressful enough baby shopping for one child let alone twins… so the question boils down to.. if anyone using yahoo answers lives near or in Meadville pa and is trying to sell baby items cheap plz contact me!! like i said im not looking for freebies but wont turn them down these will be my last children because my husband is already scheduled for a vasectomy so… not a big deal in buying new…


The Expert answers:

Have you checked Craigslist? I am sure you can find a ton of people around you that are willing to help out. Best of luck!

Sharon asks…

Where can I get free stuff,coupons OR printable coupons for Canada ONLY?

I’m looking for coupons OR freebies….printable OR by mail for groceries,laundry soaps & softeners,beauty supplies,dog food,ect. I also would like to find somewhere to get simalac formula coupons and baby stuff. All for Canada ONLY sites. Thanks!

The Expert answers:

Reta, I have some sites and some suggestions for you.
These are the sites I use for coupons, I believe one isn’t printable, they mail the coupons to you and I’ve received them within days. Some sites also offer free samples. (love this site!)
I’ve also emailed manufacturers directly and asked if they had coupons available. I haven’t done that often, it was when my Mom had to take allergy medication daily and it wasn’t covered by Pharmacare. The company was happy to help and sent 4-$1 coupons.
I picked up a coupon organizer from London Drugs that I keep in my purse and whenever I’m in a grocery store or drug store, etc I always keep my eyes out for coupons that I would use and pick up a few. If it has an expiry date that is over a year and it’s a product I use often there are a number of coupons available I may pick up 3-6 if I know I’m going to use that many. I also have a care package on the go for my 23 year old son and am often picking up cleaning products or shaving cream, coupons are great for those items!
Another great way to get free stuff at no cost except some of your time is to enter contests. I have won an all-inclusive trip to St.Lucia with daily spa treatments from the Live with Regis and Kelly Show. That was the best prize! I’ve won concert tickets, make-up, $100 gift certificates, CD’s, DVD’s, t-shirts, satelitte radio with a years subscription, books, I can’t even remember it all. That’s just off the top of my head.
My favorite website for entering contests is: and of course
and yes, Canadians can enter.
So have fun and give it a try if you don’t already. It’s important to read the rules and regulations so you don’t disqualify yourself, but I could continue and that would be an answer to a whole other question! If you are interested in learning about contesting,
check out for hints and tips.
Bye for now, Lorrie

Thomas asks…

What are the best places to register at for baby? Which gives the most perks with a registry?

Like coupons and freebies and stuff?
I’m not having a shower, so I really don’t NEED to register, but I’ve heard that some places give out some great coupons and freebies if you create a registry at their store. I could DEFINITELY use coupons and discounts as this is my first and I have practically nothing so far. Which stores would you recommend and why?

The Expert answers:

I registered at babies r us and target and they both had 10% off for finishing your registry (whatever wasn’t purchased from your registry, they gave you a one time 10% off discount for it). I’d recommend target over BRUS though, because target is cheaper (there is less selection though but target is more accessible to everyone).

Check out your local craigslist too. Tons of baby stuff barely gets used and the owners want to sell it for half the price. Bouncers, strollers, jumpers, and activity gym things are great things to get on there because they were likely only used for a few months max and you can clean those things really easily. Good luck with your search!

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