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Ruth asks…

I’ve bought a fair amount of baby clothes but need a refresher on a few things…?

How many of each item do I really need in each size?

My 3 month size is more than taken care of but I’m not so sure about newborn and 0-3 months. How many onesies should I have? How many sleepers? Socks? Pants?

Any advice you have on this would be great!


The Expert answers:

I love gowns for newborns… Makes all those diaper changes sooo much easier. I have purchased about 10-15 sleepers in size 3 and 6 months. Also about 20 onesies in sizes 3, 6 – but I’m due in mid-march, so I’ll have a summer baby who will be hot.

Only six pairs of socks b/c so many sleepers and summer baby doesn’t need too many 🙂

And about four cute outfits for fun 🙂

And a package of mittens 🙂

Maria asks…

How many baby clothes of each size do I need?

I am due on November 27th with our first. I have what I think are a lot of baby clothes, but I was wondering a ball park number of how many outfits I should have in each size category, like Newborn, 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12 and 12. I don’t want to over buy but at the same time I don’t want to be stuck with not enough.
ALSO, as a part II, how many toys do you really need? I know people that have like 2 swings, an exersaucer, a walker a bouncer, play gyms, et. What’s necessary and what’s just too much?
Parents, please help!

The Expert answers:

Some babies are bigger than others. And, they grow faster or slower. I would wait and see after the baby is born. Don’t worry so, for you have enough in advance. Have a sweet baby and enjoy it!

Donald asks…

how many of each baby clothing item do you need for a newborn ?

like how many sleepers, outfits and such like that.. please i need a list so i can start preparing for my little Jacquelynn arrival in December thanks and i mean i need a list of everything i’ll as this is my first baby

thanks for the help
i have a washer and dryer at home.. its not just the clothing i need to know about

The Expert answers:

My little girl was born Dec of last year 🙂
We had the following for her –

around 20 sleepers/babygrows (She’s go through 4 a day usually just because she spat up on them, even with a bib on)

20 vests
3 pairs of tights
10 pairs of socks
2 sets of sock-ons
1 pair of boots to keep her toes warm when she wasn’t in the snowsuit
3 pairs of jeans
10 long sleeved t-shirts
10 cardigans/jackets
2 snowsuits
20 bibs
5 burp cloths
5 pairs of scratch mittens
5 hats
3 pinafores

I’ve probably forgotten something, but that’s the main things we had for her.
May seem a lot, but when you have a newborn you don’t tend to be able to do the washing everyday even with a washer at home. 4 outfits a day was usually about right for my little girl lol.

Donna asks…

What do i need for a newborn baby?

My cousin bought me all the baby clothes and stuff from Canada but is not coming until the 1st of May. My due date is on the 27th of April but i think i’m not going to hold until my due date because my ob gave me a medicine to stop my contractions so i think this means i’m having my baby earlier. I want to buy some items to use until my cousin arrives. How many sleepsuits, bodysuits, mitts, hats, socks, and bibs does a baby use during a month? Thank you

The Expert answers:

Here are the things I needed for my 2 kids their 1st month.
1- rear-facing car seat. (You can’t bring your little one home without it. It’s the law.)
360- Disposable diapers (10-12 per day for disposable)
1- case of baby wipes
1 or 2 bottles of gentle baby wash/shampoo
4-5- baby washcloths
1 50oz. Gentle laundry detergent
6-8 one piece, footed sleepers or infant gowns
2 blanket sleepers (for cold weather. Otherwise you don’t need.)
4-5 booties or socks
2 swaddling blankets
4-6 burp cloths
3-4 receiving blankets*
6-8 undershirts*
3-4 pairs -Baby mittens (to prevent little one from scratching his/her face)*
2-4 hats/caps (For cold climates. Otherwise you don’t need.)*
Lots of petroleum jelly, or A&D ointment. (That’s if you have a boy.)*
Lots of gauze. (That’s if you have a boy.)*

*I don’t know if your hospital was like mine, but all of the items that have an asterisk next to them, was given to me by the hospital where I delivered both of my kids. They don’t reuse these items and they don’t want to throw them away, so ask you nurse if you can have them.

Also, you may need a coat if you live in a colder climate where it is still cold at the end of April. You will have to take your little one to his 2 and 4 week doctor checkup.

I hope this helps and congrats on your new bundle of joy.


Lizzie asks…

Hi ladies! I’ve bought a fair amount of baby clothes already but need a refresher on a few things….?

I feel so dumb asking this since I already have 2 kids, but it’s been 7 years since I’ve planned for a baby so I’ve forgotten some stuff!!

How many of each item do I really need in each size?

My 3 month size is more than taken care of but I’m not so sure about newborn and 0-3 months. How many onesies should I have? How many sleepers? Socks? Pants? And also, I have one large box of newborn diapers and 2 packs of size 1 diapers. So do I really need more than 96 diapers in the newborn size? Should I just buy another box of newborn diapers and return them if I don’t need them or should I just stick with that one box?

Any other things you can think of that I should stock up on, let me know!!

OK, for what it’s worth, I’m a breast-feeding mom so usually spit ups and diapers don’t get too nasty!

I’m due the end of April and live in the northern part of North Dakota. Last summer was really cold so planning can be tough! I know April and May are generally cool though so lots of long sleeves and pants to begin with!

The Expert answers:

In that size I had like 30 onesies/outfits,and like 15 sleepers.She spit up ALOT so I had to change her a lot.With pants it depends when the baby will be born.Like if it’s in January I would have tons of pants,but if it’s in like July I wouldn’t worry about pants too much.Socks maybe like 20 pairs(they usually come in a size that is like 0-6 months).

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