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William asks…

what should i do for a teenagers sleepover?

i am going to be 13 this year and i want a really good sleep over not like sitting and playing baby games can u help me plz xxxxxxx

The Expert answers:

Alright I’ll help you out here. You got friends coming, first thing is first – put away the decorations. Okay, now think of food for a moment, what everyone likes and get serving trays ready for that. Just small cubes of cheese, meats, some veggies, grapes (we all love those), and maybe a nice ranch dip for the middle of it. Get two or three of these ready. Now food is done, time for drinks. Keep it cheap on yourself and nail the generic brands, it tastes the same really. Have the cups and your ice box ready for that. Next is a nice large watermelon! Properly cut that into it’s pieces, first in half – top to bottom, then in half again so it is four long wedges, and start slicing each long wedge into a reasonable portion. Games now, maybe some good old video games are in order, how about a movie then? Keep your fiends in mind for this, as it plays a big role on what to do here. If you plan for sandwiches, never pre-make them. Set it out with layers of meats, cheeses, ketchup, mustard, everything on the sides like a buffet to let them build it the way they want to.

I can only promise if you keep all this in mind you will have a great party on your hands. As a party is really made of friends, not what you have planed in some book. By offering them buffet like dinner, perfect snack tray, and then an assortment of games you all do together and movies. You only need one more thing to make it perfect… A flashlight! Yup, tales for the midnight hour! Have fun out there and eat thing of watermelon for me too okay?

Linda asks…

Are there any like virtual reality games for teenagers?

Ok, to make it short, I am a 15 year old that baby sits a lot. So to pass time i look for games to play online.. Of course if i could find any lol.

Im just looking for one that you could like make fake money, chat with other people, and is like real life sort of 🙂

Any ideas? 🙂

The Expert answers:

I know someone who was addicted to


Robert asks…

Does anyone has any GOOD & FUN Sleepover Games?

I Have Thought Of
. Spin The Bottle
. Truth or Dare
. Painting Nails
. Watching Movies

Any idea’s ??
Stuff to do?

Also im having a little party any idea for games for that
Its for teenagers so no like baby-ish games!
And in the question i meant have not has
Its a girls Sleepover
Ranging 12 – 14 Yr Old Girls
Serious Answers GOD!

The Expert answers:

The chocolate game. Look it up on the internet and it’ll show u how 2 play.
M&M gameu suck m&ms through a straw

Hope it helped

Mark asks…

What are some fun things to do when you’re a teenager who is outside with some friends and is completely bored?

My friends and I always get bored when we are outside, so I need some suggestions for what to do. Nothing like go see a movie or go shopping, because we can’t. So can you please help me to think of fun, and even daring, thing to do? We are aged 13-16 so no little baby games either, but really good games. Please help!! xx

The Expert answers:

Run away and find other friends.

Daniel asks…

caring for foster baby has hurt relationship with my teenagers.?

have had foster baby for 1 year now and we love, love, love him. My husband and two teenagers are crazy about him and we have enjoyed him everyday. As much as my kids enjoy him they are both pretty bent out of shape with change in dynamics. My son has decided to only be home to shower and sleep. he is 17 and I do know that at that age he is spreading his wings and testing the waters. He called to check in last night and said he loves us but just can’t be at home right now. I have been so involved with their activities and never missed their games until we got the baby. Now I have to put his needs first on occasion. I am missing my daughter’s last softball game now becasue baby has fever. She is very sad and says that she knows she is supose to understand but still can’t keep from being upset. I am so afraid that doing the right thing for this baby is actually the wrong thing for my kids. It’s deeper then spending quality time alone with each kid. It the dynamics as a whole
yes, have had baby for exactly one year on thurs and couldn’t pay husband million $$ to miss one of kids games. He loves the practises even. What a guy. I was that way until this year. Have left baby several times to go on extended out of state tournaments so Feel its not right to do it every week. Thanks for the responses. Son actually comehome tonight to have pizza with me so i got to go.

The Expert answers:

You need to find a reliable baby sitter that can even care for a sick baby, so you will not miss out on your own kids lives. Hopefully your husband is not missing out on any of their games.

When you were interviewed for being foster parents all of these issues should have been brought up by the agency. It has been a year… I would think some decision as to the babies is going to be. We never kept kids longer than a few months.

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