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Betty asks…

What should you buy (clothing) for newborns?

I’m having a winter baby (due early December) and it’s my first child. What kind of clothing items should I buy? Do they usually just wear vests and baby grows up until they are about 3 months old?

The Expert answers:

Snowsuit, sleeping bag, vests, sleepsuits, cardigans, cosy socks/booties, mitts, hats You can buy clothes but I didnt use very many when she was a newborn. I tended to use comfy trousers (not jeans) and tops. I had the odd nice outfit, but to be honest I prefered her in her baby grows, comfier too.

Donald asks…

What clothes do I buy a baby due in January?

My baby is due in the dead of winter in Connecticut, which if you don’t know the last few winters in CT is the equivalent of being buried in snow lol. What is the proper coat to buy a newborn? I know it looks like a snow suit without feet, I want to order it before winter. What else do I need to keep my little one warm?

The Expert answers:

Both my little ones were winter babies, although are winters probably werent AS cold as yours. I always made sure to have tons of onesies, sleepers, hats, mittens, and blankets galore. What was REALLY handy in the cold weather was my “bundle me” it was the warmest thing for the newborns and I liked it a lot better then piling a ton of blankets on them.Normally all my little ones needed was a warm hat, a warm outfit, and their bundle me… And sometimes Id add a small blanket as well.

I had one like this:
*Just make sure its compatible with your carrier/carseat, and your little one can still be buckled/secured properly in their seat.

Pair it with a warm hat like this, and I think your little one should stay pretty warm:

I never really used a coat for the little ones, I layered their clothing and wrapped them in blankets. But then again our winters werent nearly as cold as yours- we dont really get much snow at all- if any. And I also stayed indoors with them the first few months as much as possible.

If your looking for a coat for your newborn… Maybe look at babiesrus website, then read the reviews about them to help you with your decision.

Congrats on the little one on the way!

Lizzie asks…

New Mom to be, Need advice about purchasing baby clothes?

hi everyone, i recently had a baby shower yesterday and my co-workers gave me all kinds of gifts. I recieved mostly onesies and other baby supplies.

My question is exactly what is the quantity of baby clothes I need in each size and exactly what is the difference between newborn and 0-3 months. I am just trying to make sure that I do not buy too much of one thing, especially since the baby will grow out of it quickly. Also, how many bottles etc will I need? When it comes to diapers is it mandatory to just get namebrands or the offbrands work as well? I know I am asking several different questions but my mother is no longer living and I really dont have another female role model who I can ask these questions?

When it comes to the babies wardrobe in the winter, exactly what is appropriate to keep him warm. I figured for the 1st year of his life he will primary be in onesies and once he gets older that’s when I can start getting really nice outfits.

As I mentioned before, should i only concentrate on getting size 0-3 now and then wait to get the other clothing? Thanks in advance.

P.S. I know I am rambling, lol.

The Expert answers:

I wouldn’t get a ton of 0-3 they really do grow so fast. I think you’ll find your money better spent on 3-6 month size clothing. I would have no more than 20 outfits in any of the small size. Also, leave the tags on until you actually wear the clothes on the baby. Some you may not get to and will be able to exchange them at the store for a bigger size.

I experimented with several different diaper brands, including store brands. The best for my children were Luvs and Pampers Baby Dry. Sometimes a store brand may be cheaper, but I found they were more on the leaky side, so I ended up going through the pack faster. So, in the end I was buying the store brand more often, not really saving anything.

If you’re packing a diaper bag for a long day with an infant I’d take 6 bottles.

If you’re warm/cold your baby probably feels that same way. Don’t over do it in the winter time.

Enjoy your motherhod. It’ll all come together.

George asks…

Baby Clothing!! What sizes should I buy before baby comes?

I am expecting a little girl in late November (will probably end up being early December). I have a shower coming up in a month, but a lot of the really cute winter clothes are out there right now. I don’t want to have to wait and “see” what people buy me at the shower. I would like to be able to buy some choice outfits for her now, so that I know for sure she’ll get some clothing that I really love. My problem, though, is trying to figure out what size to buy. Do I buy newborn or 0-3? Also, how many newborn outfits do you think is normal to have before the baby comes? I heard that babies can wear newborn for a while or even not at all…. Please help!!

So, to boil my question down — I want to buy a three piece baby set (little hooded jacket, onesie and pants). WHAT SIZE SHOULD I BUY IT IN? It’s a Carter’s brand outfit and the sizes are Newborn or 3 months (IT DOES NOT SPECIFY 0-3; it just says 3 months). Does this mean she could wear it AT 3 months, or is that 0-3?


The Expert answers:

What ever you find that you think is cute then buy it. Buy all sizes. When I found out was pregnant with my last son I bought all kinds of things from 0-4T. They go through things so fast it isn’t even funny. With my baby shower I asked for all different sizes not just newborn. Also for the baby shower it was requested that everyone brings a pack of diaper (all different sizes) and everyone that did had their name go into a drawing for prizes. 3 months is 0-3. 6 months is 3-6 months. My son had some sizes that he wore for only a month or two and others that he would wear for a longer time. They have many growing spurts and go up in sizes as soon as they get into one. We got a lot of second hand clothes and hand me downs because they go through them so fast that used clothes are hardly used. We got a bunch of plastic totes and separated the sizes and used the as we needed.

Lisa asks…

What type of winter clothes for a 7 month old ?

Hi my son is 7 months old and its started to become colder.
I have no idea what type of winter clothes to buy him. last winter he was a newborn so it was easy, just all in one bonds suits, but im not sure what to put on him now. I dont want him to be to cold or too hot.
what did you put your 7month old in for winter?
pictures would be great to. (of clothes idea’s, doesnt have to be your baby)
There is certainly no need to be rude.
Im asking because A newborn needs to be rugged up alot, and im not sure what will be warmer and more comfortable for a baby at this age.

And if what you say is correct, i dont feel the cold, so in winter i wear summer dresses, so shall i put my son in a summer dress when its minus degrees outside?

Dont be rude. Grow up and have some respect.

The Expert answers:

We live in almost the same area (I’m about 20mins to Nerang but still in the Beaudesert area). I love the Grobag sleeping bags for dressing my baby to sleep but I only ever used the 2.5tog during our coldest nights, most other nights I used the 1tog & had him dressed in a long sleeve jumpsuit. The autumn line is in the shops at the moment I just went on the weekend & bought my son a new wardrobe as he’d outgrown his again, he’s now in size 2 & only 8months but anyway lol. Indoors a bonds jumpsuit when he’s crawling around should be fine, maybe if it’s chilly in the morning socks underneath or a singlet also but at the moment, I’ve just got my son in a long sleeve jump suit & leggings during the day & at night he’s just in a long sleeve jumpsuit (no legs) & a 0.5tog sleeping bag. I’m hoping to get through another winter in jumpsuits, they’re easy & great for young babies, you can’t go wrong with Bonds wondersuits & layer with socks & singlets if need be!

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